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Shannon writes about all sorts of things, but I especially love it when she writes about her house.


Moving Is Like Childbirth - gracelaced

When the wait is over …but it isn’t // Gracelaced



Apple Pancake // Love & Lemons


“The most revolutionary thing we can do is choose to see the good instead of the lack.”

— Leeana Tanersly

Breathing Room

This month’s hope*ologie printable is a beautiful list (use if for your grocery list or gratefulness list, to do list, whatever). Hope*ologie is a membership site that my sister, Emily and my dad and our family started.  Every month we have podcasts, posts, printables, and more focusing on home, family and soul–this month’s topic : Plenty.


We’ve got a new free podcast up on iTunes where Emily and dad and I talk with Leeana called When it Doesn’t Look Like Plenty. Leeana’s book Breathing Room has been such a timely companion for me personally the past few months.