Our Ikea Kitchen (almost 3 years in)


When people find out that we bought our cabinets and counter tops from Ikea they want to know two things: do we like them and would we do it again. I had someone ask just this past week so I thought I’d write a quick post proclaiming my love.

Do we like them? Would we buy them again?

My answer: yes & yes!


Because of the shape of our kitchen, you don’t actually see much of our cabinets unless you are standing right in front of them, plus we only have 10 cabs in our kitchen, so there aren’t a lot to see anyway.

We also have some butcher block counter on the far end of the kitchen, and white quartz on the 10 foot island and next to the stove. I LOVE both counters, the quartz is indestructible, I’m the world’s worst counter top caretaker/best counter top abuser and they still look great.

kitchen 2


kitchen fall

We’ve had our kitchen for almost three years now, I’ve had to replace one drawer front (user error) and they still gave it to us for free because of their 25 year guarantee (or something like that).

Ikea kitchens usually go on sale a few times a year–it’s worth it to buy during the sale. We closed on our house and I had to purchase our kitchen right away (this is the first kitchen I’ve ever planned) but to get the sale it was worth it. Plus, I knew I could return or exchange something if it turned out we ordered the wrong thing.


The only thing I worry about with this kitchen is, I think in the past year or so they changed all their designs AND cabinet sizes, so IF we needed to replace a door now, we’d have to either find an old door on ebay (unlikely I’m guessing) or scramble and get all new doors from a third-party that still fits the older Ikea kitchens.

I think the last kitchen change stayed around for 20 years, so if you buy now that they’ve made the update, you are probably good for a long time.

round dining table

The drawers close perfectly and hold a lot of weight. Which after living in 14 different houses, we’ve learned that many kitchens are not this sturdy. Ikea kitchens are entirely different from their Billy bookcases, their kitchens are highly respected and their cabinet boxes are used in all sorts of homes.

Want different drawer fronts? There are lots of companies who specialize in making door fronts for Ikea cabinets. You can google them, I’m in a hurry this morning. Okay, here’s one.



Thinking about an Ikea kitchen? I’m really happy with ours.


I liked our Ikea kitchen so much I even put one in our little guest house!

More about our kitchen (before & during photos & links to what else we used in the kitchen)


  1. Elizabeth says

    They might replace the whole kitchen if you needed to replace something. I also have an IKEA kitchen, so far I’m very happy with it.

  2. Unfortunately we had to put our house on the market soon after we completed our Ikea kitchen but we LOVED it. And now that we are in a newer house I can really appreciate how thoughtfully designed and efficient the cabinets were. I had far fewer cabinets in the Ikea kitchen than I have now, but I was able to fit more in the them. And they are so affordable that it is more cost-effective to totally replace these existing cabinets than to reface them! We’re thinking of using fronts from Semi-Handmade the next time around…

  3. So lovely….How do you clean the cow hide?

  4. I love the upholstered counter stools. Where did you get them?

  5. This post is so helpful. We are getting ready to build a party barn at our farm, and I have been thinking that an Ikea kitchen would be so easy, and so, so much less expensive than the custom kitchen my builder put in my house. (The same guy is building the barn.) Thanks!

  6. Marianne says

    We renovated a 600 sq ft house a few years ago and put in an IKEA kitchen. I LOVED IT!!! We were there for 5 years and never once did I have a complaint about them. Two years ago we sold and moved to a house 4x bigger and that’s not including the basement;). I miss that IKEA kitchen so much that at least once a week, I sit down to the kitchen planner and dream. One day. One day.

  7. Dorothy Wright says

    With such few cabinets and drawers I’d love to know how you organize your kitchen.

  8. Mary Burchette says

    Your kitchen is beautiful ~ I love it! It’s so fresh and timeless. I love the fridge in the guesthouse, too. May I ask what brand it is?

  9. We had exactly the same style of cabinets in our last rental, which had a teeny tiny kitchen with a ton of storage. My main concern with them was what to do when the white surface gets chipped or scraped by a hard hit. I think I just touched them up with white-out (correcting fluid), which was visible if you looked closely. The handles our landlords chose had crevices that were difficult to clean, I like yours much better.

  10. Lisa Mothersead says

    I think you must have a completely one of a kind kitchen and I love it. I also love that you worked on your own time schedule and used smart solutions. House Tweaking blog has a lot of Ikea kitchen info, too, if someone is interested. Always enjoy your homes.

  11. Your kitchen looks gorgeous, glorious, and grand all in one! Love it!!

  12. Is the quartz countertop from IKEA? How about the butcher block.?….I just need new countertops and will paint my cabinets but was thinking of quartz or butcherblock for tops….I have a 5′ x6′ island and wondered if either would work…

  13. What kind of camera did you use for these photos? Thanks in advance!

  14. We did our kitchen just after your’s (2014). Your post about the dish drawer by the sink/dishwasher…LIFE CHANGING! Our kids (6 and 4 year old triplets) LOVE unloading the dishwasher (I’m sure that will change in time).

    Our kids climb the fronts of our IKEA cabinets (regardless of how often we tell them not to) and the drawers are holding up to the abuse. I second an IKEA kitchen!

  15. Thank you for this great update! When we are at IKEA I hurry thru the kitchen section because it seems so overwhelming, but I’m glad to know they are good if we ever do want/need to do cabinets. Your kitchen seems beautiful and well laid out!

  16. thank you. it is camplate.

  17. Spacious, big kitchen! I love it. It must be a pleasure to cook in there :)

  18. Your kitchen looks amazing, as if it has never been used before! Congrats! It is not only about creating something, it is all about taking care & keeping it in good condition. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to underestimate the amount of labour, skill and money needed to renovate an entire kitchen, I know it is something huge! But the effort doesn’t end there. We have to care for our belongings the proper way in order to preserve their beauty and functionality.

  19. Thank you for having an IKEA kitchen!! I know you did that just so I would have a reliable review of it… My husband and I love looking at them and definitely know exactly all the things we’d pick out for “ours.” :D

    But I have always adored your kitchen, so knowing it’s IKEA just makes my adoration increase!

  20. My mom is just about to get one in June and it is so exciting!

  21. My husband and I just built a new, custom house. We certainly don’t have an unlimited budget, but we paid more to get higher-quality materials where we thought it made sense. Happily, when it came to cabinets for the kitchen and laundry rooms, we got way higher quality at a way lower price by going with IKEA cabinets. We bought 24 cabinets with a bunch of features other kitchen suppliers charge an arm and a leg for–glass-front cabinets, deep drawers, inset drawers, soft-close hinges and drawer glides, trim, etc.–and the cost was about 40% of what our other quotes came to WITHOUT those features. (We did buy during the sale. And we did have to assemble and install everything ourselves, which was a lot of work and possibly not for someone without intermediate to advanced home-improvement skills.) We LOVE the cabinets. And we know they’ll last… because we also put an IKEA kitchen in our first house years ago! :)

  22. The cabinets and counter tops have held up very well over the 3 years as they still look amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

  23. The apron sink is from Ikea as well? Has that held up well?

  24. I like your all post. You have done really good work.

  25. I’ve been considering getting an IKEA island for my kitchen since I choice to keep my 1959 cabinets but put in new appliances and raise the ceiling. I’ve also heard IKEA stuff isn’t known for lasting very long. That being said, you don’t mention if you have children. I’m curious if they would stand up to the wear and tear of the average American family as compared to a newlywed couple? I’m still going to look into my IKEA island and I greatly appreciate reading your input. The granite countertops sound like something I need! :-)


  26. i adore design and white joinery pieces absolutely amazing! i would love to get this type of kitchen island. thanks for posting!

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  28. Love your kitchen! How did you do the X features on the end of your island?

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  36. Janet Dolan says

    Where did you get the counter stools? I love those. Thanks. Great helpful site.

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  42. Nabilla Shah says

    Looks wonderful! I’m also considering Ikea for my kitchen. Anyone using Ikea laminate countertop? I’m thinking of getting EKBACKEN marble white effect but a bit sceptic it will last in the long run. Appreciate your reply! 😊

  43. Wow i would love to have a kitchen like that Try to keep up the hard work

  44. This looks like a very modern and romantic space. I hope that is your them of your house because I like it. Thank you for sharing.

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