Let the Rhythm Move You


The end of August is the New Year’s Day of summer.

Even before I had children, and I’m guessing even after they are all done with school, the end of August will trigger thoughts of fresh starts.

It’s a great time to consider what I’m doing at home (or anywhere) and evaluate the whys. I used to always trip over the idea of a very organized routine. I’d print out time sheets and fill up a shiny new binder with high intentions of Finally Getting My Life Together. Especially in the areas of meals and household chores. I thought I wanted to be one of those people who did their laundry starting every Thursday at 10:30 am. I’ve heard people like that exist.

But then something would come up at Thursday at 10 am and suddenly, my binder and I would have a fight (I always won) – and I’d secretly feel guilty for not following my own rules.

Here are my own, non-scientific definitions of routine and rhythm:

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  1. I have to confess! Before I clicked on the link that takes you to the incourage blog, I looked at the bottom of the post and saw the pinterest photo, and my mind filled in the blanks. My thought was “Yep! I have the best intentions of having a routine and getting things done on schedule, but then pinterest sucks me in with its pretty photos and I’ve wasted an entire morning!” LOL!

  2. Thank you for the encouraging reminder that I need to live in a rhythm. I tend to get caught up in the routine I set and get flustered when things don’t go as I plan. However, I have been reminded lately that some of the best things happen when the “routine” is broken, reminding me that I need to live in a rhythm that is best for me and my husband. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Thank you! I have never seen it spelled out this way but this put into words how I live! I have a rhythm I follow and not so much strict routine but at times have felt at war with myself! Your words were life to me today! Thanks!

  4. Where were you 14 years ago when I was trying to figure out how domestic life and motherhood were “supposed” to look for me and wallowing in guilt all day long? Oh, you were doing the same thing. : )

    I started a series last week on this same topic — rhythms and everyday life — because I am STILL learning to embrace our unique way. But you’ve said it all so succinctly here. And I love your differentiation between routine and rhythm.

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  7. Rebeca Milan says

    t’s a great time to consider what I’m doing at home (or anywhere) and evaluate the whys. I used to always trip over the idea of a very organized routine.

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