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green doorBHG


Here’s the outside of our house–a photo from last year.

See that green metal roof?

I really like it, but it’s a lovely limitation because it limits the colors I can use on the front door.

old door

See this front door?

It’s a gift.

Because I would never pick it out, and it’s old. Which means I have the free reign to choose a bad paint color. I can’t ruin something I already hate. Plus, it’s not like I’m burning down the door or destroying something, if I hate the color I can still use the door–I’ll simply still have a door that I dislike.

You can’t ruin something you already hate.

So I’m taking off the old tattered screen door and picking a paint color for the front door. I know I want it to feel lighthearted but not crazy.

So I went to my Front Door Pinterest Board and looked for colors that I thought could work with my roof.

And I really liked a certain green door from the photo that I used at the top of this post.

So I took a screen shot of just the door {command/shift/4} on a mac.

And then I put the door over a photo of my house in a program (you could use just about anything, I used keynote because I always do and I had it open and it’s easy to layer photos).

I shrunk the door down until it fit about right and looked at it a few days and decided to try the color.


home & door

I like that it embraces the fact that there are already about four different shades of green going on anyway–the roof, the grass the trees and, wherever our roof line changes, the color green looks like a whole different shade. So purposely adding another color green is like be being the boss of the greens.

I’m working on painting it right now. I’ll let you know how it does or doesn’t turn out!


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  1. The lime green looks great! I think it will bring a lot of light and warmth to your front porch!

  2. Myquillyn,
    I would like to sign up for your cozy minimalist self study course, especially with the $5 discount. I noticed on your check out the site is not encrypted. I do not have a pay pal account. Is there another route to purchase?
    Thank you!

  3. i’d have gone with purple. but lime green is just as awesome. *:)

  4. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you are finished — how exciting! I’ve been thinking about painting our front door a color other than the same old white it’s always been. We live in an old farmhouse and everyone around here keeps telling me that all farm houses are white and the door should also be white.But I want something fun and exciting. maybe I’ll just pick a color and go with it (I’ve only been deliberating about this for about 6 years now…). Thanks for the update, and I’m waiting with bated breath for the end result! -Beth

  5. Bless your heart, I hope it works out!! I tried to do that color on our front door (light taupe wood siding on our house) and it was a flaming disaster!! I’d recommend going a little bit darker. For months (before I gave up and went with navy) we gave directions to our house as “the one with the weird green door – you’ll know it when you see it”!! :D

  6. Hi Nester! I think the color you chose for your front door is perfect, lovely and so fresh. I definitely think it is the final complement of your roof, home and the beautiful land surrounding. I have read some who have referred to the color as lime green. Unless my monitor is really off, I would call it more of a citron green. Lime is a bit “louder” and brighter than the color you show here. I think you’ve got a winner!

  7. Jennifer says

    I’m sorry…I just don’t love it! Maybe it will be better once you get everything done. You really make everything beautiful but I think blue might look better.

    • I think blue is probably the natural choice–and would for SURE look great! But I really want to try something fun and different first, if I hate it, I’ll go blue! or White! Or New Door!!

  8. Christina says

    It’s a pretty shade but I don’t love it in the photo. Mayb it will look better in person. It’s your door though so as long as you love it is all that matters. I happen to love me the details of the screen door. A plum door with a smoky grey screen door would be striking!

  9. I love the purple idea, I painted my dinky little bungalow house light grey with white trim and door purple. The concrete porch is a pale lavender and I love the look. Also the lime too.

  10. Christina says

    I signed up for the self paced class on Sunday, but I haven’t received any login information yet. Please help. I’m looking forward to getting started. Thank you.

  11. You go girl! I love that idea. A green door would compliment the rest of your home very well. I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    The Office Stylist

  12. You are so clever!!! I love that first photo – can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

  13. Ok I’ll be the weird girl. I think a faded red/coral would be so pretty…and play on the flowers…I have ocd about mismatched shades of color though. Like a previous poster, I agree that you’ll make it beautiful whatever you do!!!

  14. I cant wait to see it painted, what a fantastic color. We are building a farmhouse which will have a green tin roof. It just doesn’t say farm without the green tin to my husband and I. However the door color was something I was having difficulty choosing as it limits the choices. I will also have shutters on the windows and I think those will be green also. Sometime building can be so overwhelming! There are so many choices. I don’t know if I ever would have thought of lime, right now I am mourning the loss of my red front door as I don’t want my house to look like a Christmas decoration all year long.

  15. Kristina says

    Hee heeee. “Boss of the greens!” {crash} [Falls out of chair] Totally.

  16. Love it! I miss my Bright Green Door! The namesake of my blog! http://www.brightgreendoor.com/curb-appeal-bright-green-door-style/

  17. Recently started following your blog. Love the ideas an your creativity.

  18. What I love about my home…

    I love the mismatched living room, where I gave birth to my daughter last April. It was late at night and the curtains of the giant bay window were open, and I could see starlight and maple leaves dancing together. Just yesterday– one whole, impossible year later– my baby took her very first steps in this very room. She doesn’t care that the burgundy Persian rug doesn’t match the mid-century modern love seat. She doesn’t care that the antique Steinway is nicked and scratche’d from years of love and abuse. She doesn’t mind that we still haven’t patched up the place where our attempts at hanging wrought iron gates on the walls left a giant gash in the plaster. All these things used to bother me until I learned to see them through her eyes. My daughter only cares that we have snuggled her, kissed her, and loved her every day of her life in this very room. That’s how love transform a house into a home.

  19. My front door is “Granny Smith Apple” which, about a year after I painted it that color, HGTV magazine featured the same exact color for a front door. I thought I was pretty cool. I mean, out of the million paint colors out there?! ;) Anyway, it looks a lot like your color. Hope it turns out exactly like you were hoping! I just finished reading your book. Thanks for all the lovely inspiration and thoughts on what a home is and is not.

  20. Nicola O. says

    ” So purposely adding another color green is like be being the boss of the greens.”

    That line made me laugh out loud, for real. Your voice makes this blog amazing.

  21. Wait what? You can paint the door any color you want. Treat the door as a neutral!! You don’t take in to account the color of the lawn or the color of the leaves before you paint!! I’d paint it teal, RED or aqua!! OOOO Yella would be cute too!!!

  22. I love the idea of seeing what the exterior of your home looks like by taking photos and replacing the color of the things in it. We have been wanting to coat our roof and wondered if we should with the color change it might cause. Now I think it looks great. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for the hint in home improvement.

  23. Does anyone know the name of the paint collar of the door in the first picture?

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