Why Your Sofa is Like a Pair of Jeans & A $1000 Giveaway


The sofa is like the jeans of a room.

It sets the style. Are you into flairs, skinnies or straight leg? Colored? Bleached? Super dark? There’s no right or wrong–but it does set the tone of the rest of the outfit. Or room.

And of course the most important part about jeans is that they are well made and comfortable which usually means they fit like a glove.

So when it comes to picking out a sofa, it can be daunting because you are committing to a style. Plus, you don’t want to waste your money and you want it to be super comfy.

No wonder we put off sofa buying for years. It can be intimidating.


We’ve had countless sofas–mostly because we’ve had more than one room that held a sofa and we are the happiest with well made, neutral sofas that can lend themselves to any style.

sofa buying tips

After 20 years of setting up house, the things I’ve learned about sofas (all from making choices I regretted)

*invest in well made & good quality (we’ve had three custom sofas and they all lasted forever–so worth it)

*pick a neutral fabric (don’t do what I did and get the red and gold toile)

*pick a scale that works with what you already have (don’t pick the sofa with the HUGE rolled arms if you have a tiny space–it’s like parking a Volkswagon in your family room)

*don’t settle for a color fabric you don’t like just because it costs a tiny bit less (if you read my book you know how I saved $200 and had to choose from a lower leather grade and for the next eight years I had to give dirty looks to an orange leather sofa–the worst $200 I’ve ever saved)


Remember, once you get a great sofa, you can do anything with it, just like creating an outfit around a pair of jeans…





Y’all, we’ve got a fantastic giveaway today sponsored by Interior Define. They make custom sofas (all the ones you’ve seen in this post) with a ton of options but since they sell primarily online, they are able to offer us well-made sofas at a huge discount. You can see my favorites here.


The winner will receive $1000 towards a chair or sofa purchase.

  • You can customize the size, configuration, material, cushion fill, and legs on almost every design to fit your design needs and preferences.

  • Most pieces are available in 40-60 fabric options, and Interior Define offers complimentary swatches.

  • Custom options are available online, and additional options are available through the company’s customer concierge over the phone or in person at their flagship Chicago showroom.


1) Visit Interior Define

2) Join their email list

3) Pick your favorite Interior Define product

4) Comment back on this post with the name of the piece you’d buy with the credit if you won

Giveaway open to continental US readers only * register with email address * GIVEAWAY ended 6/25/15 * WINNER was randomly picked & announced HERE on 6/27/15 * credit good through December 31, 2015

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  1. Christine says

    Its a tie between Rose and Lucy!

  2. I really like the Sloan in putty! I can just picture it sitting in my living room. My brain is just buzzing with all the different ways I could style the living room. Maybe I would be able to finally decorate the living room the way I want. (maybe get rid of the flower print loveseat from my grandma).

  3. The Rose Sofa in linen-blend: so cozy and classic looking!

  4. Love the Wesley chair! It looks so comfortable. http://www.interiordefine.com/shop/wesley#Z-DORMA-41

  5. The Rose sofa in Lagoon velvet = swoon.

  6. I would buy the Rose–and we need it! We have a horrible faux leather sectional we bought our first year of marriage. I just discovered our adopted daughter with sensory issues has been picking at the “leather”, and is pulling it off in strips :-/

  7. Kristen H says

    I would buy the Lucy!

  8. Melissa W says

    A tie between the Sloan or the Kelly in Heavy Cloth Wheat. Love them…perfect for our playroom!!

  9. I Love Lucy! :) But also Harper. Tough choice.

  10. Christina says

    Rose and Kennedy both had me from the start. I would need my husband to break the tie on that one. All are gorgeous though.

  11. I am in love with the Rose in Stone! I love the legs on the sofa!

  12. Big leather Crawford.

  13. I adore the sloan in otter!

  14. A Rose sofa would look great in my brand new family room!!

  15. Kelley, Fabric Sofa with left chaise, color Wheat would be beautiful in our den! That’s the piece I would choose :)

  16. I would pick the Rose. It was a tough choice between the Sloan & the Rose, but the Rose looked classic and comfortable. Thanks!

  17. Sloan is what I would pick!

  18. I love the Kelley with the chaise! And the Alice swivel!

  19. Kelly Minyard says

    I would love to buy the Sloan sofa in “bark” with my credit!

  20. I’d choose the Lucy. So simple and clean looking.

  21. Ali Celestino says

    Love them all! But I would buy the Asher Marine Color.

  22. I LOVE the legs on the Rose sofa. Just beautiful!!!

  23. Lucy, in pearl.

  24. Lucy or Harper… Hard choice! Thanks!

  25. The Alice Swivel chair! Growing up my mom had a white velvet swivel chair that rocked and we sat and read books in it and had our picture taken in it at all different ages. And I don’t think I have forgiven my brother for moving it into his bachelor pad and eventually throwing it away!

  26. love the kelley couch!

  27. The Rose couch, in linen, for my wife!

  28. I love the Sloan cream loveseat and also the Sloan couch with chaise. They’re all great!!

  29. Katie McCleery says

    I like lots of ’em but my fave is the Walters with the chaise. :)

  30. Love the Crawford or the rose

  31. The Rose sofa in Lagoon!

  32. I love the Rose!!!

  33. Tough choice between rose and Sloan…Thx for hosting.

  34. I would pick the Harper in fog. So beautiful!

  35. I love love love the Harper! Perfect for our livingroom!

  36. i like the Harper in Bone. It would match our Westie and give her a place to perch on the back!

  37. Shellie Sheppard says

    The Rose sofa would be the perfect addition to my living room, although I have to admit that my short legs might not reach the ground on this beauty. I might have to buy poufs to go with it.

  38. rose or harper

  39. Isabel G says

    I loved the Rose sofa, what a beaut!

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  41. We are moving and in the market for a new comfy couch. The Harper looks like it will fit the bill!

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