Two Ways to be Purposeful in your Work


From time to time here we talk about work–our work as moms, as creatives, as homemakers, as boss ladies, as writers, as so much more. Today I’d like to share a few things I’ve focused on in 2016 that have helped shape the way I work as a mom, wife, creative, homemaker, boss lady and writer.

Take Real Breaks

When it comes to work, one of the best things you can do to ensure your work stays great, is have real quality time when you are NOT working.

There are two main ways I take breaks from my work.

Find the opposite of your work and do it. If I’ve been working hard all focused and getting things done, then the best thing I’ve found to do next is to simply do the opposite of the kind of work I’ve been doing.

What? Okay, so for example, right now my work involves being on the internet a lot. For me, the opposite of the internet is cooking, my sister has mentioned before that for her sometimes the opposite of the internet is taking a walk or doing yoga. I’m pretty sure this has something to do with the fact that she is tiny and I am not. Anyway, if I’ve worked hard for hours, I want to be sure I get some opposite type of work in–preferably, that same day.

Whether your work is on the internet, or in a busy office or outside doing landscaping, take some time to consider what the opposite of doing your work feels like for you–I like to think of it of something I’m still doing, but I get to use all the parts of me that I don’t get to use in my regular work.

choosing restchoosing rest


The secret to resting is allowing yourself to do it before everything is finished. Because guess what, everything will never be finished! So go ahead now and schedule your times of rest. For me, that means Sundays and most of Saturday, I’m offline. It also means that I close my computer before dinner pretty much every day.

Real rest, away from my work, always ends up making me better at my actual work.


Learn from other people who are actively doing the same kind of thing you want to do

This year I’m being proactive in learning from people. Not just random people though–people who are doing the same kind of thing that I am doing or hope to do (in the way I’d like to do it).

Organize an in person meet up

This past March, I hosted a group of four writers/bloggers/smart lady bosses who I admire. Honestly I was  kind of afraid to ask them to get on an actual plane and fly to my actual house (one of the ladies I had never even met) but surprise–they all said yes! We learned so much from each other and we all left encouraged and with great ideas.

That long weekend has shaped the way I’ve moved forward in my work, it was worth every second.


Join an Online Meetup or Community

I’ve learned so much from the online community, from membership sites, private facebook pages, online conferences, online courses and summits.

Next week I’m attending a free online summit called Work by Design

I’m really looking forward to some inspiration and applicable tips on how to work smarter, not harder, and of course, the reason I want to join in is because it’s full of amazing speakers that I trust, who are doing the kind of thing I hope to do. It’s not too late to sign up, you can see the 50+ (yes fifty) speakers here, the agenda and snag your free ticket here.

The Work by Design Summit will cover:

  • How to Benefit from the Power of Procrastination
  • Why Rest is Your Secret Weapon
  • The Power of a Digital Detox to Rewire Your Work Brain
  • Why Ten Minutes of Planning Can Save You Three Hours of Work
  • How to Inject Renewed Purpose into Your Work – No Matter What You Do
  • Why Fewer Work Hours Will Increase Your Profits
  • When (and Why) You Need to Fire Yourself
  • Why Being a Control Freak Is Costing You Thousands
  • The One Action You Can Take Today to Increase Your Income this Year

Those are just a few of the topics that I’m looking forward to. The Summit starts Tuesday May 17th, click here to find out more and grab your free ticket if it sounds like something you’d enjoy.

friend time

The Hope*writers Summit

I’m also co-hosting a free summit next week for current writers, aspiring writers, and the maybe-i-could-perhaps-write-something-someday writers:

hopewriters summit


The Hope*writer’s summit features 12 authors/speakers/publishers that you know and love…

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.56.23 AM

You will LOVE these speakers and their encouraging conversation all about the writing life, book publishing, blogging, social media and what it means to be a writer.

Sign up today for free and join us starting Monday for the Hope*writers summit!


I love the online world for so many reasons–I’ve made real life friends, I find mega-inspiration, but more than anything else, I LOVE to learn from others. I’m so grateful for all the new ways we are able to connect with each other in person and online, it truly has changed the way I work.


  1. Baileywife @ Irishman acres says

    Even though I’m not a writer, I would have LOVED to be a mouse in the corner when you hosted that small group of amazing ladies at your house! Just listening to and hearing what you all had to say would’ve been a dream… ~Kim

  2. Yay for Hope*Writers!
    Thank you for always having truly helpful resources to share. I’ve found rest to be imperative and took a page from your book and am planning regular months off for a slower pace and more rest.

  3. Love this advice! I’m signing up! I spy one of my editors in that group (Carolyn)!

  4. I’m loving all these Summits! And just saying I’m participating in a “Summit” makes me feel like I’m part of world domination or something. So that’s fun. : )

  5. Thanks for sharing! Your sis is one of my absolute FAVORITE interviews from the Work by Design Summit. SO GOOD.

  6. Wonderful and exciting! How generous of all these people!! I know what I’ll be doing next week. #allthesummits

  7. Carol Hennessey says

    Can an older person be a new person?! It started when my daughter from Columbus OH lent me her copy of The Nesting Place several weeks ago as I kissed her and her family goodbye in the Orlando Airport. I read the whole thing during a 7 hour wait for my flight home to VA! The impact was significant, as I literally cried when I finished the last page. Thank you, thank you Myquillyn for inspiring me, encouraging me, validating me, and presenting me with new possibilities for my life. The timing is not an accident (I believe there are no coincidences), as I recently lost my 15 year job due to a corporate acquisition. My biggest concern is my lack of digital expertise and how to develop all the skills you beautiful young women seem to be so masterful at using. Blogs? Websites? Apps? Where do I even start to learn the technology? So I signed up for the Hope*Writers summit! Hopefully I’ll figure out how to access it when I get home from Greenville SC’s Artisphere on Monday. My secret dream is to stop by your house on my way home to thank you!

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