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After almost 19 years of mom-ing (y’all our oldest is graduating next month!) I’ve learned a few things about keeping a sane house while raising kids (3 boys in my case).

Over the years I’ve found all sorts of information about the top ten ways to store legos.

But I couldn’t find the top ten lists on how to be a sane, fun mom with a livable, usually presentable, always nice to be in-home–one that serves both the parents and the kids–where I don’t have to be a drill sergeant armed with check off lists who does laundry at the same time every Thursday.

So I made one.


It’s called Cozy Minimalist Mom.

It’s like the cute sister of my decorating course called Cozy Minimalist– but this, the kid-clutter edition, is all about keeping house as a MOM–so I called it Cozy Minimalist MOM.

I created 10 videos all about realistic organizing, how I keep my own mindset in check, and applicable tips that you can implement right now.  It’s not a decorating course–but if you are into decorating, you’ll appreciate it because of course, I’m assuming that you’d like to have a home you enjoy looking at and spending time in as you raise your children.

cozy mom sessions

If I’m going to talk about how to keep a sane, home that we find beautiful in the midst of raising kids, then we are going to talk big picture first. The truth is, most of us don’t need better organizing ideas. Most of us just need to pay attention to what we have and how we are living in our homes and how that’s affecting us.

Can I get an Amen?

No matter the size of your house, if you are feeling like something is off and the guilt seeps in because the world is telling you that you just need to be a better organizer, you need to remember there is another way.

That way is seeing both the gift of less, and the gift of a purposeful, temporary mess.

Cozy Minimalists have learned the beauty less. Cozy Minimalist Moms embrace the freedom of less.

It’s not about getting rid of a bunch of stuff. It’s about changing your mind-set, paying attention and then, prioritizing the right stuff.



In the course, I talk you through my top ten mindset tips (in the graphic above) and then I sit down with my friend Julie and we have some real life conversations…

cozy minimalist mom course

…we talk about how, where and if we need to be collecting art supplies for craft time and I share in detail the stress-free party planning method we’ve been using for the past ten years that is hands down one of the smartest parenting moves Chad and I have ever stumbled onto…

cozy course

Inside the course, each one of those graphics above is clickable and leads you to a video conversation where real moms (me & Julie!) are sharing real solutions, real grace and real encouragement! You’ll have unlimited access to all the videos and course information–watch them as often as you like, at your own pace, once you are in, you have lifetime access.


This course is only open for a limited time, and if you are ready to get your home decorated, you can bundle it with it’s sister course, the original Cozy Minimalist Course–a decorating course. Check out both courses here.

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  1. Last week I ordered Grove Co. cleaning supplies. This week I order this Homemaking Bundle. Here’s to upping my game as a homemaker. Thanks for sharing these 2 great deals.

    • so fun! And Su, make sure in your bundle, you claim your Grove VIP upgrade!!

      • I am having trouble logging in. I have requested password and still cannot get it to work. Also emailed customer service. . waiting to hear back. . .so looking forward to browsing around all these resources.

        • logging into your bundle or logging into the Cozy Minimalist Mom course?

          for the bundle you’ll need to contact them at:

          for the Cozy Mom course, your password should be emailed to you (check your spam) once you login–you MUST choose which course you are enrolled in–be sure to choose “Cozy Minimalist MOM” on the right (underneath it, it says Click here Ultimate Bundle Folks”. Once you click there you are logged in!


          • let me know if it still doesn’t work!

          • Unfortunately ,I have the same problem with the Cozy Minimalist Mom course (through the bundle) . Tried it several times, contacted the customer service but didn’t receive the password or an answer. I am so excited to start the course , so thanks for your help!

          • Same problem here too!

  2. I just bought it. After years of neglecting myself, I’ve recently decided to spend a little more time and money on things that make *me* happy. This is one of them!

    • Why is it so hard for us to do that? Last year I decided the same thing and purchased my first online class–I couldn’t BELIEVE how much I learned, it was worth 10 times what I paid!!


  3. It makes me SO HAPPY that this is included in the UHB this year. **celebrating**

    I took the Cozy Minimalist course and learned SO much. Can’t wait to dive into this one.

  4. Ok. So I have the college freshman coming home in 2 weeks and I thought a laundry schedule made perfect sense as we have 4 people who use the laundry room. You caught my interest, but I’m unsure the rest applies to me as I’m not organizing play things anymore, or throwing parties– we simply take birthday person out to dinner or an activity. Will your course apply to me? What do you think, Nester???

    • Hmmm, if you have no kids living at home, it might not be as informative as you’d like. It’s much more a mindset course that can apply to all stages of life at home with kids, seriously, it’s not about 10 ways to store hot wheels.–BUT remember, you’ll get 100+ other resources, ebooks and such too–and you have a 30 day money back guarentee. (I will never be able to spell that word). so the fact that it’s part of a huge HUGE bundle makes it totally a no-brainer!

      • Oh I do have a high schooler at home too. The first room we see upon entering is where books, pens, pencils are covering the table and a small sofa has been taken over by backpacks since school began. The first room also has the best natural light in the house so I don’t mind so much, but I’m looking forward to Summer when that room is company ready anytime. Ok. I am interested in purchasing just for your course alone– Questions– Can I watch the videos at my own pace? Like all in one day? OR is access only given daily in an email to each progressive video? Can I rewatch them a month from now, in case my life gets crazy with end of school year stuff and I don’t get to it or I watched it once and wish to rewatch it?

        • great question, all the Cozy Mom videos are hosted on a special site and you can watch them all at once, over and over again, in any order you’d like or once per month for the next few years! You’ll have unlimited access!

          • Thanks so much for the quick replies, Nester! I do so appreciate it. Have a great evening!

  5. I should know this by now – can you tell me the artist that did your “relax” painting ? Thanx!

  6. I loved the Simplifying Home e-book so much! I can’t tell you how much it’s helped me!

  7. Oh how I want to take your decorating course, but really had to be honest with myself, that no decorating in the world would overcome the constant mess and clutter of kids playing with stuff! I also thought that the Mom course wasn’t for me as I am just not that into labeling lego containers, I should have known, you would have the one organizing Mom course that would work for me! I am also pretty excited about lesson plans on teaching kids to clean! Now if the bundle just came with chocolate as a reward for cleaning and organizing!

  8. This is such a great bundle with sage advice that I sorely need. However, I live in Germany and the purchase screen is set up for US only (sad face with big pouty bottom lip!!). Have written to the folks at Ultimate Bundle and waiting to hear back. Will post back as I am sure I cannot be the only overseas person following The Nester!!!!

    • Morning Nester
      Heard back from Helen at Ultimate Bundles. No problem, I can order – it is only the physical bonus items that I wouldn’t get. So that’s fab news! And its a perfect spring day blue sky sun above the tree line and that lovely fresh crisp spring air .. life is good.

  9. I signed up! Thanks for all that you do. I’m excited to dig into these resources.

    I enjoyed watching your bonus video, but next time, please walk slowly and keep both hands on the camera please. I got a little carsick from how much whipping around you were doing, or from how it would shake when you’d talk with your hands. But it was nice to see your house in video format rather than just pictures like we do on the blog!

  10. Can you do an abbreviated version on your blog for some of us moms who are short on time? I love reading your stuff and getting your perspecitve and all those packages sound generous but it’s more than I need right now.

  11. What a great deal & idea! I’ll be making sure to share this info & e-book with all of my home decor home buyers; thanks for sharing!

    Keith Lynam
    Platinum Real Estate Professionals

  12. I got the bundle and just started. My boys love videos so are watching them with me……..too funny! I also totally solved the lego on the floor problem!!! My husband steps on them, so he is in charge of telling the boys to pick them up!!!!! win, win, since I provided the place for them.
    Bless you for making this course and short videos!

  13. LavaidaVandelia says

    Please, please let me in the Cozy Mom course!
    What do I have to do?!
    I need your expertise!

  14. I bought the bundle. Now there is a email address to mail my receipt to so I can get your bonus video. Right? I can’t find that info anymore. Can you help?

  15. thanks its so good

  16. Thank you for sharing this, I have already shared this idea and the e-book with a few clients/friends of mine!

    Ashley Hawks

  17. I have a strange feeling very good. I found out just what I need here.

  18. oh, very very nice, thank you

  19. Margaret says

    Will this course be available again in the future? Or is it available somewhere now? Thanks! ☺️

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