Mirror Shopping & Marriages


We’ve been working on the boy’s bathroom (most recent update here). The one thing I get asked about the most is the mirror.

upstairs bathroom

Here’s the mirror I found…


I hung it in the family room until it was time to take it upstairs. It’s a second-hand find I got for $100 at an antique place. When you look close, you can tell someone painted this pretend wood look on it. It’s the perfect fit for the space.

And here are some similar mirrors if you are in the market for something simple yet curvy:



The Minimalist with Style //Wisteria



1 (womp just got discontinued). 2 (here & here) 3. 4. 5. 6


Mirrors are one of those items that if possible, I want to be patient for and purchase second-hand–if you can find a mirror at a yard sale or thrift shop and paint it–you will save so much money. But, if you need a pair of mirrors or a particular size, often, buying new is the only option.

married mirror

Sometimes I use paint to marry two unrelated pieces, like with these pieces.

This $25 thrifted mirror has been so many different colors, I don’t mind paying full price for this 12 inch deep organizer (via Joss & Main–also seen at HomeGoods & here’s similar from Amazon here’s similar from Wayfair) because I needed something so specific, and finding the mirror balanced out the overall cost for my entryway vignette.

May they live happily every after.

Until I decide to move stuff around, divorce these two and paint that mirror a whole ‘nother color because I am the boss of them.


  1. Lorraine Sherman says

    One of my favorite mirrors is a huge rectangle I got at a yard sale for $25. Its a beast and has actually fallen off the wall twice because of faulty hanging hardware. Right now its propped up on my husbands dresser reflecting light into our bedroom. I love its clean lines & classic shape though.

    • I use europen hinges, you can find them at Home Depot possibly that W store. They are great for hanging heavy items and don’t require big anchor holes.

  2. I love how the bathroom is shaping up! It takes a lot of patience to find second hand mirrors around here. When I’m in a hurry Hobby Lobby at 50% off or Old Time Pottery usually have an affordable option.

  3. Big Lots has a similar type mirror in black, it is smaller but it might work for someone!

  4. Sandee Waller says

    Where did you get the wall sconce light fixtures?

  5. Wondering where you got the artwork hanging over the toliet

  6. That mirror is so lovely and the fact that you got it for only $100 is quite a steal! I love it a lot. Great post on mirrors. I love how mirrors reflect light in a room and can be such a unique touch added to the room. Great post!

  7. So Gorgeous! ‘I’m the boss of them’ Hilarious x

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