Our House:: Freshly Painted & Naked

dining whiteblack chairs//chandelier (I added the crystals)

After we fake-planked the ceiling & redid the trim and had the downstairs painted (Clark & Kensington:: Designer White)–it is finished-ish. I thought it would be fun to share what our house looks like just with furniture, a few lamps and three pair of drapes. It’s still wonky–we’ve still got little things to finish and I’m going to change out a few light fixtures, but here’s what our house looks like naked–I finally have a house that looks good naked!

table whtietable : $15 yard sale find, really needs to be repainted

nester white

dutch door

family room white

kitchencounter stools



galley kitchencabinets: ikea // counters: white quartz // stove



bedroomchair (similar)

bedroom door

gray bed

bedside cabinet // bed // throw

gray bed wide

master bedroomchandelier (similar)

tablerug // striped blanket



family roomlight // table (similar) // settee //rug //lamp

living roomsmall tables (similar, similar) // sofa




I’m still deciding what color to repaint the fireplace.


It took two years just to get our house to look good naked (walls ceilings, trim, painted windows & doors)–from this…

fireplace before

…to this.


Wondering where all my stuff is?


Well, that’s the first floor all naked–on Monday I’ll have a fall tour all cozied up (Cozy Minimalist style) to share with you.



  1. Jennifer Thornton says

    Love it- thanks for putting this post together- looks so clean and fresh!

    On the photo where you mention the counter stools – there is an ottoman/ table to the right in what looks like a bay window… can you share the source please?

    Thanks so much-
    Fan from Oregon

  2. Is it weird to say I like your house naked? haha! I’m wondering where your bedside table on the right is from? Love the modern contrast there. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait for your fall tour?

  3. So fresh and clean! I love the bright white with the warm pine floors. A question: I just noticed the microwave on the bottom shelf of your buffet. Do you rarely use it? I have an over the range microwave we barely use that I’d love to replace with a smaller microwave in our pantry…help me take the plunge! Also, have you ever tried swapping the sectional and chaise? So placing the sectional by the fireplace and moving the tv to a different wall? It’s hard to tell just from photos but I’m curious to know if you’ve tried it, etc. Can’t wait to see the fall house tour! One last thing – I used to read a ton of home decor blogs every single day. Five years later, yours is the only one I faithfully read. : )

    • we probably use the microwave 5 times a week, so this is a perfect place for us!

      Sadly, our sectional can only go one place in this room–one day, when we finish the basement, I might put it down there and make it more of a family room space!

  4. Oh my gosh what a transformation. Love seeing all the changes you keep making to your house. It looks amazing!

  5. Oh, it all looks so beautiful! I’m sure you’re thrilled. Why do you want to repaint the fireplace? It looks great as is!

    • My husband painted the trim at the top & assumed we were painting all the brick & got the new, much whiter paint all over the brick ?

  6. I love the fresh start you are showing us! I wish I could strip my house down and start restyling fresh again. I just feel like I would take it all down and never get it all back up. I am excited to watch you do it though!!!

  7. Hi. Love how open and clean everything looks. I was just wondering about the planked ceiling. I would love to plank my ceilings. What is the right direction to do them when you have wood floors. Do you go in the same direction as the floors or opposite?

  8. WOW!! There is so much I love about your naked house (or as we say in our house – NEK A HEY!) Amazing $15 dining table, love the kitchen nook with the white dishes. Blackboard paint? Love the floors, the ceiling, the IKEA cabinets (we’re getting ready to redo our kitchen and have thought about IKEA), the wood counter tops in some areas, EVERYTHING! Absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to see it all accessorized and decorated for FALL!

  9. Goodness! Naked never looked so good. Love the clean, simple, yet warm and cozy feeling of your home. I’m happy to finally see pictures of a kitchen/living space that fits my style and how I want to feel in my space. Something to work towards.
    Thank you!!

  10. Let the fun begin!

  11. so good naked.

  12. Fun! It looks so great. I would have never noticed your table needed painted until you pointed it out. It has such great legs that’s all I could see. Can’t wait to see your cozy touches on Monday!

  13. Oh my goodness now I’ve got the fever again. Some women get baby fever, I get switch the house up fever!! I think it has to do with moving every 18 to 24 months as a kid growing up (seriously I had lived in 20 different houses by the times i was married at age 25 and that doesn’t include the places I lived for 6 weeks at a time) and on average every 4 years as an adult. We have been living in house number 26 for 5 1/2 years. Simply unheard of!!! Yep I’ve got that itch again! I wonder if I can convince the guys that I NEED to paint!!

  14. Oh, Heaven is a place on earth!

  15. congratulations Nester! I’m so excited for you! We’ve been working on our house bit by bit for the last seven years so I can definitely imagine the delight of a good lookin naked house. Thanks for encouraging me by showing the in progress, the undone, the lived in, and the imperfect and not just the beautiful, finished, decorated, staged pictures. It gives me hope and encouragement to be content with the now and find the joy in the mess. I was recently confronted with a loving “no” from my husband about a design idea and given other options. I started to get upset, but then remembered your words, “it’s not a problem, just a lovely limitation, an opportunity,” and I was able to check my woes and rise to the design opportunity. Which, as it turns out, will probably be better than my original plan. Thanks for the encouragement :)

  16. Wow! It looks so great!

  17. Isn’t it amazing the difference in the look and feel of the room when you take all the decorative
    extra out! Unbelievable. I think I will do that too and see how much it changes. Thanks for the idea.

  18. Where are the white pendant lights from in the kitchen and does each take a 100 watt bulb? Love you home. You have amazing vision and talent.

  19. Wow, looks amazing! ?

  20. Black – I mean repainting the fireplace.

  21. I like the dog looking in from the patio outside! “Are you guys done yet? I need to come inside NOW!”

  22. Bravo! It looks amazing, like a breath of fresh air. Cannot wait for Monday’s post!

  23. Your light in the bay window…without the glass…I have the same in my house, 4 actually, and the glass spontaneously shattered. We replaced it and it spontaneously shattered again. Home Depot? I looked online and found that the same thing happened to quite a few other people too. So frustrating. I really like the look and haven’t seen any like them anywhere else. Ideas?

  24. Katie McCleery says

    It looks amazing!!!!!! Great job.

  25. I love it! I especially love the planking on the ceiling. Makes a place seem so much more finished. My house practically *lives* naked. :) (Ooh, you can see it here! http://www.letwhylead.com/2015/08/home-progress-2.html) I think I need your help making it a little more cozy!

  26. Funny – usually planking makes ceiling look lower, cozier – but the effect I’m seeing in your “afters” looks like the rooms are larger, ceilings higher. Must be all that nekkid white after all the dark colors at the beginning?

  27. That’s a good looking naked house :) I love the grey doors and the grey painted in the shelving niche in the kitchen! I can picture the fireplace painted in the same or a darker grey!!

  28. Very inspiring, thank you. I will keep this page bookmarked as I am currently feeling rather overwhelmed with the idea of redecorating a whole house.

  29. Hi, where did you get the oval-ish bowl in the sink? Or what brand is it?
    Really like the clean fresh slate you have given your home… so inspiring!!

  30. I love it. I am also jealous because it would take me about five years just to GET my house nekkid. We have so much stuff. D: D:

    I am surprised the charcoal wall is gone! Although I am a chronic painter-over so not really. Are you planning on another accent wall in the bedroom? (Or am I misremembering and it’s in another room…? That’s entirely possible…I am scatterbrained these days.)

  31. We are buying a little farmhouse with popcorn ceilings (yuck!). I’d love to plank all the ceilings to avoid have to scrape (and I just LOVE the look). Did you plank all your ceilings or just the ones in the post above? Also, do you have a post about how you went about doing it? I’d love to learn more. Perhaps I should just do a blog search! But please do let me know (if you can) how much of your home you planked.


  32. I love what you have done. How tall are your ceilings? would love to “plank’ mine but they are only 8′ and I wonder If we would feel closed in. Everything painted white looks good!!

  33. As I was looking at the pictures, I thought it’s very nekkid-looking but also very calming.

  34. I’ve had this question for several years. How does one use wood flooring or laminate around sinks? Am I the only one that splashes water when dishes are being washed or faces are being washed? I love your kitchen, but I’m afraid if it were mine I’d ruin the flooring in no time. Sigh!

  35. I need to know where you got that blanket with the tassels! I have to have it!

  36. Great look! I am hunting grays for my house…can you tell me the color you used to paint your doors?

  37. Merilee Speigner says

    I love the chefs board!

  38. Thanks for showing us the beautiful items that Polder’s has for sale. I’d love to have one – I can see this as something I can leave to my granddaughter some day.

  39. Jennifer Whaley says

    What a find Polders Old World Market Is! The Instagram pics are beautiful.The Catalogue is captivating.And, I found my pick.The long handled Spurtle Whisk ,For a no splash stir with a table worthy artistic utensil.

  40. Love the bare naked look. So soothing. Dunno if you’re answering questions or not, but is your stove a French la conche or le cornue? If so I’ve been considering one and w / onder how its holding up and how well it functions

  41. Fresh & beautiful, completely lovely~~ Looking forward to your cozy fall post Monday, Lord willing!~

  42. the house looks so good naked, but i can’t wait to see your stuff all cozied up in it on Monday.

    i saw the picture of all of it out on your porch, and two things happened:
    1. theme song to sanford and sons ran through my head. :)
    2. i about died over your pillows. please, oh pretty please, tell us where you got them.

  43. Sarah Westphal says

    Are you still enjoying your leather sectional? Is it holding up well to life? It looks lovely.

  44. Oh my goodness. As I was oohing and ahhing over your progress and thinking how good it must feel for you to get to this point, I all of a sudden wondered, “Where’s all her stuff, did she put it away?” Then I got to the last picture and chuckled out loud. Thanks for keeping it real, and congratulations on your “finished” space!

  45. Love everything about your house. It does look pretty naked! What is the pretty little something on the back door? Looks like burlap and a pompon? Where did you find it?

  46. You’re home is so stunning, even naked! Love every bit of it!

  47. Looks good.

  48. Awesome images.

  49. Awesome images and Useful blog. thanks for that.

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