So a few weeks ago I asked you to take a survey. AND DID YOU EVER!

Y’all blew me away.

I had about ten questions where you could write in your own answers, questions like “if you and I could spend an hour in your home, what would you want to talk about?”

The written answers, to just that ONE question alone were over 160 pages long. I am in heaven reading these, learning about you all, laughing at the funny jokes you wrote, figuring out what topics we can cover here at Nesting Place, what I’ve ignored, what you are sick of hearing about. This information is priceless!

I just wanted to check in and say THANK YOU. And I’m sending out the signed books to the winners today.

I’m also including a few photos of places in my house I don’t show you as often (I learned this from reading your answers in the survey, you want to see the unfinished, crazy parts of the house, even if they are from weird angles). Even though I talk the big talk when it comes to sharing imperfections, it’s still hard for me to share all the real, raw, untouched or half-touched places in our home. So thank you for asking. Also, I didn’t stage anything. I just took a photo  of my dresser with a bunch of clean laundry and then a few sweaters piled on top. Can you handle that? I already know the answer. You’re the best!



I’m so looking forward to the future of Nesting Place and I’m so happy you are here!