5 Things People With Tidy Homes Don’t Do

how to have a clean house #tidy #kitchen

I have a high tolerance for disorder. Until I don’t.

Two years ago we moved into this fixer upper. It’s a much smaller house than we had before and I could no longer hide my messy ways or sweep them under the cowhide rug, if you will.


I started paying attention to how those Tidy People lived in their homes. I observed my mom and mother-in-law. I even asked my Tidy Friends questions about their habits without trying to seem like a weirdo.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…


1. Tidy People don’t act like a slob all day, and then get their house tidy in one fell swoop.

Tidy People are smart, and know that cleaning up all at once is hard and not fun.

I’m my biggest enemy when it comes to keeping my house tidy. The number one thing I’ve learned from Tidy People is how valuable it is to develop some simple, non-drastic, tiny habits that when added together will change the level of tidiness in your home.

Tidy People are in a constant state of low-grade tidying, I don’t even think they realize it.

2. Tidy People Don’t Run out of Cleaning Supplies. They find cleaning products they love and they stock up so an empty soap bottle is never between them and a clean counter or tidier bathroom. Amen.

Y’all, I even found a Tidy Hack for this one!

Listen, if you’re ready for your home to smell tidy and fresh, like your Mom and Martha Stewart cleaned all day, then you’ll love Grove Collaborative. If you haven’t tried it, it’s the easiest thing you can do to keep your cleaning routine simple, doable and smelling like a dream.

I’m a long time Grove customer myself (three years now!) and along with practicing the tidy tips in this post, Grove is my secret weapon for keeping a tidy and clean home.

Grove offers a huge selection of high-quality natural cleaning products, and you’ll never run out of products again thanks to their monthly shipment schedule (totally optional and super flexible – I order about every 6 weeks if I’m out of stuff).

And right now, Grove is running a limited New Customer Deal that’s too good to ignore if you’re ready to tidy up:

Once you click over to Grove, your cart will auto-fill with some popular products as a suggestion. You can delete everything (but don’t delete your free stuff) and add different things to your cart, or keep everything as is. 

3. Tidy People never let the sun go down on their filth. They know they’ll have to do it anyway, better now than later.

Tidy People do not watch Dancing With The Stars while there’s a sink full of dirty dishes sitting in the kitchen.

Tidy People practice the quick reset, that might mean different things to you than the Tidy McTidersons down the street, and that’s okay. Maybe for you that means getting the entire family involved right after dinner and clean up for five timed minutes of tidying.

Tidy people take a few moments each evening for a quick reset and then they watch Dancing in peace.

how to have a clean house #clean #bedroom

4. Tidy People don’t store things on the floor.

From the big decorative baskets filled with throws to the backpacks that never seemed to make it to their place. When I looked around our house, I realized that without my own consent, I was allowing lots of items to live on the floor. Tidy People know better than this.

Stacks of books, the box that should have been dropped off at the thrift store two weeks ago and the laundry basket can all clutter up the floor and make your home seem messier than it really is.

Tidy People know this secret, you’ll never see stuff stored on their floors.

5. Tidy People don’t over decorate. They value a cleared off surface more than a highly decorated surface.

Listen, I’m the biggest fan of tchotchkes that has ever been. I LOVE me some smalls and cute little decor. But over the years I’ve learned that having a bunch of pretty small things all over every surface was only making my life more difficult as someone who was already prone to being messy.

Now I’m really picky about what I allow on my surfaces. I aim for 1-3 decorative pieces per surface depending on the surface size. This allows our house to still look pretty but at the same time, it seems clean, even if there’s a layer of filth!


I’m not tidy by nature, but reminding myself of things Tidy People don’t do, somehow motivates me to pay a little more attention to making life a little easier on me and my house. It’s so worth it.

PS, Don’t forget to grab your New Customer Cleaning Kit , your future self with thank you!

*Please note that Grove currently does not ship to Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska

*I’m thrilled to partner with Grove as an affiliate

how to have a clean house #cleaning



  1. Anonymous says

    I know an ad disguised as an article when I see one. 😒

  2. katharita says

    another thing tidy people don’t do …. have fun!

    • Anonymous says

      Oh. Yes we do as we are very organized!!

      • Absolutely!!! We have more time for fun because our house is already clean on the weekend!!!

        • You can say that again!!!and i still have a life . an Organized Life. 4 kids one husband 2 little outdoor dogs so that the kids have with them without the mess and the smell inside lol

      • Totally agree. We have more free time by having less unnecessary items at home to clean. Minimalist mind free time.

    • Why not! Just excuses. Why is it so impossible to imagine a clean, tidy, organized house that I take care of on my own means that I still can not run my business, take care of my kids, drive them places, have dance parties (anywhere), play board games, visit family and friends, have sleep-overs, take vacations and so on??? Make a mess…clean it up. Eat your meal…wash your dishes. Simple really. Get organized, take care of your home and you will see how much time you will have to do fun stuff. I am just saying! If you don’t want to be judged for not having a tidy home, don’rpt judge those that do. That statement is judging

      • ShonAlicia says

        Thank you!

      • I just don’t invite people to my home if you must see them arrange to meet them somewhere else or at their tidy home.

      • Don’t think anyone has a right to judge anyone for anything. This was an ad for cleaners and yet there’s judgement even for spelling and grammar??? REALLY??

        • There are some people whose minds and egos are extremely fragile, and they get off-balance when they encounter words or grammar that are different than they use. We have to feel sorry for them and have compassion for them. Tell them that they’re as superior as they think (but don’t actually believe) that they are. They’re so entrenched in their pseudo superiority that they won’t even realize that you’re humoring them. It’s sad, really, but a fact of life. There’s always going to be one.

          • Miss Manners says

            It is not “acting superior” to use proper English. Likewise, improper useage is not “different,” it is wrong. Reading and writing standard English is foundational to clear communication; it is not an indication of frail egos. Clear communication is imperitive to strong relationships. Strong relationships are the bedrock of our civilization. Therefore, proper English is of utmost importance!

      • You have to understand something. The bottom line to this “clean and tidy” thing is organization. You can’t maintain systems without it, and maintaining systems is what this “tidy-all-the-time” house is about. For some people, like me, the inability to organize is a true disability. Some brains can organize and maintain systems easier than others. For the ADD brain, like mine, creating and maintaining systems and organizing is hard work, and doesn’t come easily. It’s the mental equivalent of bending metal bars into pretzels. There’s a mental fatigue factor involved, and when I’m in a perfectly immaculate space, it makes me nervous and the opposite of comfortable. I struggle with tidiness, but there is an internal brain function disability at the root of it.

        • Ditto. It is a disability. No matter how much energy I put into organization and getting rid of things I don’t need, some new thing comes in, then I’m lost. For Christmas I tell my kids not to get me anything. I won’t know where to put it. (New mixer!) Mail? Forget it.

    • I am a clean freak, and I still have fun.😁

    • Sorry -not true. There’s a lot more time for fun since things are not left to be picked up, put away or wiped down over time. Just do it when it needs to be done and the “pain” is over immediately.

    • Exactly! Or have injuries that don’t allow CONTINOUS cleaning!

  3. Great article! I’m not a tidy person, and I liked the simple ideas. I know these from watching people who are tidy, but it’s nice to have them in such a well written and organized article. Thanks!

    • Me too. I’m not tidy at all! I find this helpful without buying products from a company other than the supermarket & Walmart near me. This is useful information to me, I’m gonna copy and paste it to my reminders in case I get overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning I have to do or need a refresher.

  4. Mrs Meyers is NOT natural it has many toxic ingredients and the smell is very over powering and not fresh and clean. If you want complete transparency on ingredients and a very clean fresh smell use Pure Haven, ships directly, made fresh and highly effective. The truth is in the ingredients not the marketing, don’t be fooled by other companies.

  5. Michele Vogel says

    This feels like “Mom Shaming”. This isn’t reality either. Be real or don’t be at all.

    • what in the heck are you talking about. sounds like your ‘disorderly devoted’ sheesh

    • I spent $8.99 on a Mrs. Meyer’s pumpkin scented candle that only smells like pumpkin when I smell the wax. When I burn the candle, there’s no scent! I threw out the receipt, so I can’t return it. I fell for the 50s style packaging.

  6. Irene alex says

    A place for everything and everything in it’s place. When your through with something put it away. How much effort is it to put a dirty dish in the dishwasher instead of piling up the sink(my pet peeve) inconsiderate action when you feel someone will clean up after you.

    • The trick is to get everyone else in the house on the same page.

      • sheryl smith says

        i agree,that meyers soaps pretty expensive..i assumed…getting more people involved must hep.The bar is to high for 1 person

      • Housewife horror on board says

        Definitely agree…it doesn’t make a difference how OCD clean and organized you are (and I am!) If kids and hubby aren’t on board then your just a maid/housekeeper!!! Which then becomes very exhausting and downright hurtful that nobody cares not appreciates all your efforts or hard work and you literally just want to start drinking 2-3 bottles of wine a day or something even stronger unfortunately just to get through the stress and the pain of what has become your housewife horror reality… like where thee heck did I go wrong?! Trust me I’ve been there!

        • I couldn’t agree with you more Housewife Horror!

        • FibroFlaringAgain says

          Omg. Thanks for pointing this out! Screenshot for when hubby or son think im being unreasonably crabby for no reason! I have chronic pain too, the assholes!

        • Amen

        • Agreed! I have all teenage boys and while they have been raised to pick up and clean, well they are boys! The boys and my hubs do not do their part so I feel like a maid. My home is not super messy but as I like to say “ well lived in”

        • And I forgot to say that I am disabled and have chronic pain and serious medical issues. That makes a huge difference in what can be done by one person in a household of 5.

          • Thankyou! I could have written this exactly as you did, word for word!

          • You were reading my mind….the same exact for me. It’s depressing when you can see it in your head getting done and you keep trying but hurt so bad…..ugh!!

          • Gloria Gauntt says

            Maybe you should go “on strike” for a few days, then get everyone to the bargaining table and reassign a few chores!

        • Oh my goodness….I need to show my family your article. I am laughing as I am writing this with all seriousness because I agree with everything you are saying and I have this argument with my family members every week. I am not the maid! I am the mom who wants a clutter free home but everyone needs to help. Everyone needs to have pride in their home…

      • Click bait and it went as far as getting into the replies

      • That’s the ticket! All who dwell in the same household could be on the same page. Much of my untidy style comes from the post office on a daily basis…hmmm. Little momentos don’t need to be stuffed in a box, but perhaps tips on organizing paperwork when you don’t have a home office would be appreciated.

    • What about when you don’t have a dishwasher? I tend to wash what I use and put it on the drying rack, but my family (including my husband) haven’t really grasped that concept and leave the dishes for someone (usually me) to clean later. Bleh.

      • Melinda Huffman says

        I bought a portable GE dishwasher. It is just as big as installed dishwashers, and I have found the hot wash dry and sanitize cycles to work better. Also my dishwasher always looks brand new because it’s easier to wipe down the sides cracks and crevices then the installed ones.
        I do the same with my washer & dryer. Wipe the things down inside & out after using. They stay new looking and will last a lifetime.
        Also. A clean kitchen & clean Bathroom are my #1 areas to keep that way
        The rest is clutter and can be done anytime

        • I do the same clean my bathroom every day takes 5 10 mins also my kitchen as soon as dinner is over and range is cool I wipe every thing dowm with chinch love it and go over floor with a light sweeper then swifter dust 2 a week polish once a month
          Change my bed one a week and I room complete every other week house stays nice and always welcome guest unexpected try my plan it great for keeping a home clean and absolutely fresh cx

    • cheefloomcast.net says

      A place for everything and everything in its place. My grandmother used to say this all the time. It’s a lesson I’m still learning.

      • Oops. Should say cheeflo — this is an inadvertent mashup of my name and a fragment of my email address. Fat fingers, I guess.

      • I say everything should have a home. If someone goes to get the scissors per say and they are not in the butcher block, then they are not in their home.

  7. Anonymous says

    Tidy people don’t have kids or chronic illnesses

    • Anonymous says

      I teach high school physics full time, live with two Border Collies, and have fought Complex Regional Pain Syndrome for twenty years and I keep my home tidy!

    • Not true at all. My children were raised with their toys organized and that made it easy for them to clean up. Everything had a place. And they were allowed to play with anything they wanted but when they were done with it, it went back before anything else came out. Never got overwhelming.

    • Anonymous says

      That is so true!!!! We moved into a new home 1yr ago. I worked hard to keep it clean, I have 2 autoimmune diseases which cause debilitating fatigue & severe chronic pain. Then we moved my 82 yr old Mother in with Parkinson’s bc she couldn’t be alone anymore. My children have autoimmune diseases also. Now my bedroom upstairs looks like a pig pen, plus the 3 dogs sleep & pretty much stay with me. By the way, 1 can’t walk & was just diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension, another 1, enlarged heart & arthritis. The 3rd isn’t on chronic meds but the usual sporadic ones, antibiotics, worm medicine etc etc. oh & now Menopause! So broken sleep & Mood swings & the rest can make u a beast! But ai keep the living room straightened—have a glass front door! Hate it!!! Kitchen is usually cleaned up; I don’t cook. No time for me. But all I can do is sweep floors. Always keep bathrooms & toilets clean tho. Hate dirty bathrooms!

    • Painedmomof3 says

      Well said. First I have to add that all natural cleaning products do not often kill germs. Hydrogen peroxide is a safer alternative to harsher chemicals as it kills as many germs as bleach, the natural cleaning chemicals are not germ killers. I recognize chemicals aren’t great for young children but hydrogen peroxide is pretty non offensive. I have young children, an adult child and a grandchild as well as a dog and 4 cats(all taken in as rescues at a time with less kids and/or stress). My youngest can be running to disaster (and my house is 99 percent kid safe) while I’m holding something to be put away (can we say mail or paperwork that needs to be filed?) and I have to drop it and handle whatever situation is at play. I can not sort mail, or do any number of household chores with 2 young boys playing the way that they do. One of my children has special needs, one is a toddler, I have to protect the toddler from the older child and protect the older child from himself. Add baby grand daughter, now this is 100 percent of my time. Add chronic pain and a significant other with health issues-now, teach me how to be tidy without tying the children up or staying up until midnight. Sometimes there is not a minute to put something away, or 10 minutes to wash dishes. I do get the children as involved as I possibly can, and I am
      VERY organized. Not all situations are for all people. How does one do yard work when they have small children and pain issues and NO support system for instance? There are not organizations for the young and disabled only the elderly, unless of course you have lots of money to hire a nanny or housekeep or both. No excuses, no shaming, just facts. I work hard for my house to be as clean as it is. The best solution will always be to just get rid of “the stuff” but that’s a whole separate process that takes an enormous amount of time.

    • Amen!!! I have fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease. I don’t know how I’ll feel in the morning. But, also… 2 teens and a husband who aren’t on the same page. I’m outnumbered and when I go to the kitchen all I see are the greasy finger marks and the filthy stove top and the dishes/pots & pans with hardened food on them. I get VERY upset. Plus the dishwasher was just repaired!! They don’t use the garbage disposal!!! Then on the rare occasion they do they turn on hot water and run it for 2 seconds! Put it on cold and run it!!!! Ugh

      • I have had chronic pain for over 30+ years now which consist of DDD, ankylosing spondylitis, spinal stenosis, and have had 2 spinal fusions and probably will have another soon. I’m only 46 years old. Makes it hard to clean and be tidy. I work 40 hours a week on rotating shifts. A husband that works 50+ hours a week. 2 teenagers at home (1 in high school that plays sports that needs rides everywhere and a second one with a job that needs rides as well), 3 big dogs, 2 cats. Being tidy is hard to figure out. My body is fatigued and worn 99% of the time. I wish i had a body without chronic pain due to my autoimmune disorder. The kids and the husband help some but not enough to say i have a tidy and clean house, it’s definitely well lived in. Any suggestions i would love to hear. Because this article did not help one bit. I’m tired of being tired and tired of living in a lived in house! Only wish i could afford a housekeeper:/

    • I am a tidy person with a chronic disease, full time job, 2 children and a working untidy husband. We removed clutter a few years back when my husband last his job. We sold a lot of stuff for the income and realized that we really didn’t need the extra ‘stuff’. Clutter is stress in our house. It overwhelms me and my husband can’t see past it to deal with it. Now everything has a place and a need. Our children were raised to clean up after themselves and be responsible for their possessions. I remind my family we are a team and everyone has a role on the team, especially after my diagnosis. Some times after I have been sick or had a setback, I call everyone together to power clean for 30 minutes. I preach to just do it right the first time and then your don’t have to come back to it or have a huge issue to address.

  8. Anonymous says

    how much were you paid to write this ad?

    • Stop being an asshole. Sometimes it just feels better to vent and know somebody is listening who us in the same boat. If it really irritated you, stop reading and go to another site.

  9. Well even though this does seem like a blog aimed at getting you to buy an auto ship program for good cleaning supplies it was a great, well written article. I’m not as tidy as I used to be and I miss that old me.

  10. Debbie32796 says

    My husband a tidy person and 24/7 he cleans our house, and it is annoying at times, you know dishes clanging and trips in the garage doing laundry…leaving the door open; but I know full well, we would live in a mess if he stopped.

  11. This is a great read! Thanks for sharing! I never thought of myself as a slob, but sure looks like I am! After my husband died, I lost interest in almost everything … including being neat! When you live alone and are unsupervised, well it just happens! My intentions are there, but my give a damn took off with my reason to care! Maybe some day! Then again, maybe not!

    • I’m 80,and my husband been gone for eleven year’s.I have two grand children living with me, and my house was spotless .I sold my home and moved into a town house, we had formal living .And it looks like a family room!

  12. Anonymous says

    One thing I always must do before I go to sleep, is make sure my kitchen sink and countertop is cleaned…nothing worse then getting my coffee and lunch and stuff ready in the morning for work trying to struggle with kitchen clutter…I just feel like I’m one step ahead especially when I get home and have to prepare dinner…I don’t want to spend extra time cleaning up day old dishes and clutter when im already hungry and tired

  13. Tidy people don’t have kids or chronic illnesse


  14. I have a hard time with three children, I am in constant cleaning mode. I do the final clean after they’re in bed and I get to wake up to a nice clean house and I super clean everything the day before my twelve hour shifts at work (3 of them) and t basically stays that way since no one is home.

  15. Anonymous says

    “My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy “. And by the way I love Mrs. Meyers Cleaner.
    Mother of 4 and grandmother of 5

  16. So tidy folks. clean their houses. Learn something new…

  17. PS, Don’t forget to grab your New Customer Cleaning Kit , your future self with thank you!

    I totally agree with Carol. Near and Tidy went out the door with chronic illness and close family deaths. It will get there, when it gets there. Not as fast as I would like, but it will.

    Also See above… please change WITH with WILL and I will tidy extra more today. Going to go and keep doing the Tidy Thing now. Enjoy all your Tidy.

  18. Cheryl Hensley says

    I liked the article, made me get up and get busy! :-)

  19. Anonymous says

    Now I’ve seen everything. People arguing about a clean house. Geez!

    • I’m with you these are suggestions..If you want to try them out for you and your circumstances GREAT if not don’t criticize those that are willing to try..We all live in different circumstances and difficulties quit blaming everyone else and give the suggestions a try if they work for you in just one way you have success..Thank you for trying to help..God Bless

    • That’s pretty surprising, right? Keep in mind this – Couples often come unstuck arguing over who’s going to do what, how often things need to be done and attitudes towards how clean the house should be. Arguments that start about something seemingly simple can really spiral out of control and become much more serious.

  20. Hurrah for Tidy Folks! Yea, yea, siss. boom bah.

  21. Toni Rende says

    Already buy Mrs. Meyers but it is so my housekeeper can use it. It’s hard to get rid of items that friends, students, relatives and coworkers have gifted. My housekeeper, who doesn’t mince words, says I am the messiest clean person she has ever seen! Yes, I have white, slip covered Pottery Barn furniture and a white quilt on my bed with a black chihuahua in it. My husband told me 20 years ago Southern Living was never coming for a photo shoot so I gave up on OCD cleaning and never looked back. After all, I am a therapist!

  22. I’m new to Nesting Place. I just read the article and I agree that it was just a come on for an advertisement! My overall impression after reading the comments section was WOW! You ladies need a HOBBY! I have never seen so much passionate rhetoric about nothing! My house is a cluttered mess. I’m a slob! There are SO many fascinating things in this world to learn about and I want to experience them before I die. Sorry ladies but cleaning my house better is just not on my bucket list!! I won’t be back, I just surfed here on my way to an astrophysics site!

    • Happy to not be miserable says

      THANK YOU!!! A friend posted this so I thought I would give it a quick read during a quick break of taking care of a loved one during the end of their life journey. Holy cow at the absolute nonsense. Definitely time to stop taking breaks & finding things to read online. I’ll look at the stars or listen to the birds next time. Geez

  23. I’m new to Nesting Place. I just read the article and I agree that it was just a come on for an advertisement! My overall impression after reading the comments section was WOW! You ladies need a HOBBY! I have never seen so much passionate rhetoric about nothing! My house is a cluttered mess. I’m a slob! There are SO many fascinating things in this world to learn about and I want to experience them before I die. Sorry ladies but cleaning my house better is just not on my bucket list!! I won’t be back, I just surfed here on my way to an astrophysics site!

  24. Anonymous says

    OK, so this is fun!
    Yes, the article had interesting ideas of tidiness. Yes, it had an angle. Two tears in a bucket! I still read the whole thing and the comments so I obviously felt it was a worth while coffee break.
    Now! To Get Jiggy With IT… Whether your a Rabbit or Tigger makes no never mind to me. Though, as a Rabbit in Tigger training (someone who feels the need to FOLD the toilet paper before the bathroom is considered clean and is a mom of a few tiggerish children) I have always admired those Tigger types. What Rabbit seriously doesn’t want to see the rose in the vase before the dust on the table.
    I am a mom of four son’s… To be clear, the difference between a splat thinker or a line thinker can be detected as soon as your children have charge over their own socks and underwear drawer. (In my home that is early–because I need to let things go and allow myself to do tidy somebody ELSE’S WAY)
    So! “Whatever your hands find to do do it with all your might as if serving the Lord not people” this is what I remind my boy’s. And one of my boy’s will often remind me that a cluttered desk and an unruly hair style are often marks of a genius. WHAT!!! Outwitted by someone else’s way again!!! (“Son! your splat way isn’t fitting into my line thinking”) But a word of warning to US all. Somebody else’s hands are finding other things to do and our own ways may be stifling to the production of another.
    Almost There
    or um perhaps
    A Work in Progress

  25. I’m just trying to sign up for your decorating advice/emails, have yet to find the proper space to do that ?? Help.

  26. Wendy hobson says

    Are clean and tidy people really happy.OCD is sweeping our nation.leave your drawers on the floor,just for fun. It’s liberating to be sloppy some of the time.Try it!

    • Yes, very happy. Waking up and going to bed in a clean space is relaxing The feeling of accomplishment after organizing a room is uplifting. Less mess and clutter reduces levels of stress, especially for children. I’m sure the effects of cleanliness and order are different for different people. I get very anxious and nervous in messy, chaotic environments.

  27. How’s the kit free it you have to spend $20 to get it?? More like, if you spend $xx.xx then you get these free items with your purchase!

  28. Yeah there were some good tips, but is it really such a bad thing to relax once in awhile? What’s the big deal if I leave dishes in the sink (as long as they’re rinsed& not caked with food) for a day or two, if it means you get to relax after working & then cooking dinner! Nothing wrong with being tidy, but there’s also nothing wrong with having your house be comfortable & llooked ived in! Many of my daughter’s friends all say how much more comfortable they are in my home then their own because I don’t spend every waking minute cleaning and I don’t keep it so tidy that they are afraid to eat or drink outside the kitchen. Granted I would love for my place to be nicer than it is (don’t we all?) But it’s not worth spending all my extra time & money doing so, if I cant enjoy living it too!

  29. I appreciate the ability for folks to sell their business, product, ideas. But those who have 1 or more children and have to work a full time job, and come home to something needing to be done, like feed the kids, laundry, etc…etc…tidy is not something easy to do, at all! Now if your an older adult and don’t have children, you can and usually do develop better skills. Then your articles may come in handy for those who just don’t know how. You have gotten a lot of negative comments, so sad.

  30. You should also move unnecessary stuff such as furniture (tables, cabinets, chair and other stuff) to self storage units. It will free up the space of your home and it will also look clean.

  31. majece majece says

    It will be great idea to read info from https://besttrackingapps.com/hack-an-iphone/ if you need to hack an iphone. I know this because of my previous experience.

  32. The sunlight in the room causes you to never depress. thanks

  33. Sad

  34. What do TIDY PEOPLE do with their paperwork? Bills, receipts, insurance policies, lease documents, warranty information, etc? I know that Tidy People usually don’t have such things sitting around anywhere, but tax professionals want you to keep it for 7 years, so what do they do with the ever growing paperwork?

    • I got 7 (1 per year for 7 yrs) file boxes from an Office Supply. You can label the files in each one for either the months or the bills you get (insurance, utilities, etc). File your bills as you finish with them. When you get to year 8, throw out the bills from the first file box and re-use it. For receipts, I scanned them into a computer file and threw the paper one out. Easier to file, and the paper ones fade anyhow.

      • Except that if the IRS finds something they don’t like, they can go back 10 years…and if they suspect fraud, they can go back indefinitely! :(

    • I have a hanging file cabinet with 2 drawers. I have files labeled medical, utilities, credit bills, car, loans, etc. When I get a bill like a credit card bill, I pay online and write the date payment is set up on the bill and immedietly file it in the back of the “credit” file the drawer, Every year at tax time, I pull out everything and neatly put in a big box I store in my basement. It just says “old files” on it. When the box of old files gets overfilled, I take out the bottom layer which is usually more than 7 years old, shred it and recycle it. Overall, I stay on top of bills, keep back files, and spend less than 3 hours a year probably on “paperwork”

  35. By the way a layer of filth is not clean or tidy! It’s one of my pet peeves about people who think their house is so clean. They think I’m messy cause I don’t have everything put away, but at least my place is clean and not covered in dust or grease. I don’t live for a clean house–I live to enjoy life! Having cancer twice changes what’s important to me!

  36. A place for everything and everything in its place. My grandmother used to say this all the time. It’s a lesson I’m still learning.

  37. I wanna be a Tidy man but can’t be. It’s my badness. Anyway, these five tips are great.

  38. These tips are awesome. Thank you so much for this!

  39. I completely agree. I try to pick up here and there instead of letting it pile up because when I do I’m wore out! We do struggle with having some things on the floor in terms of baskets but I think as long as those are kept neat and tidy themselves that helps.

  40. Thank you! This was helpful. I would love to be a tidy person.

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  42. My gawd, what an ad! I thought I might enjoy this before I got all the hard sell.

  43. I recognize some did not appreciate the information because they saw there was an ad attached. In our culture today many work hard in helping others with information. You don’t know what you don’t know. If I can receive one bit of information it might change my perspective. I consider this valuable information that is worth me taking a look at it. It only makes the business giving me the information more credible. Thank you for the free information. You don’t necessarily know what’s in the air you breathe, do you?

  44. Honestly I cannot believe how people always bring each other down. We all would never agree, but there is no need to insult someone, for what they believe in. I have 2 teenagers boys and they always complaining about how I clean to much and if that’s is my hobby, no it’s not, but I grow up with a clean house and that is what instilled in me. I believe in a clean house, but again that’s my believe not everyone.

  45. Just wasted precious moments of my life reading a pathetic article. Actually, as pointed out, a shameless ad disguised as an article

    thanks but no thanks

  46. None OfYoBizness says

    Disguising an ad as an article makes me automatically NOT buy a product. It’s shifty and dishonest. And I got ZERO useful information from this “article”. The points that were brought up is what we all know already.

  47. No thank you. Never heard of this product. Why would a disguised info ad prompt me to make a purchase?

  48. I would so enjoy a tidy home. I clean up after myself everytime. Dishes done right after dinner and snacks, drinks… but yet when I get up to leave for work, there is a sink full of dishes, the table is loaded, there are toys all over the house, and wait, what? The sink is full of dishes again! Now where did all that stuff come from… wash the bedding and remind myself that I should do bedding before laundry, because now there’s a pair of dirty jeans behind my daughters bed. I need a book on how to keep a tidy house with a child and a husband. So if any of you tidy house moms want to make a few bucks, that’s the book I need.

    • Oh and I have 1 question. Tidy moms with OCD, do you have to go and redo everything that your kids and husband does, because it’s not done right? Sorry, I’ve tried to control myself, I just can’t let it go…

  49. I must NOT be tidy!! I am ok with that! My house is clean but we live here. Life is good! If someone gets offended over my house, they have too much time in there hands and should offer to lend a girl a helping hand! We make messes, we are human! T

  50. It all boils down to, if you own a home it takes work, and always something to do.

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