leaf craft

We’ve been doing a simple little craft at our house for years. So simple that it never even occurred to me to write a post about it here, it was just part of our fall tradition.

golden leaves

Take the kids outside and collect a bunch of fall leaves. Green ones will work too.


fall leaf

Grab your trusty paint pens. (Metallic Sharpies don’t cut it for me)

metalic paint pens

My favorite metallic paint pen is made by craftsmart–you can pick them up at Michael’s craft store or through Amazon. I use these to write names on plastic cups at parties, make gift tags, autograph my book (on the pink page!) dress up boring wrapping paper and more. My favorite colors are silver, gold, black and white.


I put a drop cloth on the table and let the kids and adults have fun decorating the leaves.  Here are my sister’s children from last year–it so nice to have something to pass the time when you have kids visiting your house, it doesn’t have to be fancy or involve 20 bottles of glitter, just a few simple supplies and the kids are occupied for a good hour.

simple fall craft

leaf craft

Once the leaves are dry we tape them up around the house with washi tape (if you don’t mind them falling down in a few hours) or artist’s tape if you want them to stay up until you take them down. Artists tape doesn’t damage most canvases or walls or paper–it’s made to be removed, but not until you are ready, so I keep a few colors around.

leaf craft

I love how a few leaves and pumpkins make this little corner all fall-ish.


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