Every month my sister Emily writes a “What I learned” post. She opens it up for others to join in and I’ve realized that those posts of hers are some of my favorite. So this month, I’m joining in!

Here are the things I learned in September…

1.I have a really bad habit of never really finishing putting stuff away.

I clean everything to 90% and I’m realizing it’s that last 10% that brings the joy of whatever it is I”m doing.

Like if I’m cleaning off the kitchen counter. I’ll take ten minutes to clean it up and wipe most of it off, but still leave the cutting board and the water pitcher out and instead of taking the last 25 seconds and making it all the way clean–I just leave it. And stuff begets more stuff so in 10 minutes there’s more stuff there. Instead, I’m trying to clean things ALL THE WAY. It’s magical because it looks better, and people are afraid to mess it up with their junk so they put their own junk away instead. Boom!




2. Monday Morning Deadlines make me want to die.

Two weeks ago I had two monday morning deadlines. One was my fall house tour that had to be published at 6am, the other was a big fat meeting with my CPA at 9am. Basically that meant I worked all day Saturday and Sunday–after working Monday – Friday the week before. I HATED myself for allowing me to have to Monday deadlines. And that’s exactly how I learn to have really specific rules for myself. I will no longer choose to have Monday morning deadlines for things I have to prepare hard for unless it’s 100% necessary.


3. Making bread makes me feel like Woman of the Year

I’ve been making bread off and on for years by using the simple method in this book. The boys like it as much as cookies. And taking a freshly baked loaf of bread out of the oven turns any hard day around instantly.

4. If two unrelated ladies had a baby together…

Last week I watched a movie called Leap Year. All I could think about was the lead actress, Amy Adams and how much she looked like both Jenna Fischer and Anna Duggar at the same time. My sister is actually the queen of seeing similarities like this.

anna bradyJenna & Anna Duggar on the left // Amy Adams on the right


5. Paying Attention

Last month after reading Emily’s What I learned post. I decided I wanted to join in. Once I decided that, I found myself paying better attention to things. And even though my “what I learned in September” list isn’t all that impressive, I really like the practice of paying attention to what I learned and I hope to do it again! Maybe next month I’ll actually learn something that helps other people, not just realizing all my feelings about stuff!