5 Things People With Tidy Homes Don’t Do

how to have a clean house #tidy #kitchen

I have a high tolerance for disorder. Until I don’t.

Two years ago we moved into this fixer upper. It’s a much smaller house than we had before and I could no longer hide my messy ways or sweep them under the cowhide rug, if you will.


I started paying attention to how those Tidy People lived in their homes. I observed my mom and mother-in-law. I even asked my Tidy Friends questions about their habits without trying to seem like a weirdo.

Here’s what I’ve discovered…


1. Tidy People don’t act like a slob all day, and then get their house tidy in one fell swoop.

Tidy People are smart, and know that cleaning up all at once is hard and not fun.

I’m my biggest enemy when it comes to keeping my house tidy. The number one thing I’ve learned from Tidy People is how valuable it is to develop some simple, non-drastic, tiny habits that when added together will change the level of tidiness in your home.

Tidy People are in a constant state of low-grade tidying, I don’t even think they realize it.

2. Tidy People Don’t Run out of Cleaning Supplies. They find cleaning products they love and they stock up so an empty soap bottle is never between them and a clean counter or tidier bathroom. Amen.

Y’all, I even found a Tidy Hack for this one!

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I’m a long time Grove customer myself (three years now!) and along with practicing the tidy tips in this post, Grove is my secret weapon for keeping a tidy and clean home.

Grove offers a huge selection of high-quality natural cleaning products, and you’ll never run out of products again thanks to their monthly shipment schedule (totally optional and super flexible – I order about every 6 weeks if I’m out of stuff).

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3. Tidy People never let the sun go down on their filth. They know they’ll have to do it anyway, better now than later.

Tidy People do not watch Dancing With The Stars while there’s a sink full of dirty dishes sitting in the kitchen.

Tidy People practice the quick reset, that might mean different things to you than the Tidy McTidersons down the street, and that’s okay. Maybe for you that means getting the entire family involved right after dinner and clean up for five timed minutes of tidying.

Tidy people take a few moments each evening for a quick reset and then they watch Dancing in peace.

how to have a clean house #clean #bedroom

4. Tidy People don’t store things on the floor.

From the big decorative baskets filled with throws to the backpacks that never seemed to make it to their place. When I looked around our house, I realized that without my own consent, I was allowing lots of items to live on the floor. Tidy People know better than this.

Stacks of books, the box that should have been dropped off at the thrift store two weeks ago and the laundry basket can all clutter up the floor and make your home seem messier than it really is.

Tidy People know this secret, you’ll never see stuff stored on their floors.

5. Tidy People don’t over decorate. They value a cleared off surface more than a highly decorated surface.

Listen, I’m the biggest fan of tchotchkes that has ever been. I LOVE me some smalls and cute little decor. But over the years I’ve learned that having a bunch of pretty small things all over every surface was only making my life more difficult as someone who was already prone to being messy.

Now I’m really picky about what I allow on my surfaces. I aim for 1-3 decorative pieces per surface depending on the surface size. This allows our house to still look pretty but at the same time, it seems clean, even if there’s a layer of filth!


I’m not tidy by nature, but reminding myself of things Tidy People don’t do, somehow motivates me to pay a little more attention to making life a little easier on me and my house. It’s so worth it.

PS, Don’t forget to grab your New Customer Cleaning Kit , your future self with thank you!

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how to have a clean house #cleaning



  1. A very timely post! I’m a pretty tidy person and one thing I always do is put things where they belong as soon as I’m finished using them. And I’ll never understand why people put their dirty dishes in the sink instead of right into the dishwasher. It’s the little steps.

    • Well in my case, it’s because I don’t have a dishwasher. Mystery solved!

      • Anonymous says

        They aren’t that expensive and I would do without one

        • Farm Mom says

          Not every kitchen has a space or room for one. My old farmhouse kitchen is one of those. We are not all living the same experience.

          • My kitchen is also a little too small for one. Besides after doing dishes “the old fashioned way” I prefer not having one.

          • I agree Farm mom. Plus in this house there only 2 of us left. Unless we have a dinner party or similar how many dishes can 2 people accumulate. I am OCD about everything having a place and it getting returned to that place. Even cooking/baking. Use an ingredient put jar back in its place. Wash dishes as I am done using them. Just my 2 cents. Have a great day.

          • Spent most of my life without one. Mom’s advise was keep a sink full of hot soapy water and wash as you go. I still wash a lot of things by hand, and put them away asap. Easiest way to avoid the dreaded sink-full after dinner!

          • Anonymous says

            I have dishes in my sink because it’s clean when I go to work but hubby is home during day, he works nights. So I come home at 5:00pm every night and gotta do dishes by hand, no dish washer. Some days after work I’m exhausted. I’m 55 years old.life ugh!!!

          • Not even room for a roll-a-way?

          • Anonymous says

            My kitchen has no space , I have a portable dishwasher. Makes a center island, I love it Also the great benefit to having a dishwasher is it sterilize the dishes a great thing in cold and flu season.

          • Anonymous says

            I have a friend with a very small kitchen. She finally got a mini dishwasher. It changed her life. It squeezes in a small space. I know not every person can get one but just a thought if you didnt know they existed in smaller sizes.

          • Why are folks feeling compelled to almost defensively explain a personal decision to own a dishwasher or not to own one? Neither way is right or wrong, it is just a preference.

          • Thank you! I’m not alone…I’m my own dishwasher.

          • We don’t use a dishwasher. Rinsing your dishes and washing up as you go is easy when it is habit for wveryone in the household. It is a habit to put things back in their place after you use it. Dishes are a must. If not you have multiple glasses etc piling up and looming for that one individual to do the big cleanup. Also. Never gather things on the floor is a must rule. Same clutter will pile up and cleaning will always be mostly about putting things away once the pile up becimes a mess.

          • Lorraine says

            How about a portable dishwasher. Lived in a house that didn’t have one. No more !! Hubby surprised me! Yeah!

        • I think you meant wouldn’t. Lol.

        • Anonymous says

          No room 😣

          • Anonymous says

            SO CRAZY!! AM I really reading a post about DISHES that became POLITICAL!!!??? Such sick shit! Can’t even comment …morons. we can agree to disagree with your shiny ass or filthy house…..

          • Anonymous says


        • Wouldn’t. Hahahaha. It’s catching!!

        • I’d rather wash by hand my dishwasher never gets used

          • I’m with you Ashley…. I wash by hand. I use dishwasher to air dry the dishes only.

          • jumpeight says

            yep. just my husband and I-he likes to do the dishes after dinner. would take forever to load dishwasher-we eat out a lat as well. so just easier to do quickly by hand.

          • I’m the same. Have a dishwasher…only used after I have a large group over.

      • Anonymous says


        • Anonymous says

          Because most people still have their clean dishes in their! Lol who unloads the dish washer?

        • What’s up with the name calling??? Just because you believe in someone that isn’t worthy of all Americans doesn’t mean they are idiots!!!

          • Roxanne Stickler says

            I agree! Disagreeing with someone’s political views doesn’t mean anyone is delusional. Just agree to disagree and move on!

          • She started it with the mention of Trump, which doesn’t belong in this entire topic of conversation. Looks like libs like starting trouble, then cry foul when the opposition speaks.

          • Anonymous says

            Thank you. V.Dann.

          • Anonymous says

            yes, he’s not even worthy of his freedom since he’s thrown us all into the lion’s pit. I agree the mature thing is agree to disagree, but these trumptards just can’t let it go. Once you’ve moved on, they want to start up again.

          • Eggazachary!

          • Omg, seriously just stop. First off tard is very offensive and just completely makes your point invalid. I don’t know how it became so heated. Regardless of your political stance Trump did say would instead of wouldn’t and it was a joke. I think people have lost their sense of caring for human beings as well as sense of humor. I for one am glad that other people don’t think like me, keeps things interesting and in check.

          • Debbie Campbell says

            I just found this site and thought it would be great until I see all the name calling and political crap. Plus, I cannot believe someone corrected “their” to “they’re”. That’s sad. I don’t live life that way-Trying to start arguments and correcting some adult’s spelling. You people are vicious and ridiculous. What started as opinions on dishwashing has turned into name calling and bashing. I’m out.

      • I have a dishwasher…it mows lawns too. We call him my husband. Seriously, I have a dishwasher…he hates it, I love it. In the 6 years we’ve lived here, I’ve used it more for washing etched glassware off the laser. I hate dirty dishes in the sink and on the counters. I’ve loaded the dishwasher right after he leaves for work and have them done when he gets home. He gripes.

      • Get a dish pan and keep it filled with clean water and soap. You use something, you take a sponge and wash it up right away. Other people will follow suit. Replace the water often.

        • Anonymous says

          “other people” will leave their dishes on the dishpam and never notice how the dirty dishes get washed and put away.

        • Lois Neway. says

          I do the same,But I put a Capful of bleach in my water to.

          • You wash your dishes in bleach?! Thata like crazy harmful!

          • Anonymous says


          • Sharolyn Davis says

            I use bleach too… Only remove your jewelry before you wash dishes in bleach, as bleach will eat the prongs holding your stones.

          • Me too…. Have for years. Disnfects the dishes and in my opinion makes the white dishes even whiter

          • Actually, I used to teach food safety and the Soap in the dish water deactivates the sanitizing affect of bleach. The bleach needs to be a separate rinse…just bleach and water. That’s how restaurants and bakeries do it. I’ve worked in both for many years.

          • I worked in the kitchen at a camp for kids. We always put bleach in the rinse side of the sink. Don’t want sick kids when they are there all week!

          • Not so. If you rinse it disinfects. I worked at a nursing home that did 2 rinses one with bleach water and the other none.

          • I also do the bleach thing..

          • I have learned to safety and sanitation that bleach works in a pre rinse followed with a plain water rinse. But better yet is to use vinegar in your rinse water. No second rinse needed. Vineyards a natural disinfectant can be used safely with sewage any septic tanks where as bleach is harmful to both. Cigar is also great to wash your fruits and vegetables in. 1/2 cup to 1 gallon of water pour into a spray bottle spray generously into fruits or vegetables let sit for a couple of minutes wipe with clean cloth rinse with plain water removes pesticides and dirt.

          • Regina Britton says

            So do I, they say that your toilet is cleaner than your sink!! I use bleach on my dishes.. it sanitizes the sink as well as the dishes and your washcloth! We don’t have a lot of colds and I wonder if that’s why?!!!

          • Me too!

          • …too…as in, also…(retired teacher)

          • Anonymous says

            Girl Scout camping training: wash dishes in soapy water, rinse twice. In first rinse water put a capful of bleach. Just saying.

          • If washing dishes by hand, I always add a bit of bleach to the water.
            What setting do you use on your dishwasher? I usually set for cookware. I’m Concerned that the “Normal” setting isn’t going to get my dishes clean..

          • Deb In Naples says

            Every Restaurant and bar are required by Health Laws to put bleach in “their” water to disinfect. So it is not “crazy” . Aaaandd… leave the tard name out of your limilted vocabulary. Makes you look so uneducated!

          • Think how many people eat & drink at bars & restaurants. You never know who might have a disease or just don’t know what they might have added to their food/drink, or how dirty they may have been period. I would think it’s somewhat different at your own home. It’s not necessary to something you just had toast on or maybe had a sandwich & chips for lunch, in the dishwasher. WHY? I have for years, used the hand washing brush or sponge what holds liquid detergent under hot water to clean such dishes. We’re still healthy.

        • Anonymous says

          Great idea. I use paper towels to wash the dishes.

          • I also do this. Sponges are SO full of bacteria and germs…yuck! 🤢

          • You can sanitize sponges & dish cloths by putting them wet in the microwave for 2-3 min on high.

          • Lois Wesener says

            I put a clean dishcloth out every morning. No icky sponge and no smelly days-old dishcloth. Dishes go into the dishwasher after use, counters whipped off, sink rinsed out. Both my husband and I are tidy, neat people – works well!

          • I use a Norwex netted dish cloth. It dries minutes after using it and it never gets smelly or full of germs and bacteria! Super easy and saves on washing all those dish rags. I couldn’t imagine doing all that laundry on top of everything else!

          • All you have to do is put the sponge in the microwave for one minute every day once or twice.

        • Doesn’t work in my house. They just think it’s for leaving their stuff in it until somebody else washes them

        • Sponges are a magnet for germs and bacteria! We only have two people in our house. I load the days dishes in the dishwasher and run it at night. The only things I wash by hand are my good knives and nonstick pans! Everything else goes in the dishwasher!

          • Janet Richardson Shelton says

            I microwave my sponge and dishcloth after each use for 40 seconds!! Kills the bacteria in them! They never smell!

          • Anonymous says

            I would never use sponges

          • This is my method also. I run my dishwasher every night and there are only 2 persons. Even stick my sponges in the dishwasher.

          • Anonymous says

            Sponges are actually more sanitary than a dish rag unless you use the rag once and throw it on the wash. When you finish washing dishes with a sponge, rinse it out and put it in the microwave fora minute ior 2, Presto, a sanitary sponge again.

          • I put my sponge in the dishwasher everyday. I run it with a hot water boost. No heated dry.

          • I use sponges but they get run thru the dishwasher every day. They don’t last as long for me but I know they are clean.

          • You can float the sponges in a bleach soak. They are really sterile after that.

          • What does washing knives In the dishwasher do to ruin them? I just bought a new set of knives and have been putting them in the dishwasher thinking it was okay.

          • Wood hanadles can get damaged due to the heat and soap.
            blades can rust and get dull.

        • Terry Shackelford says

          I have found over the years that this idea is the best one. And it’s also a good idea to put a little bit of bleach into the water for sanitation purposes, keeps down germs from spreading among family members.

        • Eeeek, a sponge? Those are filthy things, full of germs. I use an old fashioned dish rag and replace with a fresh laundered one daily, sometimes twice! No germs!

          • I do the same thing. Would never have sponge in my house.

          • Elizabeth says

            The microwaved sponge thing is a myth. It honestly doesn’t kill those germs.
            Dish cloth, once and into the dirty laundry.
            For the first time my laundry room is right off my kitchen i can now avoid those week worth of dirty clothes and do laundry every other day.

            Love it when everything is in its’ place. It makes my life so much easier

          • SAVANNAH says

            Me too. No sponges!

          • Claudette says

            Dr oz did a segment on microwaving sponges. Microwaving sponges only get the outer edges bacteria free. But the inside of the sponge has more bacteria than ever and the bacteria just multiplied. Bleaching the sponges worked better to clean bacteria. Restaurants bleach their sponges to kill the bacteria.

          • Use a sponge all the time. Also use a dishcloth for weeks. No one gets sick and no one has died from”all the bacteria”! Thank you very much!

          • Anonymous says

            Lol a sponge and dish towel can both have germs. They can both be washed too. It’s funny people are so against sponges.
            Mine never stink. I wash them and let them dry out.

        • Anonymous says

          Here is my issue with filling water in a sink and doing dishes, once you put that first plate in the sink full of soapy water it is now dirty then you continue to use that dirty water so your dishes are not really getting cleaned at all. So I turn my hot water on then I wash all my dishes with a new sponge and the water running and never filling up the sink, then I rinse them and load them into the dishwasher and let the dishwasher wash them again with cascade and vinegar. Then I finally put them away so I know they are really clean. The thought of reusing a sponge is not going to happen and never washing in a sink full of dirty water. Just my opinion. And I only wash in hot water. My hands absolutely can’t take cold of any kind because of always being in extremely hot water.

        • I used to do a home nurse care job for some people and that’s exactly what they did. They would have a pan in the sink with Clorox in the water and soap and they would wash dishes in it each time they used a dish. The lady said it didn’t matter if the water was cold the Clorox killed all the germs.

        • De. Akin says

          My.roommate believes in running hot water. entire time dishes arè bèing washed

        • Anonymous says

          Ha Ha! That’s a joke. Not all people will follow suit. I put my dirty dishes in the dishwasher thinking the same thing. Mine are the only ones that get put there. The assumption others will follow is hilarious.

          • Anonymous says

            I’ll be loading the dishwasher and have someone reach around me to put dirty glass in sink. Only happened once though. After that they waited until I walked out to pile in sink. 😡

        • Anonymous says

          Sponges, especially in the kitchen, are the most germ laden things you can have. You can’t make something clean with something that is so filled with germs. I absolutely love the reusable wipes that you can just rinse and use over and over and then throw in the washer. They don’t pick up and hold so much stuff that ends up going back on your dishes .

        • Carol Anne says

          Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
          Stop I can’t breathe
          Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        • Grandparent 25 says

          Don’t even need a dishpan fullof soapy water. Just a soapy sponge or cloth. Wash. Rinse with hot water. Dry. Done.

          • @grandparent. YES! Finally a common sense answer. Why would the dinn e r dishes need all that sanitizing?! Good hot water from the dishwasher will sanitize them just fine. No need to completely wash them before. That’s more time than I care to spend on the dishes. We recently had 2 people with the flu one after the other & neither my husband nor I got it.They were never in the same room with us but I did their dishes.

        • Thank you. Doing it now!!! My kitchen is so small I don’t have a counter, so I use the top of the stove ;)

        • Then my OCD self has something in that sink. Just wash dry and put away or use the dishwasher if you have one that actually cleans them.

      • Anonymous says

        It’s because they are always from my kids.

      • Anonymous says

        HA, then wash it right away🙂

      • Have it . Don’t use it. Always always return items after using. I always do. My grown kids do NOT and that irks me beyond measure when they act like im losing my mind when I can’t find what they have misplaced after they use it……….arrrrgh. . Lol. Simple to get in habit of returning what you use

        • Amen!

        • Anonymous says

          After almost 50 years of complaining to the husband to please put things away where they belong, he still leaves things out! He is a surgeon and is used to having scrub nurses clean up after him. He is untrainable!!

          • Anonymous says

            Lol, it’s not really funny, but…..

          • Sonya McFarland Ellis says

            No he’s Not retrainable! LOL

          • Karen Young says

            My mother in law to be gave me pictures of my future husbands room before we got married. It’s been nearly 40 years. He is still a pig who does not know where a trash can is, what a hanger or drawer are used for, that clothes do not wash themselves if left on the floor and fast food containers and candy wrappers do not self destruct. They are not retrainable.

      • Dont have one either and I hate doing dishes.

      • Anonymous says

        I had one, used it as a cabinet, lol.

      • Pat Engesser says

        Me either. Never had one. Or a disposal!

      • I use my dishwasher to keep organized food containers & lids on the top and organized pots, pans & the lids on the bottom. i have very little counter space and closet/cabinet space.

      • No excuse, I didn’t have a dishwasher for many years and still had a tidy kitchen. It’s allabout priorities ;)

      • I don’t have one either. Apartment is too small. But I always do the dishes before going to bed, no matter how late. I want to get up in the morning with things in order. Helps me to feel peaceful inside!

      • Anonymous says

        Well, I do not have dishwasher and never keep mydishes in the sink. Using a kitchen dish towels have been very helpful.

      • Anonymous says

        Ha,yes,me neither

      • Anonymous says

        Same here.

      • Jeri Hough says


      • Sandra P Chiles says

        I dont either. Old house, plumbing won’t take the sudden flush of high powered dishwasher. Lived here for almost 40 years without one. Have a very helpful hubby that does his share and sometimes more. At least I look out the front window and can see comings and goings. Kids are gone, it is easier now, but you would be surprised how many dishes two people can generate. Biggest problem: Hubby comes home at 10:45 pm after his shift. I fix a good dinner and on the table at 11:00 pm. After a nice visit and dinner, it is 12:00 midnight. I am a cancer patient and 77 yo. I am too tired to do anything but scrape and stack the dishes.

    • Anonymous says


    • Anonymous says

      AMEN! I couldn’t agree more with you. I too believe in getting things done as I go, as opposed to letting things pile up until later!

      • Anonymous says

        Absolutely! I can’t stand wasting my time tidying up all at once or looking for things that weren’t put back where they belong right after use

    • I put things next to the sink ‘cause Fly Lady recommended always at keast keeping you sink clean. Feels so much easier when I rinse off and wash dishes. (There’s usually clean ones in dishwasher waiting to go back to their home!) 😂. I love Myers liquid hand soap but want to check this out. 👍🏽

      • Becky Allbee says

        I use a dishpan that has soap, very hot waree and vinegar in it! Vinegar kills germs too, without the chemicals. No place for dishwasher. Nut I cant stand doshes in the sink or left on the counter!. Esides i wouldnt have room to do anything else! I. Would love a dishwasher, but thats not possible, here.

      • I used to hate the fly lady!! Lol. Love her now because of the new habits I learned from her.

        • I love the Flylady too! Been reading her website for years!

        • Seadreamer says

          the Flylady rocks. I like so many things she taught. Like never letting laundry pile up. Tidying up twenty minutes in the morning. The clean sink making you feel like the whole house is clean. And the feather duster. I haven’t read her for a long time but probably will now that others mention her.

          BTW, I read through a bunch of the comments before deciding to write and I find it amazing how much virulent anger comes out about politics. Have we no civility left? Where did we lose the ability to discuss something without belittling others or getting emotionally hooked?

    • I found a great home company called
      H2OAtHome check it out..

    • Dorothy verstandig says

      I don’t always put my dishes in the dishwasher because I have back problems. I don!t want to bend down to load dishwasher more than once daily.

      • Exactly-I am a young 66 with grown kids and a very bad back. My husband handles the dishes the marketing, etc. One thing that I’ve learned as I get older is to prioritise my cleaning. Life is just too darn short for me to obsess over cleaning – I try to leave a clean sink, a clear counter top and try to remember to put things away as I use them. But my days of scheduling a particular cleaning plan are long over.

        • Annie Landers says

          I’m with you girl, who cares, life is too short. You don’t like my house stay away😋😋

          • Anonymous says


          • Love it! Peeps that are saying they hate sponges are the same peeps leaving dirty dishwater in the sink all day! Smh! I get all dishes in the sink after dinner. They get done the next morning. More important to spend time with my fam before bed then spending it in the kitchen being ‘tidy’.

        • Anonymous says

          I can relate! Life is too short!

        • Yup’ik Inuit says

          I have three kids who are very close in age. My ex husband wanted an immaculately clean house! It did not happen!! As long as the kitchen, living room and bathroom are clean: lived in mess was okay with me! I would rather make memories with my kids than to worry about having an immaculately clean house!! That is why he is an ex now! My apartment is small, we hand wash dishes and use dishwasher as dish rack!!! My kids decide to wash dishes after dinner or after breakfast!

          • Good for You!!!

          • I have 2 kids…an autistic teenager and a toddler…and a disabled husband who cannot stand for much longer than 2 minutes without seriously injuring himself. I hold a full-time job that often requires overtime. I suffer chronic migraines and am usually in bed during the weekends. The small amount of time I do have with my family is spent on them, not obsessing over how clean my house is. It would be nice to have a clean house, but the stress of keeping it immaculate isn’t worth it to me.

          • And, when you’re older you’ll never have the regrets that some will that you didn’t spend enough quality time with those three children. They will appreciate you for that!

          • I raised children who received all the time they needed and wanted with me, and my house also was always immaculate. Raising children and having a clean house are not mutually exclusive. You want to live like a slob, go right ahead. But don’t use your children as an excuse.

    • Probably because it’s full of clean dishes that they haven’t put away yet!

    • Janice Campbell says

      One touch system works. Don’t move stuff from one spot to another. Just put it where it goes the first time.

    • I’ve been trying to train my husband for the last 5 years to put stuff back when you’re done with it! This is such a simple rule to follow. It makes life a lot easier! Also, I have the list of house rules plague on my wall in the kitchen to follow that helps alot for everyone to follow if they forget.

      • Anonymous says

        My husband is in trainable!

        • Anonymous says

          Yup if you wenta clean house get rid ofyour husband

          • Anonymous says

            Seriously! My husband REFUSES to walk 10 steps to put something back where it belongs because I don’t work and it’s my job! I’m an RN and he doesn’t allow me to work because then he would actually have to do something. I also refuse to own a dishwasher because why when you have to wash them before putting them in in the first place. I use the prerinse with bleach as well and we haven’t been sick with anything in years.

          • I say…lose the husband. What do you mean he doesn’t ALLOW you to work??. Sounds like a controlling abusive relationship to me.

          • I say get rid of the husband. What do you mean he doesn’t ALLOW you to work??. Sounds like a controlling relationship to me.

      • I bug my hubby all the time about putting back where you got it, but I am talking to a brick wall.

      • Maureen Rivas says

        When they forget

      • Anonymous says

        My husband has no idea whatsoever where things belong. He puts things in all the wrong places. I plead with him to let me put the dishes & groceries away but he wants to help! He also washes all of our clothes together, new denim, whites, towels, reds, you name it, it all goes into the washer together, ģgggrrrr!!!

        • Anonymous says

          Oh no my husband has another wife!

          • Sometimes that is better. Life is more fun without him. What is better than not to pick up his clothes his tools, his ases. Kids are trainable, husbands are noth trarty dishy, his di

    • The dishwasher is full

    • Anonymous says

      I totally agree. I know people who just think that’s a step in the process of clearing the space.

    • Anonymous says

      I don’t have a dishwasher but I do the dishes and get the kitchen cleaned up right after we finish our meal. It helps that i clean as i go while cooking.

      • Anonymous says

        I do the same thing… as soon as everyone is done eating I’m on the ball… I have too get rite up and do the dishes and put everything away….

    • Loxi Faber says

      I use a sponge loaded with liquid soap. It is so easy to wash your glasses and plates, set them on the counter, then put them away immediately. If they’re still wet, they’ll dry before you use them again.

    • Anonymous says

      Don’t have a dish washer

    • Sharon Hine says

      I do not like dishes in the sink- that will make the whole kitchen look messy. Before I go to bed I always turn the dishwasher on, clean litter box, straightened up , and take the trash out. I have 8 people , 3 dogs, 2 cats ,white carpet, oak floors and 15 rooms. I have everything organized, take shoes off in laundry room . If you use something-put it back as soon as you’re finished. Friends say my house is so clean you could eat off the floors and no pet odors. If you stay in behind it- it really doesn’t take long. I still have time go out, shop , meet friends , etc. Plus I still have time to sit outside at our pool and watch the kids. It’s all in how you manage your time.

      • I think you meant wouldn’t. Lol.


        • Debbie campbell says

          Why do you feel the need to correct an adult? Just to make them feel stupid? That’s totally wrong.

      • Do you have a job outside your home duties? I ask because when I was a stay at home mom I had time to do it all also. But leaving home at 7am and getting home at 6pm changes things a bit.

      • Oh my gosh! Your “8” must be very cooperative. I used to manage everything like that just fine until the kids grew up and I got older and slower. Now, I can barely keep the dishwasher loaded. Enjoy your tidiness while you still can

      • This sounds like my life. I have 6 kids 2 of which are grown and out of the house. 2 of the kids remaining at home are in college and the other 2 are 10 and 8. I have a big house that is immaculate. People learn by example and I’ve always been a bit on the freaky neat side so it just rubbed off on my entire family. I dont miss out on any time with my family because my house is clean. That’s what people that dont feel like doing it say. I vacuum every morning before work(I’m a teacher) my kids AND husband put their clothes.in the laundry hampers clearly marked darks and lights after getting dressed breakfast dishes get put in dishwasher by their users and a load of laundry gets put in and dishwasher ran before we leave the house in the morning. After getting home we do homework I make supper unload and reload dishwasher change over laundry hang out as a family and when everyone is in bed I take a half hour to an hour to mop or dust or whatever other chore needs to be done. Weekends are spent doing family things and grocery shopping. Just because I choose to spend an hour at the end of the day cleaning as my “me time” instead of watching TV or something counter productive doesnt mean I’m taking time away from my family to clean. It actually helps make a happier family who choose to spend time together in a clean and tidy house vs hiding in their rooms to escape the mess. Clutter=chaos. In my opinion only…

    • Why have a dish washer when you have to wash them before you out them in the dish washer 🤔

    • First four totally agree with. Last one, that’s all relative. Having lived many places and collected very cool and unusual decor, I enjoy my many things and still have a very tidy , clean place. I’ve lived in an apartment to a 5000 sq ft house with a guest house and kept all very clean and tidy. It’s a mindset.

    • I have a dishwasher and a very small kitchen. Because of that I’d rather ✋ wash my dishes and organize my dishwasher as storage so that’s what my options are for my dishwasher is used for.

    • Ladypiper27 says

      If you live in place like I do your not allowed to have a dishwasher

      • I have the same issue. Can’t have a freezer or portable washer/dryer. They even took our personal water houses and took a hammer to the post of the faucet outside. How utterly ridiculous and asinine. I have tons of outside plants to water. I have a 4 gallon watering can.takes forever to fill up, is heavy as freakin hell and I have to carry it through my apartment and about 20 feet to my little patch of plants. I have to repeat that trip 3 more times to get the job done.on top of that, I have 2 broken bones in my wrist and a broken toe.I fell 5 weeks ago in my kitchen. This complex is for functioning disabled people and seniors with low income. We aren’t irresponsible teenagers.

      • You’re not allowed to have a dishwasher, not your not allowed to have a dishwasher. I was an English teacher many years ago. When my children were growing up I was a neat freak and never had a messy house. I practiced the rule of ‘always putting everything away before you went to bed or left the house. Now that my children are grown and gone I wish I had some of those hours back that I spent picking up and cleaning. Maybe I would have had more time to play with and snuggle with the kids. It was easy to continue my neat freak ways once the children had flown the nest until four years ago when I had a stroke. Now I no longer have the use of my left hand and I have half the energy to do anything. So things are not as neat as they once were, but I try to keep going and not let my health get me too down. It’s amazing how we take things like having two hands for granted and it’s also unbelievable how many daily activities you need two hands for.

        • Anonymous ET says

          No need to correct spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. This is NOT the place! A retired English professor, I know people who talk less around people like you because they are nervous about making mistakes. Let it go. You aren’t the grammar police anymore!

        • Anonymous says

          That was rude to correct someone’s grammar, especially when you had mistakes in your punctuation and sentence structure yourself. You had great info to share, but you ruined it for me.

    • Sharon Kadlec says

      Hi Cheryl. I am with you. I also believe in handling everything ONCE. Use it, put it in its place whether it be papers, dishes etc.

    • Nancy Baker says

      That’s what I’ve been saying all along!!! The dishwasher is almost under the sink, but that’s not in their vocabulary!!!

    • I have white dust, lint drives me bonkers.

    • Oh well, I fail the “tidy test”! Sounds a little OCD to me.i hate those people. They love to say, “Sorry, I’m OCD”, like there’s a special place in life for them. There should be a city, in each region, of the US dedicated to OCD. You’re normal…sorry, you can’t reside here! Note about the “tidy” people…9 out of 10 are on drugs to cope.

    • Untidy/unfortunately says

      I agree….ideally that’s what should be done. But I do find it a challenge to keep ahead of the clutter. Those who say they don’t need a dishwasher!?? Huh! I could do without my frig before losing my dishwasher🤣🤣

    • Don’t put it down til put it up.

    • Because sometimes I don’t have enough to make a load to run it. If I just gave s few, I’d carefully hand wash them.

    • Many years without a dishwasher… dishes were put in the sink in hot soapy water to soak after dinner…once the kids went to bed i hand washed and set on the mat to dry…in the morning while waiting for the coffee to brew I put them away…. it all depends on what works best for your family and lifestyle … I now have a dishwasher that I can’t believe I ever lived without… but dishes are still put in the sink after dinner and loaded in the dishwasher after the kids are settled for the night….. I work and family time is more important that immediately washing dishes… that 1-2 hours with my family is more priority…. plus the quiet time in the kitchen helps me clear my mind to figure out the 2000 things on the agenda the next day! Lol

      • How long does it take to clean up after a meal? Teach children to help with the clean up. This is an excellent way to bond and teach them responsibilities. I’d rather take 15 minutes to clean up and be done with it. The prospect of facing a sink full of dirty dishes the next morning makes me shudder but to each his own.

    • The dishwasher is just an example. I pretty much put everything where it goes when I’m done with it. Cloths go strait into the laundry basket, Groceries get put away when I come home from the store, Cloths get put away when they come out of the dryer, after serving a meal dishes are cleaned and put away and food is put in the refrigerator. Counters and table are wiped down. It takes minutes! Basically clean as you go so you don’t have a nightmare to tackle in the future. It’s basically loving yourself. Take care of future you :). Get rid of things you don’t use in cupboards and closets. Studies show that people who live in clean houses are happier.

    • I’m semi tidy and I’ve never understood dirty dishes in the sink while the dishwasher serves as a cupboard for clean dishes.

    • I have a dishwasher, but have had the pipes to the septic, starting with the kitchen drain cleaned out periodically at a $$ price, so I pre rinse the solid stuff which gets caught in a strainer over the sink drain, as well as careful not to let HAIR go down the bathroom sink or shower drains. Cuts down on the $$ pipe cleaning needs.

    • Not everyone can afford a dishwasher. I’m happy for you. They can cost 3 or 4 hundred dollars. That may be nothing to some, and difference between eating or paying the gas bill to others. Just sayin’…

    • Jackie Jenney says

      I only have a dishwasher because it came with my house. It only gets used when we have large get togethers. I prefer to hand wash.

    • Anonymous says

      I agree 100%! After use, put things back in their place. 👍

    • Pick up after yourself, and have a place for everything. If you’re getting cluttered, you have to get rid of stuff. You must. It’s that simple.

    • I think she was referring to the ones that had dishwashers .

    • Anonymous says

      Not everyone has a dishwasher but l understand your point.

    • My dish washer is full of clean dishes that have not magically been put in the correct cabinet.

    • I have a routine when it comes to my dishwasher, every morning before I leave for work , I unload it so when I get home and fix dinner I can load as I go, then I set the timer for 6 hrs ahead, when I go to bed I make sure all snack dishes are in the dishwasher and when I get up at 5 am for work they are clean and ready to put away. Works for me

    • I have a routine when it comes to my dishwasher, every morning before I leave for work , I unload it so when I get home and fix dinner I can load as I go, then I set the timer for 6 hrs ahead, when I go to bed I make sure all snack dishes are in the dishwasher and when I get up at 5 am for work they are clean and ready to put away. Works for me

    • I agree, whole wholeheartedly!!! Dirty Dishes in the sink or on the counters drive me crazy!!! Much easier to put them in the dishwasher!! I also can’t stand it when people people use every counter in the kitchen to cook or make a meal especially when they use a lot of silverware, wooden spoons, spatulas, bowls and pots and pans when they prep meals. I find it much easier to use the same bowl, spoon and measuring utensils and rinse as I go. I also mix and whip ingredients in a big bowl right inside my clean sink that way nothing spills on my counters and I can clean up any spills or drips easy. It saves me time and money because I don’t have to use a lot of paper towels,wash cloths or disinfectants to clean up my counters. Every bit of mess stays inside the sink!!! When I am finished mixing and pouring I just have to use the spray hose from the sink and rinse the sink and disinfect it. Easy peasey!!! No fuss , no mess!!! PS Since most sinks are near the stove and if you keep sink clean you can serve hot pans filled with food in or over the sink and serve food from pan inside the sink avoiding spills on top of the stove or counter.

    • My every day sanity hard rule…my kitchen must be left clean after every use. Dirty dishes and pots are cleaned & put away. Counters wiped off. This keeps harmony.

    • Dale Sherman says

      My key: know that Every thing has a place, a home of its own, if you will. When done with an item, put it back in its place!

    • Anonymous says

      Amen 🙏 lol

    • Anonymous says

      Is that all we got out of this article is arguing about a dishwasher. Lol. To each their own

    • Yes. Organization occurs when you return something to its assigned space after its use.

    • I just don’t care.. Laundry builds up, dishes in sink, I got four kids but that’s not my excuse.. I’m comfortable in my home the way it is.. I don’t get sick bbn often because I’m just lucky to have a good immune system I guess.. honestly I like having a neat clean house but I can only do that if I’m single.. if my man isn’t doing his part well I’m not a grown man’s maid..he can hire someone if he’s not going to do his part. I’m comfortable in a clean house or mess.. personally I put things back and I nag for him to too but if he doesn’t well I’m not doing his work either.. I have a life to live. I teach my kids to clean up but I’m not picking up their toys just so they can drag them everywhere 5 mins later.. and I agree kids are trainable men are not.. but I’m too stubborn to be his maid.. his sister did all his laundry and dishes and cooking and cleaning.. doesn’t mean I will and if he doesn’t like it cool neither do I. I’m not your free maid. And I’m not afraid to be single either I am me and you chose me so too bad I’d you dont like it find someone else and I’ll find me a man who will either pick up for himself or not try to make me do it. 🙄😒

    • Dixie Normess says


    • Pat Barr says

      Amen! I do like a tidy house. Hub as much as I. A little every day is the answer. Before going to bed at night, Tidy Uppppp!

    • I love using the sink when it’s clean and empty, so I can prepare my next meal.

    • Evelyn Jackson says


    • This was a neat piece for keeping a clean home.

    • Anonymous says

      My husband puts everything in the sink because he knows I’ll rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. Selfish slobbery.

  2. Joanne Richardson says

    Very nicely written. I’m a slob by nature and have developed the joy of living a tidy as you go lifestyle. One thing I learned from a tidy friend long ago was to touch everything once. Like above put it in its place and be done.

    • Brittany says

      Yes! “One touch rule” 😆

    • So true! Touch everything ONCE. That means put things back where they go, not in a ‘staging’ stop, we clear the table after meals, my husband puts plates and silverware in dishwasher while i hand wash all pots, and other items. It is so much easier than going back later and doing them by myself.

    • Anonymous says

      I learned an acronym similar to your expression. OHIO: ONLY HANDLE IT ONCE!

    • Wanda shedd says

      This one touch rule helps me even more when I apply it to mail and sale papers! These are my worst clutter problem.

  3. The Greeks have a saying. “If your house is too tidy, you don’t have enough going on in your life.” This is something I remember every day. I would rather have untidy than dull.

    • Anonymous says

      It’s possible to have both!

      • Anonymous says


      • I agree that it’s possible to have both! My husband and I lead extremely busy lives, and it is refreshing to be able to come home to a tidy home. If you stay up on things, life is just easier. At least it is for me.

        • Anonymous says

          Y’all obviously don’t have two kids under two. They have a touch once rule too. 🤣😂🤣

          • Anonymous says

            Oh my! Thats a good one and oh so true. I say enjoy your babies. More important than the tidy house.

    • That’s why I have a cleaning lady. I like it tidy, and I don’t have their time. I have better things to do.

      • I’m with you re: leaning lady – I’m 80 years , retired, love my hubby to the moon, and thank him for paying the cleaning lady…..he’s happy that I’m happy…

      • I still have to pick up before she comes so she can clean. Besides she does not know we’re to put my stuff. So I put stuff away where I can find them and she does the @heavy cleaning” if you call dusting heavy cleaning

      • Judy Pantle says

        I have had cleaning ladies and what did I do the day before they came? Cleaned the house! When we lived in England, one came twice a week, 9:00 AM Monday and Thursday. I was up, dressed, beds made, etc. Although she didn’t expect it, I had coffee ready for her, made a lunch for her, and we had tea in the afternoon. It was like having company twice a week! That was years ago, and we still exchange Christmas cards and give updates on our families.

    • Anonymous says

      I have a very CLEAN and tidy home, and not One once of dullness in our lives….dishes are done right after every meal, all counters wiped down and dried. Refrigerator is cleaned weekly… it’s all a matter of getting in the habit of keeping things done, work smarter not harder, develop a system that let’s you get things done yet let’s you afford to have a life as well. I promise you will be much happier.

    • My point is doing it right away takes LESS time. Hence, more time for fun!

    • Yeah this my general sentiment. I mean it was easy when it was just me in college but now that I have a family it is very time consuming and working a full time job I often have to choose between quality time doing something fun or doing chores. I know your saying do it after but I usually so exhausted from working and cooking, that cleaning is the last thing I want to do, I am often too tired to eat. But we are all living different experiences as stated above.

      • Anonymous says

        This would be me also Some days i’m exhausted

        • Anonymous says

          My mother in law washed dishes one time a day, early in am right after breakfast. Dishes were stacked neatly the rest of the day. And she had a plan for washing. Silverware in the bottom of the sink in hot soapy water, glasses with bit of soapy water to begin soaking and stacked plates with dish water between. And now wash like crazy and run in running water or dip in clean hot water in other sink or dish pan. Dishes dry themselves if the water is hot.
          I spent aftersupper time with family. Always seemed like washing dishes after supper took forever and that same task took only a few minutes in the morning and I had a mostly clean kitchen all day. Stacking dishes in the sink as day progresses makes clean up impossible. Everything has to be rehandles and maybe rinsed before dishwashing can even start. Sack dirty dishes with a plan!

    • Anonymous says

      The Greeks have it right! To me, getting all wrapped up in tidiness isn’t living.

  4. Cleaning house while having dogs is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos… I prefer dogs.

    • You touched a nerve, I hate the dog hair! I love the dogs but I can’t ignore the hair and tracked floors.
      You’re analogy is hilarious. That’s my FB quote of the day!

      • My Yorkie pup does not shed and is hypoallergenic, better than the cats I used to have and will no longer ever have another cat. Couldn’t wear half my clothes bc if the cats!

      • Get an iRobot. Set it to run each day. Empty it as soon as it’s made it’s run. Problem solved. I love my fur babies but my wood floors must be hair free.

        • Michelle says

          It would fill up in 5 seconds at my house…lol

        • Yep, I have one! And it’s great for quick runs but won’t get around dining table and chairs, under counters, etc. And it fills up quick! An Irish setter and English setter shed a lot! Oh well, it is what it is!

          • Michele Kaufman says

            TWO German Shepherds here. We vacuum several times each day. There is no escaping the hair, but to us a house without a dog is not a home. To each their own!

          • Me too. I spend most of my life vacuuming and washing sheets and clothes, but the furniture and bed (my bad😬) are always covered with dog hair. I hate it but love my hound dog. What to do?

      • Lisa Rae says

        😂🤣😃 agreed!!

      • I have six cats. Ones a long hair. This is why God created Roomba. She’s a daily part of our lives now! Clean floors!

        • If you live in Minnesota you would only be allowed 4 of those cats or you would have to get a license as a rescue sanctuary. But I can’t imagine the mess of 6 cats! I have one and go bananas over the fur and the loose litter that she tracks out of the litter box ! Augh!

          • Anonymous says

            Right?!! Having animals means you are responsible for them and what comes your way is self inflicted. Step up to your choice and manage it. Or you aren’t ready to have control of a life .

          • I have a long haired cat and I have her shaved 2x per year….. no fur balls in the house or in the cat! and she is very happy!

        • Chiristine says

          I once read (and saw photos) of a house with a Roomba…which they had absolutely loved…UNTIL the day that the dog or cat had diarrhea on the rug and the Roomba not only tried vacuuming it up but THEN continued on it’s merry way spreading feces all over every rug and hardwood floor and tile grout…OMG…it was a disaster! I can only imagine the smell and the dried poop everywhere that Roomba went.

      • Maggie McCormick says

        Schnoodles are adorable dogs. Well mannered, learn quickly, love children and THEY NEVER EVER SHED!! Honest I have had Millie for 8 years and she does not shed, pee or poop in the house.

    • Bret, you are spot on. I prefer the dogs also!

    • “Tidy” is different than “clean”. If things are tidy and simple, than cleaning becomes easier!

    • Bradford Dana says

      Haha! Or cats! LoL either way! I agree!! LoL

      • And children. I have a 2 year old and an 8 year old. I also run an inhome daycare. Any and all tips are appreciated. My husband has anxiety so cluster and toys around drive him nuts.

        • Kathy Meyer says

          My mom amd I are attempting the tidy home challenge, but we now watch my nephews 4 and 2 yr olds and a couple days a week I also have my 3 and 1 yr old grand kids… 4 kids – 4 and under and guess what we still manage… Toys get oicked up before we leave to take them home and if we are consistant they pick them up as soon as we say kets go time to head home… It’s all about teaching them and being consistant, also the first few times we help and show them where to put things… Now for me to finish my task of downsizing my stuff in my room and throughout the basement. (Moved in March, but was entirely too busy working out our budgets and finances until this month) SO now it’s organize the basement and my room time… Giving ro my neices and nephews and my kids if it’s useful stuff works for me. Good luck everyone!!

    • Besides dog hair all over the house, I hate the dog smell in a dog owners home. That smells in their house and on their clothes and they don’t even realize it because they’re used to it. Stinky stinky.

      • This is a generalization. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and people tell me all the time that my house does NOT smell like animals and how do I do that??? It’s because we are tidy people who clean regularly. We don’t allow it to pile up, dig in. We have hardwood floors in the area the dogs are in. We wash the throw rugs weekly. We vacuum with a good vacuum every couple of days–even vacuum the furniture. If we are away from home the dogs and cats are in contained areas. We also keep our pets clean. It’s possible. It just takes dedication and consistency.

      • I have 2 dogs inside. One beagle and one German Shepard. My house never smells!! Its all about how you take care of things and what. If you let your dogs live inside like it’s their’s , yea it might smell. But if you teach them properly, and use the proper things to clean up with, you will have no issue.
        I’ve been using Norwex for over a year now, and it has completely changed how my house looks, feels, and smells. Dog hair is gone within just a couple of minutes and I don’t have to listen to that annoying sound the robot makes! I couldn’t stand all the noise from mine. Made my head rattle! If anyone is interested in what Norwex can do you them, let me know! I’d love to help Norwex your home! jessicalamar.norwex.biz I clean with water only and I never have to re-buy cleaner!!

        • What is norwex?

          • I am new to NorWex (2-3 months). I totally agree with the previous post – NorWex changes your home to a chemical free, more comfortable home quickly by cleaning with the microfiber cloths and water. Detergent to die for – well just say I hope I can always buy the detergent. If you or know of a friend that is caregiver of a love one, the body cloths make life for a caregiver much easier.

          • Yes Dee! I can’t go a day without my body cloth! My face has never been clearer! And at like $8 a cloth, it’s a no brainer. Cleaner home, cleaner self, and saving money because I dont buy cleanser, paper towels, and chemical cleaners anymore! Saves on laundry and trash too.

      • I clean four houses on the side they all have either dogs or cats , I am not tidy but will not have an animal in the house when they sit it’s their rectum that is touching your carpet or furniture.
        No dogbuttjerms for me thank you!

        • Caretaker says

          My Dog’s Rectum has fewer germs than your mouth.
          Or anyones for that matter.
          Established, recognized FACT.
          Honest……look it up.

        • Donna joy Foster myer. Biophysicist says

          Nursing home research has clearly found that more diseas is carried in by visitors and staff than by animals who live or visit there. The research was very well done…

        • I used to have a magnet on my fridge that said, “a tidy house is the sign of a misspent life”. 😉 But I’ve learned that I won’t do a lot of cleaning all at once, so I have to do things as I realize they need to be done. I’m guilty of one of the points in this piece — storing things on the floor. It’s much easier to clean without obstructions.in the way, so I try to get stuff out to the trash, charity or sell on FB sale groups.

      • Anonymous says

        Dogs think you’re stinky stinky too.

        • Life is better with critters says

          I’m not sure why the Stinky stinky dog posts got my goat but, if you don’t like the smell of my friends, well, we don’t like the smell of you either. My house = my rules.

      • I agree

      • Anonymous says

        I agree. Hate animal hair. It’s all over everyone’s clothes. I do well to clean up after me much less an animal. I just think a dogs but on your rugs and furniture is nasty and cats use their litter box then walk on your counters and table. Yuck

    • I have three dogs one of which sheds like crazy! And I have a very tidy home! All it takes is picking up after yourself! Don’t leave things lay.

    • Jenny Henry Addis says

      I agree! I love my 4 legged fur babies!! My dogs are my family too! ❤️🐾

      • Anonymous says

        Agree with you,Jenny. My dogs are my kids. They don’t smell or shed but even if they did I’d still love them and keep them happy and healthy. They make life more beautiful and fun!!

    • 😂😂😂

    • Yes!!!!! I would add the kids as well. It’s like 2 tornados combined with 2 fur tumbleweed makers. Never ending.

    • Get a Roomba. I have two large, very shaggy dogs and a long haired cat. My Rosie Roomba keeps the animal hairs down to a minimum.

  5. I have a hard time with three children, I am in constant cleaning mode. I do the final clean after they’re in bed and I get to wake up to a nice clean house and I super clean everything the day before my twelve hour shifts at work (3 of them) and t basically stays that way since no one is home.

    • Jesica, I began “The Hour of Power” in my home with children. On Saturdays, everyone gives one solid hour of work before the play begins. This can be done with the little ones Train the child early. :-)

  6. Love some of these suggestions. I consider myself tidy but am often throwing stuff in closets and ottomans before guests arrive.

  7. When my children were home I was always frustrated with not having cooperation. My mantra was “if you put it there, put it away.” My focus was common living space; I gave up on their rooms!
    My husband of two years is a “borderline hoarder!” Not really but it’s a huge problem for me. There are studies that show how clutter for some people is extremely frustrating. Other people simply don’t care.
    I have to learn with my husband, like with my children, which battles do I want to fight?!

  8. My mother used to say ‘a place for everything and everything in it’s place.’ A mantra I’ve lived by for a long long time. She also said when things need to get done, don’t procrastinate, just do them and then you won’t have to worry about them later. Smart woman!

    • This is what I tell my children. Clutter causes anixity for me so I am always picking up the house.

    • I agree with that saying… I can rest easy when things have a place. I was a borderline hoarder until one day I was fed up with the clutter and decided to change my ways. It starts with getting rid of useless things. If clothing isn’t worn in a season it needs to go; if an item has no place I don’t need it; nicknacks aren’t necessary; if I get it out I need to put it away immediately when done. Most tidy ppl have home that are decorated simple.
      My issues have always been a little complicated…. I am a perfectionist who’s obsessed with being organized, yet a hoarder at the same time. I loved storage items but accumulated too much and had no room for it all. My cabinets, closets, drawers were always neat and tidy while the rest was cluttered.
      10 years later, it’s still a work in progress but I have made great progress. I have learned that if I want something new I first have to get rid of something so things stay balanced. 😊

      • I am like you! A perfectionist and a hoarder. I am still working on this. Sounds like you have turned the corner and are on the right track. That gives me hope!

      • This is me EXACLTLY. If you open up my closets or cabinets, everything is perfect. My counters can be cluttered and I’m more likely to take everything out of a cabinet and clean and organize it rather than put the stuff on the counter away. A constant work in progress.

  9. I think I’m a tidy person but I don’t fall into all the rules listed above as being your standard “tidy” person. Even the tidiest of people get busy but I do agree they can’t go to bed unless things are in their place. I swear either my cat moves things after I go to bed or my husband sleep messes when I’m in bed.

  10. Besides dog hair all over the house, I hate the dog smell in a dog owners home. That smells in their house and on their clothes and they don’t even realize it because they’re used to it. Stinky stinky.

  11. Years ago when I realized how messy, not dirty my house was, I started saying to my self daily and more often” don’t procrastinate, pick it up and put it away” or what ever needed doing to unmess my house. Pretty soon I didn’t need the reminder.

  12. My husband taught me the clean up as you go method. I’m just a little untidy usually in the kitchen when I cook. I would be left with this big pile of dishes to do after and no one wants to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen after a good meal when you are full. So he taught me and got me in the habit of washing dishes as I used them and went along that way at the end all I had left was the plates and stuff we ate on. Such a smart man : ) now I do it automatically and with just about everything else I’m doing around the house. Clean as you go. Makes for a tiny house.

  13. My mom has always had a tidy house and I’m just not that great at it. The one thing I do that helps is while I’m cooking I do chores. So when I get home from work and I’m preheating the oven, waiting for water to boil or just waiting for my food to cook I always clean and I don’t sit down until dinner is ready. It keeps me motivated because there’s always a break where you have to go back and deal with the food on the stove, but you’re getting other things done at the same time. It helps me break down my big messes into manageable chunks and get them done faster!

  14. Carol Bard says

    Take the time whether one minute or more to evaluate every single items in the house.
    Do you use it? Need it? Like it? If not and go with first reaction, out it goes. Keep a container in car always to hold those items out of the house and available for next opportunity to donate.
    Especially kitchen drawers, evaluate every item be it a lime skin grater, for example, as most box or flat graters have multi function, multi size openings for grating. So many individual tools can be redundant.
    Same with accessories…first reaction is the guideline…love it? vague indeiffernce? boring? ugly? Out they go.

  15. Claudell Branch says

    That sounds like
    To much work!! I’m very clean neat and tidy so why do I need more work and expence just to have stinky pets!! To each his own..just raised all my kids and it’s my time to pick up and go and not have to worry about finding pet sitters. Don’t reply how much you love your pets..I know bc my best friends all have pets and that’s how I know how hard it is and how much it cost to take care if them properly! Also we had pets for our kids but they were Rodeo pets that were tended to outside!😎🐵
    I don’t dislike pets just don’t want any more!

    • I agree. People will always say their pet, clothes & house don’t stink. They are used to the smell. Do they really think someone will tell them their home stinks because of cute little baby doggie or kitty? Look at the sunlight coming thru your window and look at the dust and dog hair scattering. Take a really good look at your clothes. You think someone will tell you that you have pet hair all over you. My son has very severe asthma attacks. He is allergic to almost everything, but if he goes to a relatives house who has a hypoallergenic dog, my son has an asthma attack not a coincidence . You want you animals fine. Just own it. And yes they do lick themselves in very nasty places and then you kiss them. Yuck.

      • Rebecca Nugent says

        Thank you! Agreed!! What grosses me out is when they share food with them and eat after them. I’m like, “Uh…your dog just licked his butt 60 seconds ago…”

      • Anonymous says

        I love my girl dogs, but _NEVER_ allow them to lick me in the face!! Totally grosses me out!!!

      • Well human being s also lick and get locked in those places in the throat of passion and then kiss, etc. Love my dogs, people always, always tell me how good I smell and how well I’m dressed. I receive more love and happiness from my pups than most people share with each other.

    • I agree! I’m a little Yorkie owner and my house DOES stink like dog and I’m a very tidy person. Dogs leave a smell, no matter how small. Don’t kid yourself! Per in yard and I guarantee you one foot steps in the pee. I keep baby wipes at the door for that reason but…still smell it.

    • sannerlee says

      I totally agree! Some of my friends have pets and are so devoted to them, that when I want to take a trip with them, they always have to find someone to take care of the pets. Beside the cost and the inconvenience of a pet.

  16. kimberly says

    Dogs and cats give so much more than hair and stink…to me the tradeoff is very much worth it!

  17. My M-I-L always said “Done is better than perfect!”
    Personally I would rather clean it ihan look at it dirty

  18. 1. Paper plates
    2. Drink from the bottle or can
    3. Take out
    4.If all else fails, burn the house down and start over.
    I am incorrigibly messy.

    • Lollollollol
      Nice to know someone else is a messy..!! If there a job messing up I wld be a billionaire..I just can’t be consistently on top of things…

      • Yeah yeah
        I wish I was Tidy
        But I am not
        In this world
        We each have our lot.
        So you keep yours
        And I’ll keep mine
        Go wash your dishes
        But I am fine !
        To Each …….
        You need us so you can shine !!!

  19. I moved in with my son. He needed help after his wife left. He has seven year old twins. I work two jobs. His girlfriend’s two large dogs live with us. Her apartment doesn’t accept dogs. I have two cats. One day after I had cooked breakfast, washed all the dishes, cleaned the stove, got his kids ready for school and was picking up my keys to leave to bring them to school my son said,” Mom, are you going to have time to mop the floors before you go to work??” I said nothing . The look I gave my son said it all. The following Monday he told me that maids would be coming in every other Monday to do thorough cleaning . He said it was obvious to him that I couldn’t keep up the house and take care of the kids and work two jobs. Duh??? You think!!!

  20. Janet Jones says

    1. set the breakfast table the night before.
    2. Pick up after myself. ALWAYS.
    3 have a routine for self-care
    4 learn to clean as I go when cooking
    5 declutter the living or family room of books, toys, magazines, shoes, clothes etc before bed. It is more cheerful to see it tidy in the morning and the day doesn’t begin with a sense of already being defeated.
    6. Fold the clothes when the dryer stops. They are still warm and not yet wrinkled. I fold clothes on top of my dryer, and had a hanging rod over my dryer so I could hang what needed hanging when they came out of the dryer.

    • I take care of laundry right out of the dryer too. All the towels and linens are folded on top of the dryer as I take them out. While the next load is running I put that away (takes about three minutes). Since almost all of our clothes are hung on hangers instead of folded, I lay them out flat on top of the dryer as they come out, then when they’re all done later in the day I take them to the bedrooms and hang them up. That takes about ten minutes. Voila. Laundry done. I just never understood how some people have piles and piles of clean laundry laying around their house all the time. Seems like more work to me to live around it and always be searching for clothes to wear in your living room.

  21. My house is tidy, clean it up most nights. When I don’t, i realized how it feels to be normal. I just love a clean house but the other day I noticed a small mess looks normal to me. It’s what everyone’s else house looks like.

  22. Sandra Hiller says

    Tidy people make their beds as soon as they get out of it. You have started your day by accomplishing something…it’s a small thing…but it is an accomplishment.

    • First thing, I make the bed. Always put dishes in dishwasher. My clutter is the beautiful family pictures. I have them everwhere, 5 grandchildren. Each with their own talent to display. Suggestions?

  23. I try to be tidy by making every step count meaning when I move about my home I put things where they belong. Whether it be hanging coats, laundry, toys, shoes, dishes, etc.

  24. One of my tips is to tackle one major hisrhokd chire job per day. I rotate througthem: hlaundry, vacumming and dusting, cleaning fridge, bathroom scrubbing, mopping fliirs, and i dont have to soend half
    One day per week being my own cleaning lady! I do the keep it tidy/ clean as i go once amonth i paybills and toss unnerded paper and magazines, which have a place where they luve until then too. I reevaliate to KIsS all the time as well. I can get behind in keeping drawers and closets up to par; those “ when the spiritmoves me. I keep my closets organizedby item ofsamenature, white and cors further separate and make it easy to pick out an out fit. I also set out what i am going to wrar for work the nightbefore. My son and granddaughter are amazingly following suit. But if i am having fun,i don’t obsess about some things like art/ hobby items which are kept a bit more “as works in orogress” my hobby life is only enjoysble to me if everything else has been tsckled and definitely use the tidy as I go and everything has a place where ut lives! So satisfying to go into the kitchen and be able to start something up without having to first clean up. And i start w an empty dishwasher too.

  25. This is great! Love the tips. I do have one question though. I LOVE the blue and white striped blanket on the picture of the bed. Where is that from??

  26. Great post but what I really want to know is what is the flooring in the kitchen?!? I ❤️ it!!!!!

  27. One day I read about a website called flylady.net. She really helped me get things in order. I had no idea how to even begin but she takes you step by step and I have a tidy house now and have for 11 years.

    • Valleycat1 says

      And one of her best lessons is that just 15 minutes a day can make a huge difference. The key is to do that 15 minutes almost every day.

  28. Albert Einstein’s office looks like my office/studio. And yes, I can find anything quickly when I need it. I tried to “organize” it one year and went totally nuts when I wanted to find something. I’ve learned to live with it. However, there are some things in the house that go by the “tidy me now” rule as I can procrastinate until the cows come home. I’m getting better…

  29. I have baskets underneath my bathroom cabinets for make up and toiletries. After I get ready, I throw all the stuff in it’s appropriate basket and under the sick it goes. It makes for a nice feeling to get ready in the morning and it sets the tone of the day. I heard a quote somewhere that says “successful people have one thing in common, they always make their bed.” At least they accomplished one thing for the day. I appreciate a nice well made up bed in the evenings when I get home. It does something to your psyche to have a made bed and organized bathroom. Also, do laundry once you have one load ready. It makes it seem less daunting and putting it away isn’t so terrible.

  30. My mom taught me growing up to clean up as I work – especially while cooking and it’s great advice. It’s never overwhelming when you clean up as you go!

  31. doris dewey says

    My mom always taught us that when we left a room, make sure you leave it so that no one could tell you had been there. So pick up anything you brought with you and take it when you leave, put back anything you got out, and she kept a dust cloth in a drawer in every room so you could wipe down the table tops,,, she had four kids, we lived on a farm, we had two giant collies that shed like crazy and her house was always company ready. we would always sing the clean up song when it was our day to vacuum, dust or mop== clean up, clean up, everything and everywhere, clean up, clean up, show your family that you care… I am 62 now, and still catch myself humming that tune when I am cleaning.

  32. Clean enough to be healthy
    Dirty enough to be happy

  33. A great way to remind yourself to put things away when your done is OHIO!!! Only Handle It Once!

  34. The best tips I can share for tidying up comes down to four rules.

    1. Throw out trash.
    2. Everything has its place and a place for everything.
    3. Arrange like things with other like things.
    4. Always use straight corners and stack things neatly..

    I once saw a picture of a crafter’s room that was extremely cluttered with their “stuff”! However it was so well organized and everything was neatly stacked that it was very pleasing to see. For rule #4, this would apply to books and magazines, make sure they are stacked according to size and that all the edges are neatly lined up. This goes for bookcases as well. You won’t believe how “tidy” a cluttered room can be.

  35. I don’t have a dishwasher & live by myself so washing dishes 3 times a day when u only have a glass, plate & fork for each meal so I bought a cutting board that covers one sink & my dishes get hid under there until after dinner & I wash them. It works for me.

  36. wtf with the Grove ad smack in the middle of this blog. can you say ‘sponsored by’ at all? or do we pretend that was all natural?

  37. I hate companies that start the way you do.oh you had me.i wanted to know the 5 things uou were talking about.it was your way to sell me something.hate it.i would never buy from you.thats like cheating.

  38. My mother went to work when I was 6 and my brother was 9. She left for work at 7 and got home at 7.
    No time to do anything. My brother and I cleaned a bit and did dinner. My mom used to say that you ouldn’t ear off her floors but she showed us what mattered

  39. The Grove Cooperative “free offer” is totally bogus. You MUST spend at least $20, to get a bunch of freebies thrown in. You should be ashamed of yourself advertising something for free, even linking it in your post *twice*, when it’s not free.

  40. Microwaves do not sanitize sponges. Use a fresh dishcloth every day and rinse and wring it dry after each use all day. Hang it to dry.

  41. Anonymous says

    What’s with all the disagreements? We are all different. Just go with your own preferences!

  42. Susan putman says

    I learned when the kids were little to:
    1. Pick up all dishes and toys before going to bed2
    2 tun on dishwasher before going to to bed
    3. Wash a lid of clothes every night if you have a large famil
    4 I had one room that was alway perfect
    5 Fold clothes and put away. Kids can put their own away give them their own baskey

  43. Tennessee Lady says

    Sponge users must have 2 sponges, one exclusively for washing dishes , the 2nd one for wiping counters and stove. Yes, microwaving will kill germs and putting in dishswasher every load also. If you have a dishwasher and don’t use, your are making a huge mistake. Your hot water tank should be st to a minimum of 120o. And, it should be set to heat water during use, most have 2 washes before the rinse. You cannot not put your hands in this hot of temperature, thus you are sterilizing as you go. Clean people know to put the grease filters from stove, the tray that catches water from your fridge door, coffee pot, filter holder, etc in the load. Keep White Vinegar in a spray bottle and use to wipe clean everything. If you want your glass top stoves to shine, go over with Windex, etc. Use in laundry loads that contain any bodily fluids from bad colds to everyday sneezing. There is no effort in doing this, just daily routines. We are not fighting the plague here people, just keeping our families healthy. And yes, you can tell the difference, families who’s kids always have running noses for one.

  44. Tennessee Lady says

    Keeping a sink of soapy water and using all day has to be the most germ/bacteria laden thing I have ever heard of. Gross, gross. I would not drink or eat off any of you dishes!

  45. Lauri Johnson says

    I don’t agree with any of you. I have a tidy house but I wish that I could let things go more. It takes constant work and it cuts into your leisure time. I sometimes wish that I could sit and not worry about it like my messy friends. Never enough time for me!

  46. Elizabeth says

    I think it’s kind of funny that everyone is so paranoid about the germs on their plates when we all go out and touch all sorts of stuff and transfer the germs to ourselves and other things…cash, groceries, car door handle, store doors. your kids, dogs…Unless you’re sanitizing your hands after everything you touch including your sofa, your chairs, your sheets…you’re going to have germs on your hands and in your body. So the bleach thing is totally over the top. The best way to develop a good immune system is to allow yourself to come into contact with germs. Sure we can get salmonella from badly prepared or under cooked food. But a dinner plate that hasn’t been bleached? Really? Soap and water and friction will get rid of the vast majority of bacteria. Bleach residue is much more harmful. And yep, I’m a nurse and wash my hands a lot. But I don’t bleach them! And they are potentially far worse that your dinner plates considering everywhere they’ve been!

  47. agree with those who have no room, I have two dishwashers on the end of my arms. That’s what my mom always said. we live in a small trailer. I also have a husband that can’t stand for my sink to be empty. He’lget a drink just so he can put it into the sink he also never picks up after himself and would have to follow him around 24/7 snd be constantlypicking up after him he thinks the floor is a good storage place for everything. Nothing say or do can change him. But I Love him faults and all.l

    • Bless you Sandy, for your patience & for loving your man, faults & all. I did the same thing for years until my kids started doing the same thing. Finally, I got enough & had them come back from whatever they were doing to pick up what they left out of place. But now that we’re retired & we do see the kids often, it’s not so important anymore to have everything in it’s place. We don’t have as much ‘stuff’ but we enjoy our time more without worrying about every little thing being in place when we leave the house.

  48. Dixie Normess says

    That stuff from Grove is total crap. Costs a fortune, does not work. Ripofff.

  49. Proud Mama says

    I dont think it matters if you have a dishwasher or not or if it’s a personal choice or one chosen for you…I still feel regardless of how you wash them just wash them already. As a wife mother of 6 kids and 2 great Danes and a teacher my house is always clean. People learn by example(husbands too) so if your family lives in a clean house there is no reason for them not to pick up on that and follow suit as well. It’s a must in our house. Just because my house is very clean doesnt mean I have any less time to spend with my family. 2 of my children are adults and moved out but the rest of us have a routine that works for everyone. I get up get the kids breakfast while they get ready they put their laundry in the appropriate hamper in the laundry room make their beds and then eat. Dishes go in the dishwasher when they are finished and I make sure counters are cleared and cleaned dishwasher is ran and a load of laundry is done. House is spotless when we all leave. Making everyone accountable for their own items not only keeps your house clean but also teaches them responsibility in the process. When everyone goes to bed this is when I take a half hour to an hour to do all the deep cleaning put laundry away sweep and mop scoop kitty litter vacuum dust clean out fridge clean bathrooms etc etc. Doing something every night makes the tasks less daunting and gets done a lot faster when you do it all the time. People who use the excuse they’d rather spend time with their family are the people who simply dont like to clean. It doesnt take a huge amount of time or effort to keep your house clean and tidy. Cleaning my house does not take away time spent with my family. Period. I might not be caught up on the latest celebrity antics or have a daily Facebook posting but I am proud to take care of what our hard work has gotten us. Plus my kiddos aren’t embarrassed to have friends over so they stay home and host rather than leave and be away from our family. They dont hide out in their rooms so they dont have to deal with messiness. I dont mind one bit doing all of the deep cleaning as long as everyone is doing their part and cleaning up after themselves. I want my kids to cherish their belongings and take care of them. If they look to us to lead by example what are they learning by leaving dishes in the sink or wrappers on the counters or clothes on the floor? Do they grow up thinking theres a cleaning fairy? A good work ethic starts at home and if we sit on the couch watching the latest reality show or even playing with our children instead of cleaning up after supper or throwing away our garbage how does that help them? Every single person who says they would rather make memories than do the dishes are just looking for excuses to cover up the fact that they are lazy or are slobs. Our family is making plenty of memories in a clean and healthy house while also picking up on how to be responsible. Let’s stop the cycle of laziness by showing our kids that a little bit of work is necessary in every aspect of our lives starting with putting that empty bottle of water in the recycling bin! Clutter=chaos!!

  50. I need everything in its place at all times. I hate looking for stuff, it drives me crazy! Also having a dishwasher is a waste of time. You first have to wash the dishes out then put it in the dishwasher then unload it?! I might as well just wash my dishes and put it away as I use them. Most people think tidy people clean all the time but we don’t. I actually hate cleaning but the little things you do here and there makes a world of difference.

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