wood stove

The only experience I had with a wood stove before we moved to this little sawmill property two years ago, was at Chad’s grandparent’s house. At Christmas we’d visit his grandparents and they had a wood stove insert in their fireplace and their house was the coziest, warmest place in the USA.

wood stove

Our property had three wood stoves when we bought it.

wood stove

One wood stove was really tiny and sat leg-less on the porch of the house–we noticed in photos in the MLS listing that it had been sitting in the fireplace before we moved in–wow! There it is on the left in front of the chimney –the day we closed on the house. They left all sorts of junk for us–like this old refrigerator.

tiny wood stove

We moved that tiny wood stove out into my office–look how cute?! She even has windows which officially makes this wood stove my favorite show to watch.


This big huge wood stove sat in my office originally, but we literally had to open the windows in the winter to not melt ourselves. So we moved this one to the barn…

barn before

Because when we moved here, the barn had this crazy weird-looking box–that was also a type of wood stove.

weird wood stove

Chad and his dad moved it out of the barn and into his workshop, and then we played musical chairs with our wood stoves and the big one from my office ended up in the barn.

wood stove

And every winter I want to move to the barn to live with this cozy stove. I can’t even tell you how warm this makes me!

So now, of course..


I’m dreaming of a wood stove in our fireplace. Now I know why the previous owners sat that little stove inside this fireplace. Right now we have a regular wood burning fireplace–but whenever we make a fire, the rest of the house gets so cold and all the heat just gets sucked up out of the chimney. We don’t even like to have fires any more in here.

I’d love to have a wood stove in our fireplace.

Not one like this…



But like this…6a00d8358081ff69e2019affc152eb970c-800wi-1

Kelly Moore Clark via A Beautiful Mess

I’m dreaming of putting an actual free-standing wood stove in our fireplace.

I’d need to rearrange some things in the family room and such, but I’d love to hear from you wood stovers–we have heating and AC in the downstairs of our house already, but we’d love to enjoy a wood stove fire in the house at times. Tell me your thoughts?!

PS, I made a pinboard all about wood stoves in fireplaces because #obsessed.