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 Closet - 04_zpsqq1qgyyta tiny closet makeover // The Hunted Interior

UniqueChristmasWreath_thumbDIY Galvanized Wreath // Finding Home Farms

easy dinnerEasiest Asian Cold Summer Noodles // Gracelaced

q women

I’m speaking at just one place this year.  Q Women in Nashville. I’d love for you to attend this unique conference/conversation. I’ll be talking about …Home! Of course!


Even though I’m only speaking at one conference, I’ll actually be attending another conference: Allume. It’s close to home–in Greenville, SC in October and Chad & I have enjoyed going every year to get to spend time with other writers. We’d love to say hi to you there!

booksIf you are on the hunt for your next good reads here are two of my suggestions:

1. Simply Tuesday: Small moment living in a fast-moving world

This is my sister’s fourth book, it officially releases on August 18, but often if you pre-order on Amazon you’ll get books early. And this one is 50% off right now. Whut?! Emily created a quick 4 part video series to go along with the book too, watch it here.

2. Wild in the Hollow: On chasing desire and finding the broken way home

I stayed up late last night to finish this book–that I started just a few days ago. A beautiful, end of the summer read. And it’s also 50% off right now. Crazytown.

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  1. love the idea of the adult coloring books, but was reading the reviews on them and many people complained of the color bleeding through. have you had that issue with the markers you’re using?

  2. oopsie, that comment was meant to go on your last weekend links post!! doh!

  3. Yea!! I’m going to Allume (my first blogging conference!) and I was disappointed to see you weren’t speaking! So glad you’ll be attending, though!

  4. I have been reading all your posts (old and new) and enjoying every word. I have read comments too and realized that there isn’t much on why we are perfectionists. While I realize that life is a balance, I have for many years (wrongly) believed that being perfect and having a perfect home would protect me. I would be protected from bad things, from criticism and from problems. My head knows that is NOT true, but part of me still wants to hold on to that belief. It gives me a reason that I am criticised, bad things happen and I have problems then perfection as a goal is a hope. As I write it I see how silly perfection as a “savior” actually is! My savior is my savior and good enough is trust in my savior. (Cause all those bad things will happen, as “the rain falls on the just and unjust.”)

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