That Free Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Kit is Back!

mrs meyers

Happy 2016!!

A few months ago I told you about ePantry and the great deal they were running with some free Mrs. Meyer’s products.

Well, the deal is BACK and better than ever!

If you are in a house cleaning mood (because January) and you are like me and fresh new cleaning products motivate you more than you’d like to admit, then you are going to love this deal…

mrs meyers deal

Place your first order with ePantry and receive these 5 items for FREE

  • Cleaning Caddy (to organize your supplies)
  • Grove kitchen towel (a few colors to choose from)
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap (you choose the scent!)
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap (you choose the scent!)
  • Grove Walnut Scrubber Sponges

All you need to do is go here and get started, you’ll answer a few questions about your household and the deal will automatically be added to your cart. (if you are already an ePantry customer, click here to save 50% off this deal!)

Based on your answers, you’ll have some other suggested items added into your cart too–and of course you can change those to anything you’d like, as long as you spend $20 you qualify for the deal.

Don’t forget to change the scent of your Mrs. Meyer’s soaps to choose your favorites!


free gift

… because you are a dear Nesting Place reader and ePantry loves us, they asked if there was a book I’d like for them to give away randomly with 20 of the orders–I thought The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up was pretty much the perfect fit.


Here’s an example of all that you could receive with a bundle of some of the most poplar cleaning supplies…

mrs. meyers deal

And of course, this is just a suggestion, you can change any of the items in your cart (just don’t remove the free ones!) and you can add any combination as long as the total is over $20.

bookIf you order, let me know if you are one of the lucky 20 with the surprise book in their shipment!

PS, if you are wondering, I’m ordering more Grove Candles (blood orange!) along with the regular stuff we have delivered every month (paper products/cleaning supplies) saving me that dreaded $100 trip to Target where I come back with all sorts of things I didn’t mean to purchase.

This offer ends this Friday, January 8th, with limited kits available, so click here to check it out now.

*ePantry doesn’t currently ship to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii




  1. Just tried to order and was so disappointed they don’t ship to Alaska! Just an FYI for ya’ll. Would love to try all these products:(

  2. Just ordered some products. I’m excited to try this service! Thanks for offering it! (P.S. Still loving your book! I told my daughters about it. Hoping to order one for each of them! P.S.S. Trying to pick out a new sofa. I’m frozen trying to decide. I need to read your book again. lol.)

    • I hope you enjoy it! and I’m so happy you love the book!!

      PS, sofa picking out is SO hard, just remember, there’s never a perfect choice!! But I bet there are lots of great choices!

  3. Just ordered! Went with the full Mrs. Meyer’s experience with laundry soap and fabric softener :)

    • Hope you like it all Tracy! I love the Mrs. Meyer’s laundry stuff, in recent years, lots of the scented laundry detergents make me itch, but so far Mrs. Meyer’s has been great! I bet you’ll like it too.

  4. I would definitely order if they shipped to Canada ;-) Please update us if they ever start. Happy New Year!!

  5. Love ePantry! Their Grove Collaborative glass spray bottle is amazing!

  6. Just ordered a bunch of stuff! What a great deal! Thank you for sharing :) I got your book for Christmas and I am LOVING it!!

  7. what does the blood orange smell like?
    have you smelled the vanilla sandlewood?

  8. Oh! We just did our annual scrub those white cabinets day. I need that dish detergent, I don’t own a dishwasher. Happy New Year!

  9. I just ordered! I picked all Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products. It should stock me up for a while. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Ordered! I am excited to try this service. It sounds like exactly what I need! Thanks also for the candle recommendation… I ordered one, as well. I love finding new candles!

  11. Just ordered! Thanks for the heads up!

  12. I just ordered! I’m so excited about the blood orange candle and I really hope I win the book- I’ve been wanting to read it and purge!!!

  13. I was so excited to see that they carry my favorite Molly’s Suds All Sport laundry detergent. Just placed my first order!

  14. Thanks for the suggestion! I use Mrs. Meyer’s countertop cleaner (lemon verbena). Works beautifully on my granite. Looking forward to trying some new items and getting some free goodies!

  15. I’ve loved ePantry for the past year. Those Grove brand walnut scrubber sponges are game changers in our house! :D

  16. I just ordered…but it didn’t mention anything about the book. I’m not sure how that works? Looking forward to trying out epantry! :)

    • so, it looks like every 20th person who orders from my link will have a little note on their order that tells them they are getting the free book! If you didn’t get the note in your order tally, it probably means you weren’t one of the lucky 20th people!! xoxo

  17. I love epantry and very appreciative of you intro-ing it on your site. Thanks! Happy and Blessed 2016!

  18. Thank you! Great offer! Sharing your link with my friends!

  19. Cindy Briggs says

    I just ordered my first produces. They look great. I am very interested in products that are non toxic and work great. Thanks for sharing such a great new service.

  20. I ordered! I’m looking forward to it! Thanks much. :)

  21. Hello there, Myquillyn!

    I just had the chance to read your sweet book–how I loved it! It was crazy how much of it resonated with me. We’ve lived in a one bedroom for the past (!!!) 9 years (though not the same one bedroom apt.–4 different ones!) and I could completely relate to so many of the feelings you shared in the book. Thank you for writing such an honest, relatable book! I loved it, I really did. And meanwhile, I popped over here to check out your blog since I had never been and lo! An amazing deal to get all my favorite Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning stuff! I hope I am lucky enough to get a surprise book…!!!!!
    …you are officially on my blog feed! ;)


  22. Thanks again for the reminder to get those free cleaning supplies! I’m looking forward to trying these Meyer’s products and smelling the fragrances for the first time! Definitely interested in the blood orange Grove Candle. I’ll have to add that to my order next time :)

  23. Ordered mine along with some extra towels and other cleaning products.

  24. Great offer! Never heard of epantry but seems like a great service, willing to try them out, Placed my order and had to grab a blood orange candle too, Thanks for the suggestion. My husband would be happy to not have me in Target every week!

  25. Just ordered some cool cleaning stuff, really liked that site and the prices were great, & they emailed me back saying I GET A FREE BOOK… WOOHOO!!

  26. I don’t usually do this kind of thing (order online from an unknown company) but since me and everyone else is ringing in the New Year cleaning, de-cluttering, etc,, I thought I’d give it a try. Of course the offer of free goodies definitely got my attention! Looking forward to trying out the different Mrs. Meyers products and scents.
    Thanks Myquillyn!

  27. I just wanted to thank you for sharing this great offer! I ordered cleaning products, new sponges and a scrub brush and I am completely in agreement with you that this service will save me from my usual expensive Target trips. My impulse shopping is the worst when I am in Target, haha. I am so excited that I am also getting a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I never win anything so this is so my year is off to a great start!!!

  28. I LOVED this deal! Mrs. Myers Lemon Verbena is my absolute favorite :)
    My receipt says to enjoy a free copy of the book, but it wasn’t included in my shipment?

  29. This is a great deal! My neighbor has the full cleaning kit from Mrs. Mayer’s and she is really happy with them! I definitely want to have them for the beginning of my spring cleaning routine! :) Thanks for sharing!

  30. This kit seems amazing! I really want to try the Mrs. Mayer’s cleaners and I will definitely purchase them from ePantry. I will make an account and will follow when they have a great deal again! Thank you for sharing! :)

  31. Mrs. Meyer cleaning kit is good. My neighborhood rate cleaning kit 4.5 stars. She talks me she very like this kit.

  32. wow, glad to see this back.

  33. Peggy Goochey says

    Do you have a chopping block oil and a furniture cleaner/polish? I used to use one of your products and I can’t remember which it was. I haven’t been able to find it since I left Southern California. I live in Mississippi now.
    Thank You,

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