5 Things People With Tidy Homes Don’t Do

how to have a clean house #tidy #kitchen

I have a high tolerance for disorder. Until I don’t.

Two years ago we moved into this fixer upper. It’s a much smaller house than we had before and I could no longer hide my messy ways or sweep them under the cowhide rug, if you will.


I started paying attention to how those Tidy People lived in their homes. I observed my mom and mother-in-law. I even asked my Tidy Friends questions about their habits without trying to seem like a weirdo.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…


1. Tidy People don’t act like a slob all day, and then get their house tidy in one fell swoop.

Tidy People are smart, and know that cleaning up all at once is hard and not fun.

I’m my biggest enemy when it comes to keeping my house tidy. The number one thing I’ve learned from Tidy People is how valuable it is to develop some simple, non-drastic, tiny habits that when added together will change the level of tidiness in your home.

Tidy People are in a constant state of low-grade tidying, I don’t even think they realize it.

2. Tidy People Don’t Run out of Cleaning Supplies. They find cleaning products they love and they stock up so an empty soap bottle is never between them and a clean counter or tidier bathroom. Amen.

Y’all, I even found a Tidy Hack for this one!

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I’m a long time Grove customer myself (three years now!) and along with practicing the tidy tips in this post, Grove is my secret weapon for keeping a tidy and clean home.

Grove offers a huge selection of high-quality natural cleaning products, and you’ll never run out of products again thanks to their monthly shipment schedule (totally optional and super flexible – I order about every 6 weeks if I’m out of stuff).

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3. Tidy People never let the sun go down on their filth. They know they’ll have to do it anyway, better now than later.

Tidy People do not watch Dancing With The Stars while there’s a sink full of dirty dishes sitting in the kitchen.

Tidy People practice the quick reset, that might mean different things to you than the Tidy McTidersons down the street, and that’s okay. Maybe for you that means getting the entire family involved right after dinner and clean up for five timed minutes of tidying.

Tidy people take a few moments each evening for a quick reset and then they watch Dancing in peace.

how to have a clean house #clean #bedroom

4. Tidy People don’t store things on the floor.

From the big decorative baskets filled with throws to the backpacks that never seemed to make it to their place. When I looked around our house, I realized that without my own consent, I was allowing lots of items to live on the floor. Tidy People know better than this.

Stacks of books, the box that should have been dropped off at the thrift store two weeks ago and the laundry basket can all clutter up the floor and make your home seem messier than it really is.

Tidy People know this secret, you’ll never see stuff stored on their floors.

5. Tidy People don’t over decorate. They value a cleared off surface more than a highly decorated surface.

Listen, I’m the biggest fan of tchotchkes that has ever been. I LOVE me some smalls and cute little decor. But over the years I’ve learned that having a bunch of pretty small things all over every surface was only making my life more difficult as someone who was already prone to being messy.

Now I’m really picky about what I allow on my surfaces. I aim for 1-3 decorative pieces per surface depending on the surface size. This allows our house to still look pretty but at the same time, it seems clean, even if there’s a layer of filth!


I’m not tidy by nature, but reminding myself of things Tidy People don’t do, somehow motivates me to pay a little more attention to making life a little easier on me and my house. It’s so worth it.

PS, Don’t forget to grab your New Customer Cleaning Kit , your future self with thank you!

*Please note that Grove currently does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska

*I’m thrilled to partner with Grove as an affiliate

how to have a clean house #cleaning



  1. Sarah Catherall says

    I am reading a great book by Dana White called Decluttering at the Speed of Life. It is hilarious and great for me because, like Dana, I am going through my personal “deslobification” process. People who were born into homes of the over organized, or EVEN the balanced organized don’t necessarily “get” the value of balanced (not perfectionistic) organizing. We need it explained to us. In DETAIL—LOTS of detail. But, after working for about 4 months on improving y cleaning, organizing and decluttering skills I now “get” it. First, you declutter, THEN you organize, THEN you deep clean. The goal is to never have to try to ORGANIZE clutter and never to clean AROUND piles of clutter again. Declutter—organize—deep clean. What a revelation!!!!!!

    • Yay on U!…it feels so much better, nicer, energy -wise…:)

    • That IS revolutionary! Thanks for the book rec! I’m getting it from my library asap!

    • Anonymous says

      I’m just clean and tidy by nature. I do all of these things every day! My husband, not so much. Ha

    • Diana Orrantia says

      Lol! Oh my gosh…this is SO me! Every last word!

    • Sissy Hooper says

      I’m a “tidy” person. All the above apply to me, idc if it’s tidy, or OCD? 😂
      I can’t sleep with an untidy space. A cluttered life is a cluttered mind.
      I don’t start my day without a made bed either. It’s like, when I make the bed, I’m ready to start my day. 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄

    • Thanks for sharing! For some of us it’s not natural and we have to work at it… even if we know that we will feel better afterwards!
      It’s all about practicing good habits, and this mantra is great: declutter- organize-clean
      Thanks! And thanks also for the book recommendation’

  2. You hit the nail on the head. I’m 75. In poor health. CAN’T do it anymore. My life is a mess. In the past,I was a mother,wife,had 3 active children , a skilled laborer, dirty, worker. I cooked, kept a nice clean, tidy home. Was active in the neighborhood and outside activities like a lot of mothers in my day were. NOaw I can’t do it as I once did. Driving me crazy. So what can I di now?

    • Kathy fitzpatrick says

      Start small. Pace yourself. Do one thing every day. Even if it’s one drawer, one shelf, just start. And, keep at it. Not quitting is the key.

    • Ask for assistance from your county social worker. They can assign someone to come help you at least once a week with whatever you need. I know it’s a scary thought to ask a social worker, but they have so many programs to help and really just want to help.

    • Less is more. Let go of things donate give to family. A lot of people have things start piling up and get overwhelmed. Do a little at a time. Set goals for each day. Ask family to help with bigger chores. Good luck!

    • Hello Pat! How are you doing now? Doing something positive every day for your healthy home?
      Sending you positive vibes!

    • If you happen to live near Denver Colorado I would be happy to come help you get organized and tidy again.

    • Anonymous says

      Hire a maid. You deserve it. Or invite a friend over for lunch. Ask her to do a task you can’t do. She will be glad to help.

  3. Great concept about home i always do same thing but now i will improve

  4. I’m one of the Tidy People, so much so that I am often the butt of many jokes. Tease me all you want, I’m the one that gets the inevitable call for”help! I cant take the cutter and mess”
    Now who’s laughing..and it’s going to cost you too. 🤣 as I sit in my clean home, clean garage, clean car, clean office space….

    • Do you sit alone or do you have friends.

    • Anonymous says

      Me, too! I’m one of the Tidy People! Sometimes to a fault! I’ve found that as I’ve grown older, I’ve become kind of obsessively tidy! First thing I do upon awakening is make up my bed. I can’t tolerate crumbs on the counters or table or especially the floors! I’m in a constant state of “TIDYING”! 😁

    • Good for you!!!! It pays to be Tidy! And I’m one of those Prepared People. Now with this big virus going around, everyone is running around like chickens trying to gather up supplies, and I just open my Emergency Preparedness Closet. :) Happy, happy, happy!!! Tidy= happy and content. Prepared = safe and healthy and relaxed.

    • Anonymous says

      I had a friend that was so clean and organized that I even knew where everything was in her kitchen, and we just had coffee there, not exaggerating!! Me, I’m a work in progress, not too tidy, not too organized. I can tolerate messy for a little while 😁

  5. I read ” The Messies Manual” by Sandra Felton, What a wealth of information for the naturally messy individual .

  6. Sara Bloomer says

    Where can I find that “Relax” painting??? I LOVE it

  7. I’m a single mom of 3 beautiful girls, 3dogs and 4 cats. When people realize I have these pets, they are shocked because they say It doesn’t smell like any animal, as it should. I’m what u call a “motivator” as my best friend would say. I say the longer you leave a mess the longer it waits for you. It’s not easy keeping it all together but it has to be done. I say “Everything must have a place” if not then it becomes your mess. I’m always looking for tips to help keep up with my own home. But cleanliness is next to godliness.

    • I agree. The key is that everything has a place. Use it and put it back. It doesn’t just go in a certain drawer. It has a certain spot in a particular drawer. Amazing how much time you save because you won’t be looking for things. It will be in its spot.

    • Cristina says

      You are amazing! I’m curious as to how you deal with pet hair? I feel like it’s never ending and overwhelms every vacuum I’ve purchased. And stinky dog beds…? Any tips are appreciated.

      • Anonymous says

        Shop vac!!!!!

      • Anonymous says

        I love my rainbow vacuum! I started using it when we found out my son was allergic to his dog. Vacuum floors & furniture. Everything goes into the water pan & not threw the bag & back into the air. I empty it in the bonfire pit, but recently realized if you have pesky weeds in a back corner that’s out of direct sight, it will block the growth & weeds will die. Birds like to use it for nesting also.

        • When you take off the hose after sweeping, I take it room to room and let it run , to take the dust out of the air. Love it.

        • I too have a Rainbow. Best investment I ever made!!!!!

        • Love my Rainbow!!!!! And I agree, use things and put them back straight away! Being tidy gives the illusion of a spotless home between weekly cleanings! 😉

      • Put soft blankets over the dog beds. They can be washed as needed. I do mine about every 4-5 days. The bed stays good. Bathe the dog as needed. I vacuum every 2 days and love the Shark vacuum.

        • Anonymous says

          I also have a shark vacuum.The best vacuum I have ever owned.Including a rainbow,and a Kirby.I have two indoor cats that shed like crazy I also have a roomba to keep up with the fur during the week when I’m working.

    • I need information from you, just got another dog and he does one or the other on doggy pad, I can’t keep up

  8. I like tidy. But I have a husband. Need I say more. And I am 79 yrs old. Not as much stamina as I have had. So I just let it go. I do vacuum but that’s about it.

    • Karen Taylor says

      I’m with ya there, I’m 60 work full time and everything on me is exhausted way before I get home to a husband and son who are grown ups and sitting around making messes, when I walk by a mess now if it’s mine I figure I noticed it cause it’s me baby but if it ain’t my baby calling out to me when I look I just keep going, not my monkeys not my circus as the saying goes, I’ve pit 20 years into creating something more than a tree house and now, my bathroom is my happy place, decluttered clean and organized and I can tell if they even just walk in to go potty, how.. the seats up of course 😂😂

  9. I have an office/hobby/craft room that I set up in my son’s old bedroom. It is cluttered and so overwhelming every time I look at it. I have magazines that I have saved and I realize I need to take the articles and recipes out that I want to be able to refer to and toss the rest.

    • That’s been a problem for me as well! But now I’m overwhelmed with piles and folders of magazine articles and recipes! At 73, I’m never going to get to them and it’s been pointed out to me that any recipe or information I need can be found on the Internet!

    • Ask a local art teacher if they need magazines…we always do :)

  10. Thank you so much for this article. It spoke to me on a very personal level, because I come from a untidy family home. From storing things on the floor to overdecorating, you name it, we’ve done it. I’m currently trying to “deslobificate” myself, what you’re saying about doing “micro-tidying” every day resounded very cosely with me, because I’ve been trying for the past few years to do 3 things as soon as I wake up: do my bed, sweep the floor, drink water and stretch a little bit. I want to, at least partially, make my life’s motto about what you said in another note: “If the floor is clean, the house is clean”. This also relates to mental health a lot, so again, thank you so much for sharing these articles with us. Cheers

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  19. Great article. Totally agree with overdecorating but disagree with storing stuff on the floor.

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  21. Ask for assistance from your county social worker. They can assign someone to come help you at least once a week with whatever you need. I know it’s a scary thought to ask a social worker, but they have so many programs to help and really just want to help.

  22. I’m a procrastinating disorganized person!
    Was ok until my controlling perfectionist husband died.

  23. Anonymous says

    I’m a clutter-bug. I like my stuff. But I’m getting better about tidying up. Drives my messy husband nuts.

  24. Anonymous says

    This is true. I’m a Tidy and always in pick up mode. Never spend hours cleaning my home, just clean as I go along. It’s easy and I feel great about my home.

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  27. Thank you everybody. Great ideas. I make my bed before I go potty and have my coffe i. The morning. Just makes my day start better knowing I have done something. Also try to clean as I go. So much easier than a massive cleaning day. Great article and responses. Clean on!!!

  28. Jacqueline says

    I like your attitude and am happy to hear you start your day with a little self care. I’m a tidykin and would throw myself into “housework” the minute I woke up, setting the alarm to have time to make the bed, clean up whatever mess I made in the bath, unload the diswasher etc before going to work. I finally learned to do what I could in the evenings and now do not feel so tired at the end of the day or put upon that I have no time for fun. I now start the day with exercise and get the endorphins moving!

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  31. I thought this was entertaining, funny and educational all at the same time. Loved your choice of words in the explanations. I might also add, only because I have a tidy home in Calgary, that there are lots of things people with messy homes can’t do, like enjoy clean, working home appliances.

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