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Back in March I followed one of my biggest business dreams and created an online class, Cozy Minimalist.

I was so incredibly nervous in the days leading up to the live class.

I knew I’d have to set up my little table with my stack of notes and the scary microphone. I wanted to make it pretty and calming. So I planned ahead and a few days before my webinar went live I ordered flowers for myself so they’d be delivered on my big day.

It’s the only time I’ve ever sent myself flowers and I loved myself for it!

Even though you know they are coming, you are still pleasantly surprised at the knock on the door.


I ordered from The Bouqs Company because I had been following them on instagram and I love that they focus on simple bouquets, not “arrangements” full of baby’s breath and filler greens. I didn’t want to have to pay extra for some crazy vase I’d never use and I didn’t want to have to sift through add-ons like teddy bears (are adult women supposed to like those? is something wrong with me?) or questionable candy.

I just wanted a gorgeous bunch of blooms. As many as possible, please.

The Bouqs Company is a Cozy Minimalist’s dream. Less but better. Less fluff, better blooms. Amen.

the bouqs

Since that first order, I’ve ordered a bouquet for my sister that was delivered the day her book launched (I ordered it a few weeks ahead while it was on my mind and picked out the delivery date so I wouldn’t forget) and I received two other bouquets from The Bouqs Company



Lilies! I can never get enough.

I moved these all over the house in the course of a few weeks.



And, I’ve learned a trick for lilies. If you want them to both last longer, and not get that pretty orange pollen everywhere, just clip off the stamens. You’ll feel a tinge of gilt, as if you are neutering the flower, but it’s worth it.

lily stamens


Because they cut the flowers as soon as you order them and ship them that day, you’re blooms will last so much longer. Some of mine even arrived closed up, but once I put them in water they started to open and lasted almost two weeks. I changed the water often and cut off the dead flowers and with the lilies, even the tiny buds ended up blooming.


THESE marshmallow ranunculus are to die for. I want to kiss each one and make individual gold crowns for each flower to wear.

The ranunculus made me so happy because I can never find them locally, and most online florists don’t carry them.



Finally, I can have some ranunculus too! Such an odd word, I even had to google how to pronounce it (sounds kind of like redonkulous).

beauties flowers

You can send a bouquet right now for someone you’ve been thinking of and if they are anything like me, it will make their day to have pretty flowers delivered to their door. A friend sent me a gorgeous bunch of flowers last week and I was so surprised I almost fainted. It was such an unexpected, extravagant gift and I got to show off talk about them with everyone who came into my house.

Maybe it’s time you send yourself a thoughtful gift?

Most bouquets start at $40 and then the amount of blooms can be doubled for an extra $10. (I always double).

Shipping is free. And I’ve got a special coupon code for you to save 20% off your order through 9/17 with code: GETBLOOMS

This means you can have pretty flowers delivered for $32 (or double your blooms and it will be $40 total with the discount) which is practically unheard of, you already know this if you’ve ever ordered flowers.

the bouqs

Check out all the different blooms available from The Bouqs Company (grown and shipped from the side of an actual active volcano that erupted a few weeks ago!)

Flowers, one of my favorite ways to add life to a home.

This post created in partnership with The Bouqs Company (Bouquets. Simplified)


  1. Hello dear Nester,

    I loved the idea of sending flowers to myself and decided to do just that. My husbands family (all 26 of them) are arriving for a family reunion at our home over the course of 4 days and thought flowers would provide a happy touch of color.
    Alas it is not to be. I went to the Bouqs and put in a scheduled delivery date (Sept 29th) yet each and every time a box would pop up asking for my same day delivery zip code. I tried to reenter the website a total of 3 times. I then clicked on “Contact us” to get an assist with customer service. Did you know that this option is not available unless you have an order ID? I seek minimal frustration in my life so in the of chance the company might read this I thought they might like to know, they lost an opportunity. But I will be sending myself flowers in the near future because that is a great idea! Thank you.

    • You know, I got that error too when I tried to order a certain bouquet, it’s like that item was only available for same day but not for anything else–I agree, it’s confusing. I’m so sorry! I’ll ask my contact if they can let us know what’s going on. So sorry!!

  2. I love the bouqs, my daughter sent me a bouquet two weeks ago, they were so pretty! I need to order myself a bouquet.

  3. Lovely flowers! Just wanted to warn you that I heard lilies are poisonous to cats. I don’t know about the other flowers. I just remember seeing that you adopted 3 kittens awhile back.

    • Yes, Lilies are about the most toxic flower for cats. Other kinds of flowers might make cats sick, but lilies WILL cause fatal liver failure, according to my vet husband. If you think your cat has munched a lily, drive your cat to the vet IMMEDIATELY so they can induce vomiting — although this may or may not save your cat’s life. Even if it is done within an hour or so it may be hopeless — very sad.

      I grow numerous flowers for cutting, but I NEVER bring lilies indoors. If you have cats, lilies are for enjoying outside in the garden.

  4. I love these for all the same reasons you mentioned. Can’t wait to try them.

  5. My awesome, hard-working, homeschooling daughter will get her “campfire” bouq on the 16th. JUST BECAUSE! Thanks so much for the info!

  6. What a fabulous service!!! Great pics too!

  7. I’m so glad to learn about this company! I love to send flowers, but oh my word you never quite know what you’re getting. I thought I had developed a great way to circumvent this problem. I started just going online to find a local florist in the town where my recipient lived. Seemed like a great way to support a small business. Alas, this is a fine idea, but oh how it backfired on me! Last year I called a florist in the town where a friend lives. I wanted to send gorgeous flowers for her 40th birthday. I talked with the florist and explained that my friend is very elegant and I wanted elegant flowers for her. I was thinking something like the white lilies you have pictured here. I specifically said I didn’t want anything pink. I spent $100 to get a wonderful arrangement. Later, she sent me a photo of the flowers she got on her birthday. It was a PINK arrangement that looked like it had been designed for a grandmother! UGH! Anyway, I would love to just send the kind of flowers I want, so I am thrilled to know about this company. And the option of doubling the blooms for just an extra $10? Perfect!

  8. I was about to order with your promo code, but unfortunately the discount code said that it reached its maximum use? Bummer. :( Oh well, I shall order blooms for myself anyway!

    • Oh what?! Hold on, let me ask about that!!! yikes!!!

      • You’re the sweetest! This is the error it spits out, if that helps any: “An error occurred. You cannot use this voucher anymore (usage limit attained).”

        • So, from what I understand, they just checked the code GETBLOOMS and there is no maximum limit set.
          It is only one per customer, and not combinable however.
          And is only one use per person.

          Also, there might be a WELCOME15 offer automatically applied to their first order – and the codes are not combinable. So just remove the WELCOME15 offer at checkout to get the GETBLOOMS code to work.

          Hope this helps!

  9. What a lovely idea! This is the second blog that I saw it on today. I’m putting a dinner together for the pastor and leaders of our church and their wives and thought this would be a lovely surprise for them – pretty flowers and a great price. Sadly, not available in Canada. I’ll have to do some hunting to find something similar here. Beautiful flowers!

  10. When we were first married, my husband got me flowers a number of times and I even got a vase (with a wedding gift exchange) to keep them in. When he was deployed several months after our wedding he wanted to be able to send me flowers, especially for valentines. What a crazy fiasco! The flowers were dead on arrival….I called for a replacement and…..they were dead on arrival…..I finally told my husband how upsetting the whole thing was. Since then we have had so many problems with phone or on-line ordering, we mutually decided that Costco was going to have to be our flower go to. It is not that you can’t get lovely orders on-line or over the phone, but counting on that has been spotty. I do love the idea of more “fun” flowers than roses! Such a great idea and I hope this company does well!

  11. I have *never* heard of this company before–or of ranunculus’s. I am TOTALLY ordering some for myself to get, say, next Tuesday, September 15th. #treatyoself :) THANK YOU for letting me know about this company and the generous coupon code! Love you to the moon and back, Myquillyn. xoxo

    • ATTENTION everyone–Kristen is the ‘friend’ who sent me the LOVELY flowers last week for writing her foreward. #blush you deserve all the ranunculus!!!

    • I love the friendships y’all have. Women of God, holding each other up. So awesome. I’m still searching for my clan. It’s not always easy, is it?

      Anyhow, thanks for the code Myquillyn. <3 My house is empty for the first time in almost 21 years (youngest left for college at the end of August), and I think I deserve flowers too.

  12. Lovely flowers! I’m terrible with plants, so I try to always have flowers in the house. I couldn’t afford to pay 40 dollars though, so I find other options, like the discount bucket at the super market. Most flowers look like they’re about to die and go for 2 or 3 dollars, but generally come alive again at home and still bring joy and beauty for days! Just a tip for people on a small budget.

  13. So gorgeous!

  14. If you take the pollen pods off while they are still brown you can leave the stamens in the lilies (I used to be a florist). You can even force partial buds open a bit to pull off the pods and the lilies will still open. We use to pull them off with a tissue at the shop (they stain).

  15. Nester, Your white ranunculus made me sigh…how beautiful! A few years ago, I became interested in making our yard a “moon garden.” I’d never heard of a moon garden prior to then. The hubs was totally against planting all of the flowers in our yards and garden and pots white. I told him the colored pernnials we had, could be divided and given to friends and neighbors. Neighbors we’d never met stopped by for a clump of iris or lilies. I never realized how many varieties of white flowers there are and ours now thrive. Moon gardens are beautiful during daylight, the white blooms of all shapes and sizes, stand out brilliantly against all of the greens in the background. when the sun does down, the white flowers against the dark gray green background “glow” by the light of the moon. I’m entranced, every night. Thx for the tip on the Bouqs Company, I can’t wait to order!

    • Oh my goodness–there is a NAME for that?! I’ve always dreamed of all white flowers with different green textures!! I love this idea so much! Off to google!

  16. That looks so beautiful. Amazing pics of flowers..!! I like all.

  17. Dorothy Gardner says

    Thank you! My mom’s 85th birthday is coming up. She will be getting a double bouquet of mixed roses today.

    • Dorothy Gardner says

      My mom just received her flowers! She was so happy! Quite emotional, actually! Thank you again for the discount. I was able to send her 40 roses in assorted colors. Mom was over the moon, which makes me feel better about not being there with her.

  18. Those ranunculus are amazing. Gorgeous. I just thought I’d add this tip for removing the stamens–just wet a paper towel and pull them off all at once to avoid pollen falling on the petals. Lovely post!:)

  19. Perfect timing!
    I ordered ranunculus for my birthday TO MY HUSBAND OFFICE.
    He’ll bring that^^

  20. Well. I hate to be a party pooper, but… I was highly disappointed by this company. After reading this post, I was so excited bc my mom’s birthday was coming up and you helped me decide just what I would get her… a BOUQ! Ordering was easy-peasy. But when my mom sent me a thank you text with a pic of her birthday bout, I was horrified. The flowers looked like a $10 bouquet you could grab at the run-down corner grocery store :( I emailed the company and they offered to send her a duplicate bouquet at no additional cost. I just knew redemption was in sight! Her second bouquet was the same thing… wilted, unopened, smushed flowers?! I was so disappointed. I emailed the company again with a side by side pic of what their website showed I ordered and what actually arrived. This was their reply…

    Hi Jenny!
    Thanks for sending the photo over. I’m sorry you feel this Bouq is different from the one we have on the site. Keep in mind that the flowers on the site and prepped and arranged to look perfect. The flowers sent out are cut fresh from the farm so they aren’t prepped yet. It takes a little styling to make them look exactly like the photo!

    Hmmm. Not what I was wanting to hear. Hopefully you all continue to be satisfied with this company, but I will not be using them again :(

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  25. The way you flower arrangement is very beautiful. I really like your flower arrangement style.

  26. That looks so beautiful. Amazing pics of flowers..!! I like all.

  27. thanks for sharing it i found it so amazing glad to be here

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