7 Ways I Trick Myself Into Cleaning the House

galley kitchen

I am a messy person by nature.


That time it was clean.

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But I really do enjoy my house more when it’s tidy, so here are some of my tips for motivating myself to clean–the main ways I trick myself into getting into cleaning mode…

    1. Pick up flowers from the grocery store
    2. Play some fun music–right now, I’m playing a lot of the Anthem Lights channel on Pandora, it’s a bunch of great covers–you’ll LOVE it!
    3. Move furniture–when I move my furniture around (something I always enjoy because #crazy) I always end up seeing the mess with new eyes which for some reason gives me motivation to clean
    4. Set a timer–it’s amazing what I can get done in 20 minutes when I hear that timer ticking
    5. Focus only on surfaces and floors–clear off the tables and counters–use that steamy hot rag, then sweep and mop the floors–nothing else, sorry, it’s the rule!
    6. Invite someone over in an hour–your own personal blackmail
    7. Buy some new yummy cleaning supplies–because I can’t resist good smells

Y’all, I fall for it every time!

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  1. Thanks for the link for a free hand soap! I have been using epantry for months and love it! So nice to get eco friendly products for less and get them delivered!

  2. Thanks! I’m always out of cleaning supplies. This helped me get stocked before the busy holiday season!

  3. Thanks for the link! About to place my order…Just wondering, I’ve never smelled the Grove candles before. What scent would you recommend? :-)

  4. I’ve always used Seventh Generation/Free and Clear products because of all my allergies, but this is certainly tempting. Can anyone tell me if the scents are heavy or light? I might consider trying the Cranberry if it isn’t an overwhelming scent. Thanks.

  5. Hi Nester, I confess, I like to clean, order makes me happy. But I am actually writing to share a quote with you. I saw this recently: “Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful”. Thought of you straight away?

  6. Melanie Dorsey says

    Is shipping always free?

    • Melanie, Under ePantry’s FAQs regarding reoccurring shipping is: Consumer shipping is always just $2.99 (and is carbon offset).

  7. I mean are we twins?? I’m messy and I’m FINALLY just willing to admit it. My life is put together dude. That’s good enough for me. But really lets talk about that pandora station. I actually do the pitch perfect (first movie) station. It gets me some Boyce avenue in there. Sometimes a little Jason Mraz and pentatonix. It’s glorious. The flowers though. Planning on that today!

  8. LOVING the Pandora station…so much fun! And it’s interesting to hear Chris Tomlin on it?!

  9. Tip number 4 is genius… and my favorite number. Thank you!

  10. Just placed an order! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. Love your post! All your ideas and tips are great and very efficient.I’m messy by nature too, but since I started working as a professional cleaner I built myself a cleaning routine and this helps me keep my house clean. Links are nice :) Greets, Anne from http://carpetcleanershampstead.org.uk/ :)

  12. The tips are great! I love them and I agree that inviting someone over gives you a great reason to clean the whole house and to do it quick! I actually have done that many times! I am not familiar with the Mayer’s cleaners but I am really interested. They seem to be really nice! Thanks for sharing! Lovely post!

  13. Number 7 is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH!

    I do it all the time and it has never failed me yet. It has to be a lady though lol. If it’s I dude I won’t do too much

  14. make so many mistakes in this area…I am printing these tips out today, and I will see how it goes. I was so good for a while, but I burned out. Making it Fun, is where I will start today. Thank you so very much for this restart! MC

  15. My trick used to be: “I’m just going to get out the vacuum to clean up the feathers under the bird cage. Okay, as long as I have it out, I might as well do the living room. Well, I’ve done this much, I’ll do the hall, too…” And so on! But we no longer have a bird, so that one doesn’t work anymore :/

  16. I will do that. I can help my sister clean the house when she goes supermarket. She will be very happy when she go home.

  17. Wow. looks so great. Nester your website so amazing.

  18. I like your tactics into tricking yourself. I always find the motivation and clean more than you ress u during the day.
    This way you are always winning with minimal effort.

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