Bathroom Makeover Update :: The Messy Truth

bathroom in progress


Ugh. Seriously. This is how I found it.

Then, 45 seconds later…


So, we started this bathroom makeover the last week of June. We hired a trusted friend, Sean to do the hard work, and I still have a handful of finishing touches I’m putting off. But, it’s useable, and you can get the idea of how it’s supposed to look. I’ll do a final post once it’s 100% done (in four years. kidding. kind of).

bathroom before

This is how the bathroom looked the day we bought the house. (Exactly two years ago).


And this is how it looked for the past two years. Pink tub & sink, beige old toilet. Always at least one towel on the floor.

upstairs bathroom

And here’s where we are now. It’s 90% finished.


I learned a long time ago that this is a safe place to share my ‘in process’ photos. There’s still blue tape on the floor, I need to decide on a color to paint the door, finish painting the trim, get a fan cover, get a new/better shower rod & rings, hang the art & the medicine cabinet and hang a few more hooks.

bathroom tile






Once it’s done, and once the boys are back in school, I’ll do a final glamour shot post with sources and stuff. I’ve also got a post coming up about alternative places to find a similar mirror (this one is second-hand and I get asked about it a lot). Finally, because I am not so vain that I don’t mind posting a photo of me with no makeup, four-day old hair and yoga clothes that have never seen a yoga studio, but I am too vain to let you possibly think that I have a really high, discolored left ear, that’s a towel hook behind my head.


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  1. It looks fantastic!! Love those towels, where are they from?

  2. And these posts are exactly why I have loved you for so many years! Thank you for keeping it real!!!!

  3. Wow! What a transformation! Thanks for always sharing the whole process–your blog continues to be such a welcoming place to be!

  4. You are hilarious! I just thought you had a messy pony tail / bun. Exactly the thing that would have made me crazy. The bathroom looks really good and you can see what it will finish up with.

  5. What an awesome transformation!! I know you aren’t finished but it look a million times better just the way it is! Love your “realness”, all the perfection online is overwhelming and staged but easy to forget it is staged. Thanks for keeping it real! xoxo :)

  6. Oh, my…what a wonderful transformation! Such a good example of where patience, focus, and careful choices can take us in our decorating dreams:) Thank you:)

  7. Ah so again you’ve showed us why we all love you…beautiful and sincere. Love the bathroom…

  8. You’re too fun!

    I’m feeling a bit more motivated right about now.



  9. So far it looks amazing! I love the in-progress photos, so fun to see how a room all comes together!

    Visiting from LorimerLiving.Com
    XO, Jaclyn

  10. Haha! Thanks for cracking me up this morning. I SO needed it. It is seriously gorgeous just the way it is and with all the signs of teenage boys. Thank you for sharing and thanks for being there to lift my spirits when I need to see something pretty, but real.
    <3 Erica

  11. It looks fabulous even with the messy towels on the floor! Thanks for keeping it real and not always picture perfect.

  12. Haha! LOVE the photo of you best of all! Great makeover…. I need a small bathroom vanity and love yours. I’ve looked all over for them and they are crazy expensive, so can’t wait to hear about where you found your vanity!


  13. Love those scones! The whole room looks great. We started our remodel a few years ago. As usual, we did 90% in one week and three years later, the other 10% still isn’t finished. Oh, and I love your fringed towels. Where’d you get ’em?

  14. Love, love, love that subway tile!!!

  15. i love it. love, love, love love it.
    complete bathroom envy
    (a crush on your flush as it were!)

  16. So love it! and love that you keep it real – it encourages me to not be afraid to ‘start’ because I’m not sure I will get finished – even 90% done looks great! Love the towels on the floor – that part matches my bathroom.

  17. Love it! What a beautiful bathroom….. kid mess and all! It’s been a long summer. I needed to see someone’s also slugging through the messes and crazy as well.

  18. Love.

  19. This is what I love so much. You, in pink and orange and yoga pants and yes, your 4 day old hair. Secondly, I LOVE HOOKS. I am a hook hound – I have them everywhere. And, isn’t it amazing that even with hooks, those boys leave the towels on the floor? I love boys – I raised two of them. I even sew rings and loops on my towels so as not to compromise the towel itself. I asked my hubs the other day, “What is so hard about separating the hoop and slipping it on that hook?” Hmmph. Great bathroom reno!

  20. It is SO beautiful. I’m absolutely loving the mirror and the sconces!

  21. The bathroom looks awesome. You are AWESOME! Thank you for being real and making me laugh with your last comment…I actually snorted.

  22. Elizabeth Floyd says

    I gotta tell you, I’m diggin’ the door exactly like it is. Something about the warm wood contrasting with the cool white interior. I say, keep it.

  23. I know you’ll post sources later, but please oh please tell me… where did the tile come from? I’m about ready to redo my bathroom, and I can’t seem to find tile that speaks to me. But there it is, in your bathroom!

  24. Love that you keep it real! So encouraging. :)

  25. The tile, the mirror…….the black painted window frame!!! So many wonderful touches already. I have two teenage boys, too, and more than once have had to emotionally prepare myself to enter their bathroom. At least yours has natural light! Love to see the progress ~

  26. It looks amazing! Love the medicine chest. Where did you find it?

  27. Baileywife @ Irishman acres says

    I do really love this bathroom transformation, but my favorite part of this post was you in 4 day hair, no makeup, and yoga clothes that have never seen a yoga studio!!! Story of my life and the reason I do believe that I love you so much…. ? ~Kim

  28. You’re a busy girl and I was missing more frequent posts from you and then you generously give me four day old hair, towels on the floor, and no make up selfie…the best gift!!! I could totally reciprocate …if I blogged, I would.:) Love this and love the boys’ bath.

  29. hello there! I met your sister Emily when she came to the PNW for the Faith and Culture Conference last April (I was part of the team.) I am a little out of the interwebs (purposely)and had no idea ‘The Nester’ was sisters with Emily F. well whaddya know? And of course now I see the resemblance.
    Anyway–my two cents–don’t paint your slate floor in the bathroom! the contrast is lovely….
    (thank you for this peek into your home).

    • Hi Jody!

      Oh, we aren’t painting the floor–we just installed it! the blue tape was so the white trim paint didn’t get on the floor–and I’m apparently waay too busy to remove the tape!

  30. you are the cutest.
    i love the bathroom makeover so far. what a transformation!

  31. I really like it. I’m very taken by the black window trims. I did that in my kitchen and I still like it. I like the slate floor too. It ties in with the window and the hooks. Good, good.

  32. the bathroom looks awesome, nice job! love that you posted your ‘yoga’ clothes and 4 day hair, you’re my kind of girl!

  33. Love! I can’t wait to get to work on our kids’ bathroom. This is inspiring. Your design is simple and yet so inviting and pretty to look at. :) I’m gathering up my girlfriends in hopes of taking your home decor course together. When will it be up and running? My girlfriends are on pins & needles waiting!

  34. Re: the ear–I thought you’d just given yourself a little elf makeover! Thanks for laugh. I love those sconces!

  35. You are seriously a hoot! I love it and I love how you show the ‘in process’. I have that same Evy’s Tree zip up.

  36. LOVE it! Is that just wood on the walls? I am desperately looking for things to add character to our builder grade house and that looks awesome! When I saw the after picture I thought “well I can’ t have a bathroom like that because she has an old house with tons of awesome character” but the before picture looks EXACTLY like my bathroom… except worse… haha! :)

  37. Thank you for being about the process & the un-dones. It’s life giving & let’s-roll-up-our-sleeves-&-give-it-a-shot inspiring to me!

  38. I love your bathroom transformation! It’s beautiful.
    I apologize if I missed this in your post, but where did you find the vanity? Thanks!

  39. I think your bathroom looks beautiful and perfect just like it is right now. And please do not paint the door–it looks great right now that brown wood! I really like your style and love its cozy feel, and your writing has a cozy feel to it, too. Thanks for being you and doing what you do.

  40. …and we love it cause thats exactly what we’d look like if we were to take our own photo of our own bathroom at this exact moment…keeping it real!
    Oh, and by the way, the bathroom is fab ~

  41. Where is the shower curtain from? Love it!

  42. Mary Len Cutter says

    I was wondering where you found this floor tile? Thanks Looks amazing, by the way!

  43. How wide are those planks on the wall and what material did you use? I absolutely LOVE them. They are gorgeous!

  44. Robin Duckworth says

    Hi Nester! Love the boys bathroom! Where did you buy the shower curtain and rug? Is the rug a Turkish towel or a bathroom rug? Thanks for the info!!

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  46. Danielle Lussier says

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