A Surprise Giveaway, With Love




It’s that time of year! The LoveFeast Shop (our friends with the Velvet Pumpkins that we love in the fall & long time sponsors of Nesting Place) is offering a charming giveaway. Five people will win a one of their Single HeartGram Valentines that can be delivered to you, or to a friend!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED —  winners will be announced Saturday January 24.


  1. they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  2. LOVE them!!!

  3. beautiful!

  4. Those are so pretty!

  5. Those are so elegant and I love the natural stem!

  6. Those are adorable. I was confused at first when I saw the picture (red pumpkins?!) but it makes much more sense after reading that they’re actually for Valentine’s Day…and who says pumpkins can’t be red anyway??

  7. These are just so cute and unique, the perfect little thing to set out for our valentine anniversary every year. This will be our 41st.

  8. Perfect for gifts and decorating, so attractive!

  9. oooooooohhhhhhh! adorable!

  10. Rebecca Justice says

    Absolutely adorable!

  11. I love these hearts. Thank you for the giveaway. I’d love to win.

  12. This is so beautiful and unique! I’ve seen the pumpkins but never hearts :)

  13. I’d love to share hearts with my daughter in Colorado who had a baby on Christmas Day. This would make their first Valentine’s Day together very special!!

  14. I loved making holidays fun for my 6 boys, and now that they are all grown, I miss it! This one is for me. A nice Valentine treat!

  15. Oh I know exactly who I’d share this with – my dear friend who could use a reminder that she’s beloved on Valentine’s Day.

  16. I just love their products and that color is just absolutely gorgeous!

  17. Love these!

  18. I love them!

  19. those are beautiful!

  20. I love them!!!

  21. I lurve them! Pick me, pick me!

  22. English Holland says

    Love, love these! I have a friend with a broken heart who could really use this.

  23. Trista mason says

    So cute!

  24. Beautiful and adorable at the same time! Just lovely.

  25. Simply beautiful!

  26. Yes, please!

  27. They’re so cute!

  28. Kathy Bright says

    Very beautiful and unique!

  29. Lori Peuterbaugh says

    so beautiful…. Love the vintage look of these.

  30. I love them. They are really a valentine treat.

  31. Oh, those velvet pumpkins need me!

  32. Stacey Monaco says

    Yes please!

  33. This is so lovely, thank you for introducing me to it — and a giveaway!!!

  34. Love! I’m not one to celebrate Valentine’s Day but this is going to my mom.

  35. so pretty!

  36. Love this!! They are gorgeous!

  37. So pretty!

  38. I have wanted to have one of these for a long time. They are so beautiful!

  39. This would look absolutely adorable with my Valentine décor. It would make it velvety-rich. Yes!

  40. Love these! Have wanted one for a while now and would love to win!

  41. Thank you for this giveaway! Love them!

  42. beautiful!! i love the richness of the velvet! :)

  43. So beautiful!! I really hope to win! :)

  44. sherri rognstad says

    Absolutely adorable!!!

  45. these are sooo cute. I hope I win.

  46. Nicole Balogh says

    The heart grams are so cute! I adore LoveFeast and really hope to win!

  47. Love these!

  48. Kristin Anthony says

    These are beautiful!

  49. How fun would it be to get that Valentine in the mail?? Love it!

  50. Love these!!!