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viking range

Sometimes I feel like you and I get to talk about stuff one time and that’s it. And it’s all my fault. So I thought I’d bring up something we talked about two years ago–our Viking Range–and let you know how it’s working out for us.

We found this 48″ Viking Professional Series Range (and the Thermador hood) on Craigslist two years ago. It was six years old at the time and here’s where I wrote all about it.

We paid $2900 for this queen of our kitchen (and her crown, the hood) something I hope to use every day, if not multiple times a day. And let me promise you, I was a NERVOUS WRECK spending that much money on a used appliance from Craigslist. Besides our house and cars, it’s our single most expensive purchase we’ve ever made. But I did my homework and decided it was worth the risk.

viking range review

So, do I like it as much as I hoped I would?

YES. YES! I absolutely LOVE this range. It is the perfect one for me because it is SO simple. There are no bells or whistles. It’s just a cooktop with six burners, a grill and two ovens, one is convection if you want to use it that way. There are no special gadgets, no timers–not even a clock. Nothing is digital. There is no technology. Amen.

It’s a straightforward beast of a machine that I love. Y’all, they even DROPPED the thing when the men were moving it out of the truck. In their defense, it does weigh 18,000 pounds. I had to run and shut my eyes and hold my ears in the closet. And it still worked fine. This could have been built 200 years ago. By a barge company. I can pass this down to my grandchildren. It’s built like a tank and does one thing really really well: cook.


Like I mentioned, it doesn’t even have a timer. So this little magnetic gold timer is a permanent fixture. Also, I really could have wiped it down before I got closeups. Gross. My apologies.

viking range review

The best part is, my cooking is actually better now that we have this. Really, after using an electric stove for ten our so years prior, I’m pretty sure I would have felt that way no matter what gas range I had. But to be able to cook things…


…like a real person with a stove that actually had some power. It browns food like nobody’s business. It’s fast and powerful and I always look forward to getting use it, even have two years. Also, I am slightly nerdy about appliances, so keep that in mind.

Our property didn’t have a natural gas line, so we made sure that the range had a propane adapter, so we simply had the local propane people come and deliver a tank and run a line through our basement. It was a few hundred dollars for everything.

Here’s a little montage of photos from our past two years together. And ode to an oven, from the time it sat in the corner waiting for the kitchen to be put back together, through all the different stages of finishing the kitchen…

viking range

moved the oven in!



black painted wall


viking range

If you have any questions or want to share about your range, let’s chat in the comments.


  1. I dream of one day finding such a deal. I miss cooking with gas! This is lovely – thanks for the update on how much you still love it. I’m with you – just give me basic, no digital appliances that work.

  2. Am I correct in understanding that you use propane for this range? Because we have a propane stove and it gets the pots filthy with soot. I mean like a thick coating all over the bottom and up the sides, which in turn gets the sink all sooty when I wash the pot. It collects on the burners, everything is just a hot mess.

    Am I doing something wrong? I hate it so much that I now just use it as a back up when the power goes out. I’m stuck using the electric range top we have int he island and I really don’t care for it at all!


    • You may be using a propane stove that is hooked to natural gas or a natural gas stove that is hooked to propane. Sounds like it has not been converted to the type of gas you are using.

      • Thanks for your help…. I know it’s not natural gas, and I was told it had been converted for propane use, but perhaps I should get someone else to take a look. Maybe it was not done properly!

        It is every bit as messy as cooking on a doggone propane camp stove.

        • oh no! if I have the fire up too high I’ll get black ‘fire marks’ every now and then on the side of a pot (magic erasure gets them off) but we haven’t had soot issues, hmm, that’s not fun at all!

        • Yes, we cook with propane on a similar range and have never had marks. Definitely get it checked out!

    • We had this issue at my parents cabin – propane naturally burns dirtier than natural gas. Your stove wouldn’t work if it was supposed to be using natural gas instead of propane. Propane is basically the leftovers from when they are processing natural gas and diesel. (Why it’s so dirty.) we ended up getting a new-to-us stove and the difference was remarkable. You could also give it a *really* good cleaning. Search tutorials on line on how to clean the actually burners. We cleaned our old one, and it did help not leave so much spot.

  3. Not range-related I’m afraid, but where did you get your gray grout for your backsplash? LOVE it!

  4. its gorgeous and literally the best deal ever. That would be the exact one I would have chosen for my kitchen. The black and gold is timeless and current all at the same time and did I mention gorgeous…GORGEOUS even without the wipe down.

    • Oh THANK YOU! and yes, to your comment below, Chad and I just decided to keep up our online meal deliveries this fall–it’s SUCH a relief for me as school starts–if you want to try another program with a discount, I just signed up with Hello Fresh (similar to Blue Apron & Plated) our first meals get delievered tomorrow, so I can’t vouch yet, but you get $40 off your first order here:

      Code: 49TKWN

  5. oh and PS…Blue Apron is changing my life! Thanks for the suggestion. you were right on every front. Not having to plan and shop in order to cook something new for my 3 boys , has made me fall in love with cooking again.

  6. It’s beautiful! Wiped down or not. When we did our kitchen remodel I really wanted a gas cooktop, even though I have never cooked with gas. Alas, the cost of running a gas line through our finished basement to our kitchen island was prohibitive so I went with an induction cooktop which I love. Yours is much, much prettier though.

  7. Thank you for the info! I want one just like it! lol
    We purchased a fancy digital electric glass cook top about 5 years ago and the digital stuff is not right. It says I have hot element all the time. ugh.
    We have a 1970ish wall over with no fancy stuff and it works like a dream. Cooks food perfectly on the temp it says on recipes. I have had people say I need a new one and I just can’t do it because I am afraid the fancy new one work as well, When we remolded our kitchen I worked it in to the design. We will however end up having to get a new cook top so I think I will go for a range and remove the wall over. I appreciate your update.

  8. I love it, thanks for the update. I so enjoy the few minutes here and there to spend on your site when I can, I almost always find an idea I’d like to use myself. And that range…… amazing from the first day you posted about it!

  9. It is a beauty! I would love to have one. My piddly stove has five burners, but they’re so close together there’s no way you could use all five at once, It’s almost impossible to even use three large pans.

  10. I purchsed my Vikiing 17 years ago. Mine was new so I did not score the deal you did! I have had minor problems but I am still happy I bought this one. I love your backsplash. I wish I had room for one. Instead I have glass blocks which do let light in the kitchen.

  11. So lovely. What material is your back splash? I’m looking for a solution for behind my stove top.

  12. Green, paint me green this morning! Gorgeous oven. I love cooking with gas and have for years. There’s no other way! And, one more thing – don’t ever feel badly about the things God blesses you with – He loves giving good things to His kids! I think we/He calls them “desires of heart”. And, anyway, who else would dedicate an entire blog post to an appliance. ;)

  13. SWOOOOONIG. We recently redid our kitchen and I went with a plain LG gas “5 burner” range which isn’t really useable (same as the commenter above, they’re too close together). I regret not going for something like you scored, because I love to cook!
    I LOVE your range (and your kitchen) Use it in best health!!

  14. I had a 6 burner Dacor Epicure in my CT house where I got to remodel my DREAM kitchen. I loved that range! It had the same kind of side by side ovens with one being convection. It did have digital components for the ovens, but boy did that baby cook!!! Now a German family is enjoying my totally European Snaidero kitchen. I will totally go back to that style when we build, down to my KWC faucet and heavy gauge double SS sink. Also, QUARTZ. Ahhh… I could talk kitchens all day, if only I never had to clean one. :) Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  15. I was so excited when you wrote about finding that stove! I am so thrilled that you love it!

  16. I really appreciate the update about your Viking. Often people are so psyched when they buy something but then you never hear how it worked for them. I am convinced you can only judge an appliance over time and through use. My sister splurged on a Wolfe a couple years ago and is not as happy. Thanks for being open and sharing!

  17. My friend Nici would call this range porn. I’m so sorry. It’s all I could think so I went ahead and typed it.

  18. Ok Nester: I have a size question about your oven:) We are planning a kitchen remodel sometime in the near future. I am always on the craigslist hunt for a nice stove, and am trying to debate over size. We have a fairly small kitchen (with a 30inch range in it currently), but I love to cook and it would be a dream to have a gas/propane larger range and oven, but am hesitant in a smaller kitchen to put a 60″ or even a 48″ stove in. Here is my question: Your range is a 48″: 1) do you use all 6 burners, and do you feel like you need the size, and 2) do you feel like the size is appropriate and doable in a smaller space? I guess I am asking: If you could take a smaller/bigger range, would you?

  19. Nester, never mind the cooking part, that range looks so cool!!! I’m not much of a cook, but I might be if I had a range like that. We live in a mid-century modern ranch and have tried to stay as close to it’s original look as possible. We bought it from the estate of a deceased lady who had this house custom built in 1952. She was a traveling lecturer and was not at home much and rarely used the kitchen. She lived alone. The kitchen in our jouse looks like it was built yesterday…MINT. The cooktop gives me fits. It is a four burner electric operated by an adjacent panel of push buttons. Figuring out which buttons went to which button was my first hurdle and then figuring out what High, Med. High, Low and Simmer meant on this range was a 2 year long lesson. I am friends with it now, not buddies or anything, just friends. Everyone tells me to tear it out and put in a new range, but this one looks so cool and is so new and really matches the time period, I just can’t bring myself to desrtoy it.

  20. How dumd am I? Of course the woman was deceased if we bought it from her estate! Take that one to the Department of Redundantcy Department!

  21. Apparently I’m dumb enough to say “I’m dumd”!!!

  22. I’ve been following your stove’s journey since ya’ll got it. It is just as beautiful as ever.

  23. Oh how miss my Viking! We moved, and I had to cook on an electric stove top for a while until we installed a gas line and a gas range. I burned whatever I was cooking almost every time. Yours is such a beauty! I love reading about your house.

  24. When my boys become teenagers, yours will have left, can I buy the stove from you then? Wait the shipping would be crazy, 18,000 lb. Yes, my dream before my boys start their teenage years! PS I also want a walk-in cooler! Such a great stove!

  25. chelenaandlarry says

    we read the original post and appreciate the update.

  26. I was hoping you’d share an update on that beauty! I might’ve drooled a little reading this. I absolutely love it. The backsplash is beautiful too. I saw the picture with the plates and thought “oh no, how awful to cook bacon with those on the wall” then I saw the tile backsplash and I think it makes me love the range even more. Great find!

  27. That is gorgeous. ? I’m in love with the no electronics at all. I have the simplest gas range I could find second hand. i would love it to be even simpler than it is, I’ll have to keep Viking in mind. You know, in 20 years when I’m looking for a range that big. Our tiny, cute house could not accommodate that beast, but it is so beautiful.

  28. I just read what Judy H. said about her 1952 kitchen. Our house was built in ’56 and the original stove was updated to a Coppertone (thank goodness it’s not Harvest Gold or Avocado Green!!!) range in 1975, Would love to do a major remodel but it’s just not in our future right now. However, I’m thankful for this tri-level range. I rarely use the lower oven but the smaller upper oven meets most of our needs; the door is all glass and allows us to view baking progress. A few years ago we needed a small part replaced and thought maybe we might end up having to buy a whole new range. I was told by several appliance dealers that tri-levels just aren’t being manufactured anymore. So it isn’t a really pretty sight (was Coppertone ever really a pretty sight???) but it does the job. And I agree with someone else who remarked that very often the older appliances service us much better and for a longer period of time. Thanks for the post….if I could redo my kitchen a Viking would definitely be on my wish list.
    We have this silly tradition in our family of naming our cars (I drive Annie Altima) and major appliances that serve us well. Your strong Viking beauty looks like she might be called “Velda” or “Velma”….!!! HA!

  29. Love the update. We are building a home and scouring Craig for a used pro oven. I’m going for 6-8 burners/two ovens…60″. I have seven kiddos and a hungry husband and it takes me so long to cook eggs/pancakes, whatever on the stove top b/c I have to do so many shifts. Anyhow, your score gives me hope. But what I really want to know about is your hood…who/what/where/when/why. Pa-lease inform me b/c I have yet to use a hood that was worth anything at all…but in this new home, I want to be able to trust that we are using it wisely/not ruining the walls/ceiling. Thanks in advance!

  30. hi! do you know what model number this range is? I love it so much! I would like to try to find one just like it, but i’m having trouble figuring out what model it is. any help would be much appreciated!

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