autumn in the barn A $15 thrifted table I found years ago with fresh knobs, the butternut squash we were supposed to eat along with another shapely thing. A green glass container that was made to hold beverages but the spout had broken off so it was on clearance for $8 at HomeGoods. If I need it to hold water for fresh branches, I put a cork in the little hole in the side. And of course, the star of the show–the branchful of dead leaves. Is this my favorite style if we were filthy rich and there was nothing better to do with my money than spend it on things for our home? Probably not. But for this, I like it SO MUCH better than an empty space. In our haste to finish the barn I now realize we forgot to trim out the edge between the wall and the floor. For now, the pretty vignette acts as a sort of arrow. And since this is our barn/gathering space and not our house where we live, I don’t use my dearest things like family photos and such. But I still want it to be pretty. 31 long the nesting place book