Summer Tour of Homes

summer tour


It’s time for the annual Summer Tour of Homes, I love that Gina hosts this every year–if you are new here, welcome to our lived-in, loved-on and just about used up fixer-upper!

laundry room

I really should change that pillow to “baby it’s muggy outside”.

This is the first room you see when you walk into our house, it’s our mudroom/laundry room/back porch that also has a bathroom.

Here’s a the story in photos…

laundry room

And here’s the story in words if you need more info.

make a wood & rope shelf

My favorite part of the laundry room is the rope shelf. Directions here.

DSC_1619 2

barn and flag

We have an 800 square foot tractor barn turned family room that we use for gatherings–here’s the most recent summer gathering that I hosted. And we talked about simple tips to decorate for a large gathering without spending a million dollars on flowers, and about the biggest decorating mistake we all make.


the barn denim sofa

summer drinks

And some super simple fizzy popsicle drinks we served.

bead & tassel

master bedroom wall diy


Sometimes our room looks clean, and sometimes it’s messy.

queen anne


Here’s our unstaged dining area on a random Memorial day…

tall dining

One of my summer projects will be to scrape that popcorn ceiling. See where I started?

fireplace nesting place

I staged this photo–those tassels never look that perfect without a little help.

family room

Our lived-in family room. We have three boys, the only sofas that work for us are either leather or white slipcovers that we can bleach to death.

every day kitchen

And our kitchen, right now, as is. Today is our middle boy’s 15th birthday so we had waffles for breakfast and I’m on duty to make a special dinner too. This is where I spend a lot of time.


Here it is that day when I clean it. That beautiful Viking Range was my best Craigslist find ever.


And kittens! We have kittens at our house. I spend a lot of time with them too.


Today, I hope you can join me in embracing life as it is. Imperfections and all.

A gift for you…

I have this adorable Lindsay Letters printable available for free in The Nest Files along with other printables and all my secrets on how to make tassels for anyone who joins the Nesting Place community right here–always free, with encouragement in your inbox.



Up next, pop on over to Melissa’s lovely west coast home–so much inspiration…

inspired room



  1. I love your rope shelf! It’s also refreshing to see unstaged photos. I admire you for keeping it real :)

  2. I am CRAZY about your new(er) place! Even your messes are pretty. :)

    You and that farm were a match made in country Heaven. Thanks for always showcasing how difficult it is to get things where you desire them to be. Love the reality of your stories so much!

  3. Hi Myquillan (did I spell it right??!) – I’m Simone from Auckland, New Zealand and I’ve just finished reading your book in less than 24 hours. I devoured it, I gobbled it up and then I had to come and add your blog to my blogroll, subscribe and follow you in Instagram.
    You probably get these kind of comments ALL THE TIME but I had to let you know how much I loved your book and everything that you are about.
    I’ve spent the last year or so painting and upcycling almost every room in our 1920’s home. We don’t have a reno budget, as hubby is mad to get the mortgage down and do exciting things like replace the leaky roof, so with the help of paint and some elbow grease I’m making the most of our home. Like you say, it’s all about how you want to make people feel when they are in it. It’s certainly far from a show-home, but in my opinion it is beautiful. I’m looking forward to delving deeper into your blog and following along. Just wanted to say “HI!” from New Zealand and thank you for your book and your wonderful way of encouraging us to embrace the beautiful in the imperfect – you are my kind of decor gal !
    Love from Simone xx

    P.S. My DIY adventures page on my blog:

    • Hi Simone from New Zealand! I am so happy you stopped by and left a comment–such a kind and encouraging one. We are so happy to have you hear as a part of the Nesting Place community–the most lovely people on the internet.

      So proud of the way you are working on your house! off to see your blog!

  4. Well done with that laundry room. I bet it makes the mundane laundry task so much more enjoyable. I had a flood in my old Craftsman which necessitated a new laundry room floor. Best house disaster ever…lol. You have a lovely home and, with three boys, I can see how the leather or bleachable slipcovers are a must. I only have one son and one is plenty enough for me. I also appreciate you showing the “realness” of the mess. Life just gets in the way of the showcase home, doesn’t it?

  5. Dear sweet Nester, I just had to tell you that I’ve been reading your blog for 6 or 7 years. Your style has changed so much and I have always, always loved it. It’s so neat to me that you are able to keep things fresh and current without spending $$$.

  6. Ok. More adorable kitten pictures, pretty please?

    But really. :)

  7. What a gorgeous home! I love the rope shelf. Going crazy over your adorable little kittens too.

  8. Make sure to have the ceiling (if you haven’t already) for asbestos. Can’t remember the year your home was built – but you wouldn’t want to be breathing asbestos as you scrape.

  9. Hi Nester,

    I’ve read your blog for so long and really connect with your style. The texture, interesting elements and philosophy of cozy are all just fantastic. Glad to be on the summer tour with you. Hope you have a wonderful season!

  10. I discovered you blog soon, but I am amazed! What a beautiful thing you share. I love that house and the picture on the wall saying: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I will follow all your blog posts, because I believe that there is a lot that I could learn from you!

  11. What a gorgeous, chic and warm home! I love your new digs! And that barn…what an amazing gathering place! I need one of those!!! I am so happy I stopped by. You have given me so much inspiration!

  12. I have NO idea how I didn’t know about you before now???? I must have been living under a very heavy rock! WOW, your style is delicious! It’s beyond magazine worthy! I’m a happy girl now, I can properly stalk ya now… rock is lifted! Beautiful and fave house tour so far!

  13. Your home is so beautiful! I love the bedroom wall!

  14. Joining from the Summer Home Tour. What a lovely home you have! I’ll be spending the next few days exploring your blog for inspiration as we just closed on a little Cape Cod style home here in NY. While your style is rad, I have to say that my favorite part of your tour is all the photo bombing by your adult cat. And, hey, nothing but nothing holds a candle to a kitten :)

  15. Hi,
    I love your herringbone rug. Can you share where you got it from? I’m in need of some area rugs and I have been looking for a way to incorporate herringbone into my decor! Thank you :)

  16. Thanks for keeping it real, you have a beautiful home!

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