31 Days 2014

31 days


This will be my sixth year of daring myself to write for 31 days on one topic during the month of October and it’s the fourth year I’m inviting you to do it with me. Thousands of crazy people have joined in the fun. Maybe this is your year?

The 31 Day challenge has grown up and moved out and now has its very own website! Things were getting crowded here at Nesting Place and we’ll all have a lot more room to grow over at a new place.

Come check out the new website for 31 Days.

And if you’ve taken the challenge in the past and have a story to tell about it we’d love to hear it! Maybe you turned your topic into a class, ebook, book, tattoo or one man show? Link up here and tell us how it turned out!


  1. Hoo boy. I think I may join in this year. Is it ok if that thought makes me slightly sick to my stomach? I’m nervous!

  2. I loved Annie’s 31 Days of Jokes. I’m trying to think of something that won’t take too much time/energy since we’ll be having a wedding in our family in October. Hmm.

  3. i’ve always wanted to link up with you and accept this challenge but never have, this year is the year!

  4. So exciting! Love the new site…and thank you for creating a place for us to share what our series have become! Being able to take my series and create them in to real, hold in your hand, books has been one of the greatest goals I have set as a blogger. This series has been an amazing challenge that has helped me better develop my niche as well as grow readership. It is up there as one of the most influential projects I have taken on as a blogger! So THANK YOU!

    Our wedding anniversary is every October and though I have been able to wing it in the past, I just don’t know if I can do it this year. We are taking a two week trip for our five year anniversary this time around and it may kill me to try…so we’ll see. It will be a miracle if I can! :)

  5. I’m thinking of possibly participating in it. This is like the craziest idea ever, especially right now I barely have time to sleep at night and I’m not even writing a blog post every day! But something inside of me is telling me to do it. I’m hoping God will show up somehow and tell me not to do it. LOL. Okay, I’m done with my crazy talk of the day :)

  6. I want to do this SO bad, but we’ll be gone the first week of October, and *may* be gone (or preparing to be gone) near the end of the month too (Haiti), so I may just have to stick to *reading* posts this year. Can’t wait to follow along…thanks for putting it together again! XO

  7. YiKES I read this post and thought “Wow” I left your site open on my desktop for a couple of days now while I considered this. Then I looked back over my posts this September 2014, and it was sad. My records show my lack of posting way back to the 3rd. So I don’t need to consider any longer. I need to accept your challenge. SO I am going for it. I don’t think I could do worse than this last month. Thanks for including us in your challenge.

  8. Jan Atkinson says

    Just got wind of this challenge and I’m in. Been thinking of doing a blog for years and love to write. Guess it’s time. Just finished teaching on the subject of CONTROL at my sister’s church. 31 Days In and Out of Control, that’s my topic.

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