When You’re Sick of Cluttered Counters


I read somewhere that you shouldn’t keep something on your counters in your kitchen unless you use it every single day.

I’m not sure that’s feasible for all of us, but, it did make me take note of what I was displaying in my kitchen. I started evaluating everything I had on my counters and wanting everything to earn its keep. And when it came to small appliances, I was ruthless.

For years my blender sat on display, even though I only used it a few times a month. So now I store it away to clear up some much appreciated counter top real estate. When I need it takes an extra 10 seconds for me to fetch it from the cupboard.

dining room

When it came time to think about where the microwave should go in our little renovated kitchen, I decided to tuck it away on a low shelf of a piece of furniture.

The kitchen is just to the right of this photo and the microwave is just out of the main thoroughfare, yet accessible enough to get to without taking up massive amounts of space. We don’t even use it every day so this works for us.

A few years ago, when the boys were younger, we used the microwave a lot more so this set up wouldn’t have worked as well for us.


When it comes to keeping a high functioning (and pretty) home, I’ve found one of the most important things I can do is to simply pay attention to how and if and how often we are using the things we have always had sitting out on out counters.

It’s that simple and that difficult!

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  1. That low space for the microwave would never work for us, since we use our microwave everyday. On the other hand, I got rid of my large blender years ago since I never used it. I have small hand blender that goes in a cabinet.
    I try to keep very few appliances on my counters. The microwave has its own shelf and I have the coffee maker and the toaster oven on the counter. My main problem keeping my counters clean is clutter: mail, projects, etc.

  2. Love the round white dinning table! Would you mind sharing where it is from?

  3. Keeping counters clear makes life more peaceful, especially with an open floor plan. The small buffet that you use for your microwave looks very handy. Perhaps you could direct us to where to look for something similar. I have checked online and have not had much success.

  4. shawnna says

    hey girl love the post!

  5. When we remodeled the kitchen with IKEA cabinets, we kept a slot clear above a large drawer, just below the counter, for our microwave. We use it almost everyday, but I wasn’t willing to give the counter space for it. Yes, the kids push the buttons (all. the. buttons), but they learn their numbers quickly! Ha! We also put an outlet in the opening for easy power access. So, if you’re handy or are thinking about a remodel, I highly recommend this option!

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  7. When you’re sick of clutter – you clean! It always feels great to walk into a clean, organized home! :)

  8. I’m intrigued by the marker jar/craft tray. Can you tell me what’s on it? Seems like it might be a portable craft supply tray? Ps. This entire space looks beautiful! Instantly calming to look at! Great job!

  9. Good thinking! I have a tiny kitchen, so I keep my microwave stashed around the corner at the bottom of the basement stairs. I only keep my coffee making items on display. You know, the essential things in life!

  10. Just found your blog through your “How Not to Buy a Sofa” post. I’m hooked! I love your kitchen–the stove area with the subway surround and the built ins is so, so good. I hope you don’t mind, but I linked to your “about me” page in one of my own little starter posts :)

  11. The wooden stuff looks very good

  12. Good tips! I have always put my home oven that is easy to access since I use it regularly last time, nice kitchen by the way :)

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    Efficient wine bottle storage is not the only wall-mounted wine racks achieve. They also add awesome aesthetic touches to any bar area. :-)

  14. This is great! I definitely think we need to reconsider how we use our counterspace in the kitchen! We use our blender almost everyday but the coffee pot not as much so I think we are going to switch some things around! Thanks for the advice :)

  15. Interesting. This looks super cool. I haven’t read it all yet, but I’ll be back to read the rest of it.

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