The Happiest Barn


Our barn was SO very happy this weekend! We finally hosted an event–my sister & singer songwriter Christa Wells had an all day writer’s circle gathering along with 42 lovely women. Here are a few of them.






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Our next event is Hope*ologie Live on November 15th, tickets are sold out.

We’ll continue to add more gatherings, I’m putting together a crafty day and as soon as I have that planned I’ll let you know!



31 days!

Can you believe that Wednesday is October 1st?!

That means it’s time for the 6th annual 31 Days Writing Challenge and it’s not too late to join in. This year 31 Days has its own website. Be sure to sign up here (look for a special email from us tomorrow evening or Wednesday morning with last-minute details). We also have a facebook group if you want to hang out and ask questions or get feedback on your buttons.

Want to join in but you aren’t sure what you’ll write about or how you’ll write for 31 days straight? This year Kate (the new host of Five Minute Fridays) has organized 31 Days worth of writing prompts, the challenge is to join in 31 days, but then using the writing prompts, write for just 5 minutes every day. Find out more here.


  1. Thanks for hosting — such a fun day! It always feels so warm and welcoming and homey to come to your place! :) Worth the drive every time. Can you believe the last time I made the trek up that way was the last little event writing party? I must like you all..

  2. How amazing it much be to have a space like this! So many fun events for you to host! Everything looks so lovely.

  3. Your barn looks amazing…seriously better than my house right now. That I live in. Like, all the time. What a blessing it must be for you and the guests who get to attend!! :) Now, I’m inspired to go clean up all the baby and little girl gear scattered all about my floors. ;)

  4. I’m literally so so happy to see 31 Days and FMF totally dating :)

  5. What a blessing it was to attend with all the other lovely ladies seeking space for our souls. Thank you for providing just that in an inspiring location. Your family is doing exactly what you’re setting out to do and I am grateful!

  6. This looks like so much fun! I saw Jessica Hoover’s pictures and was rejoicing way south of you! Maybe one day…

  7. This is definitely a happy barn! And, I must add peaceful – I could just hang out in this barn all day soaking in the atmosphere. I’m sure it would improve my writing by 100%. Thanks so much for opening the doors to us and making us feel at home.

  8. Looks so beautiful and fun! What a perfect inauguration for the barn!!

  9. What a beautiful day. I truly felt so at rest and not only because of the comfortably beautiful atmosphere, but the Sprit of the Lord was so thick in that space. Thank you so much! Blessings to you thank you! ***I loved your farm kitties and chickens too, totally added bonuses :)

  10. Incredible how this space came to life! I’m excited to follow the 31 days.

  11. I have to say…I love your barn…I think every girl should have a barn. =)
    Happy Day

  12. So glad to see that “Ugliest Barn” has transitioned into “Happiest Barn” ~ I hope to visit “her” in person some day…

  13. That your dream has come true gives us all hope. Blesings – Jill .

  14. Your barn looks so restful and lovely! It would be hard to stay at my work in the house:) And it gave me an idea for the empty garden shed overlooking our pond…. maybe that could be my little retreat’ at home?! thanks for the idea!

  15. Wow, the barn looks amazing and what a fun event! Congrats on your dream coming true! xxx

  16. Hi, this looks amazing!!!!! I am working on my childhood barn as we speak, I have a question about the outside being painted, is the building metal? I’m gonna apologize of you posted about this and I misses it

  17. Hеllo, I read your blogs daily. Your story-telling style is awesߋme,
    keep it up!

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