Christmas Decorating {for real people who like pretty things but don’t want to spend a week undecorating}

simple Christmas

Sometimes you need to UnDecorate for Christmas.

So here I am welcoming the internet into our home for Chris’s Holiday Home Tour– (welcome if you are hopping over from Kim’s place, Sand and Sisal!) the truth is, my house is very simple this year. Luckily, I have seven years worth of Christmas that I think is worth remembering along with a few corners of our home today that help remind us of the season.



Here’s a fresh little corner of our kitchen, phase two of this fixer-upper. I like showing this…


But the truth is, here’s the rest of the kitchen, evidence of a wonderful little Christmas party we had last night for some out-of-town friends. Our house isn’t done, the barn isn’t all that warm, but it doesn’t matter, we have to invite people in, in the midst of our mess and un-doneness. If we wait for perfect it will never happen.


fur wreaththis wreath and over 150 more to DIY



Blogging is my job, my full-time job, and this summer I needed to decorate in July for a quick photo shoot–it was actually fun because I didn’t have to pull out a tree or anything. I just brought in some pillows and greenery. It doesn’t take much to make a home feel Christmasy, really we just want to feel cozy.


Christmas at the farm

Our first Christmas in six years in our own house–a 25-year-old fixer-upper, we had running water in the kitchen for the first time a few weeks before I wrote this post: Good Enough Decorating for When Life isn’t Perfect Because Isn’t that Always?

simple christmas mantel


Before that we lived in a rental house for four years. Here’s the house we rented: Simply decorated for Christmas and featured in Better Homes & Gardens (I was able to pack up, everything fit in 4 bins, a bag and a small box that I kept in the house–my goal was to use the least amount of pack-away-able Christmas decor ever in a photo shoot for Christmas–a five-room feature!)

black wrapping paper

How I wrap gifts (year around) Simple gift wrap you can use year around (also seen in Better Homes & Gardens}


And my general feelings about Christmas decorating: The year I decorated for Christmas with a rock

boots and wreath

More photos from the rental house at Christmas: Decorating for Christmas…Naturally : 3 steps I took to take back my Christmas decorating

I hope your Christmas is slow. And full of wonder and meaning and hope. I hope this season you choose to stop the hurry, even if it means breaking a few traditions so you can truly celebrate. Sometimes traditions actually get in the way of the season.

christmas tour of homes

If you’d like to join this community of imperfectionists, we are having a Christmas Tour of Homes that anyone can join, next Monday, December 15. The linky will stay open all week. Perfect homes need not join. But we all know, there are no perfect homes anyway. There’s no pressure, don’t rush around getting your house ready, but if you want to join in and welcome us into your home, as is, we’d love to stop by. Digitally of course.


Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 7.52.31 AM

PS There’s a delightfully cozy Holiday Hostess sale going on right now at Joss & Main hosted by Kelly from Lily Pad Cottage. And, in the month of December, if you refer a friend to Joss & Main you get a $15 credit (actually you will get that every month) when they make their first purchase, but now SO WILL THE FRIEND! Any person who is referred as a first time customer and makes their first purchase will get a $15 credit show up in their account!



Next stop on the Holiday Home Tour: Ask Anna, y’all, I am SO CRUSHING on her tree!!!


  1. very pretty. I love the simplicity. Who is the next stop on the home tour?

  2. Reading your words always helps me realize how pretty my own very imperfect home is. Thank you so much.

  3. How did you do those gold dots on the wall? Are they removable stickers or paint? I love that idea if I could find some kind of removable gold sticker to use during Christmas.

  4. Thanks for sharing a picture of my tree! :) Your home is beautiful, as always. I love the simplicity and imperfection, yet that everything is somehow perfect. I also love the picture of your kitchen, keepin’ it real. :) You’re amazing, I’m totally honored to be next on the tour.

    Anna :)

  5. I just adore your home anyway…but at Christmas it’s magical. You know just the right touches to put in place for it to feel cozy and welcoming without being too stuffy!

  6. Oh my. How did you get a picture of my island this am with the farm sink and all. Thx. Good to know I’m in good company b

  7. I mean, honestly. Is it even fair that you’re that good at what you do AND you seem totally normal and fun and someone I’d actually want to invite to my house because you wouldn’t be secretly judging it all? Gracious, girl. Keep putting your lovely style and transparent self out there. The internet needs you.

  8. Beautiful home, thank you for the tour. I love the “Baby it’s cold outside” pillow :)

  9. Girl, you are just all the good things in the world. This home tour is perfection. I have one million new things I can do with stuff we already have. Happy holidays, friend! xo

  10. This is me this year. Keeping it simple for real life.

  11. I love your style and mission to decorate without spending too much time. My favorite is the white fur wreath against the black. Love the contrast! Last year we had so much to undecorate taht we threw all the Christmas decor up in the attic willy nilly after the holidays. Which means I still can’t find the remote to that power strip under the tree. You’d think I’d learn not to over do it again…maybe next year. ;-D

  12. That kitchen sink is reality around here — I love it. Your natural touches are my favorite. And those tall white boots with the greenery. I would steal them if I lived near by. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family ♥

  13. Seriously, so gorgeous (everything you do!) You even make messes in the kitchen look beautiful, ha!

  14. Heather Smith says

    Can’t wait for to tour of homes…..that’s how I found you several years ago!! I also love “favorite things” linky party……??? Are you having one??

  15. so true….we just want to feel cozy :) Love these ideas.

  16. I’m so excited! Next week is my birthday and your tour will be an incredible, week-long present.

  17. I love that grey, chevron rug in your former living room. Where did you get it?

  18. You have a perfectly “undecorated” home. It’s quite lovely. I better get undecorating ;)

  19. Great post! its so important to realize that pretty is not perfect and beauty is in the eye of the beholder even in decor!

  20. Stephanie Ann says

    Where does one buy the cute white ceramic hand vase holding the flowers?
    So cute!

  21. Thank you once again for your imperfect wisdom, I feel myself relax and take a nice long exhale when I read your posts. Your style so lovely, so real, so easy on the heart and soul. Thank you, thank you.

  22. What a beautiful post! I love the simplicity of your decor, yet meaningfulness of it. Completely inspiring. I learned many years ago, that if I can’t take it all down in a day, then I was putting too much up. You are welcome to my mess any day! xox, Emily @

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