Weekend Links {spotted on instagram edition}

DSC_0339What’s on My Nightstands – Master Bedroom // Liz Marie

6018Baking Cups Lily of the Valley DIY // Oh Happy Day

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.31.25 AMDid you see Meg Duerksen’s Instagram picture of her rainbow stairs? // For more inspiration, check out her website!


_MG_5195New Laundry Room: The Reveal // Jenna Sue Design

_dsc7255Renovated Rustic Montana Farmhouse // Vintage Whites Blog


_dsc7517Kitchen Makeover Reveal: “Epic” to “Minimalist” // Vintage Whites Blog

 Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 8.58.38 AMThe Soul Care House // I’m SO in love with this space!


Have you seen Shanna Noel’s work and the #illustratedfaith hashtag on instagram?!


daily kitten

Beth Ricci mentioned @thedailykitten on instagram and now I’m so obsessed. It’s official. I’m a cat lady. Tag your kitten pics with #thedailykitten to be featured.



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 red letter wordsToday’s Weekend links are brought to you by my sweet friend Dee and her Red Letter Words Art. Thanks Dee!


  1. I know it is a popular trend now to decorate Bible pages, but I think it is very disrespectful to paint, draw, punch holes, and put decorations in the Holy Word of G-d. Many people have paid a very high price to preserve the Holy Scriptures. Some died. Some were persecuted. I recently visited Qumran in Israel, and came away with a whole new respect for the Scriptures. Those holy men hid the Word in caves to protect them for the future. Imagine if they had treated the scrolls this way. Something to ponder…

    • Yes I agree with setting the bible aside for respectful reading and increasing your faith and wisdom. A person can always use magazines or phonebooks if they want to be creative with books. Bibles are the word of God. Thank you for coming to their defense.

      • You guys should really read a little more about the project. Shanna is a beautiful person and so is her work. I think if you took some time to read about her project you might see it a little differently.

    • I think what the artist is doing is trying to inspire others to delve into the Word and grow their faith. It isn’t like desecrating the flag, she is using a bible, (mind you not the only copy available in the world) to provoke thought and desire for others to get into the Word, to look at it as a love letter, a manual for life, a relevant and living map for living a spirit-filled life. In this day and age, as all others before it, there are different strokes for different folks, and her way of seeing things is ministering to others who think like her–creatively–and if it points them to the Lord, what she is doing is worth in His sight. She is not doing it with the intention of desecration, but of loving care and honor and with a heart for reaching others. Lets agree that the way to reach some is not with a stodgy severe solemn imposing bible, but with this fresh, inspiring, approachable method of getting into His Word. My bible is written all over, highlighted, margins full of meaningful words from my pastor, from God, to myself, etc.. Be free with it, adorn it, write in it, decorate it, whatever helps you to take it into your heart and hide the words away that will not return void. The only bible that offends God is the one that is never opened. Peace to you.

  2. I cannot get the link to the Home Bundle to work. It just says “not found” and asks (politely I might add!) if I want to go back to the home page. Is it just me on are others having the same trouble with the link? Thanks!


  3. thank you, thank you! your weekend links always do inspire and hit the right spot.

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my laundry room, what a nice surprise! You’re the best <3

  5. These are awesome pictures! I love the idea of the rainbow stairs. It looks so fun and bright. P.S. That kitten is way too adorable.

    The Office Stylist

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