to do: nature walk

One of my favorite things to do in the fall is to go on a nature walk. I take a flat basket, a woven tote bag and a pair of scissors and just walk slowly, notice things, and bring a few little finds back to the picnic table for their closeup…

basket scissors

take a nature walk

nature walk


Instead of just keeping a pile of pretties, I take a minute to put them in rainbowetical order, you know, ROY G BIV?

For some reason this is a HUGE part of the relaxation of the nature walk, do not skip this part!

nature walk

I took this photo of mushrooms from our yard this time last year, sadly not so many this year.


For lots of natural rainbow inspiration, you have to see what this sweet instagrammer posts:



I also keep a lookout for anything I can cut and bring inside the house instead of buying flowers.


When’s the last time you took a nature walk?