yes and no

I’m in a season of No.

It’s not near as glamorous, impressive or blogable as being in a season of Yes. At least, I’ve heard that some people’s Yesses are glamorous. This summer, one of the books I’m reading is Let’s All Be Brave and of course I get to the chapter called Say Yes and I’m all squirmy and uneasy. Because I’m fighting for my No right now so to read someone talk about how brave saying Yes is, can sometimes shake me up a little. I audibly exhaled at the end of the chapter when I turned the page and read the next chapter title “Say No”.

Even though Yes and No are the exact opposite, we absolutely must say both every day. I need that reminder that NO is brave too and I’m so grateful that Annie recognizes that.


If you need someone to hold your hand on your brave journey, Annie is your girl.

Today, for me, brave looks like choosing to be absent from things.

What does brave look like for you today?