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Crepe Paper Popies: Jones Designs


“Pinterest Perfect” // Jess Lively

pen and paintpen and paint

Words of Gratitude // Alissa Circle shares how you can help support a beautiful family that suffered a tragic loss last week.




  1. enjoying myself immensely – catching up on your blog!!! and finding out your real name, didn’t realize I didn’t know it. Just listened to how it was pronounced. and i found out my personality type too – i just thought i was shy and introverted, who knew? my name is joni, plain. joni- cohen. no middle name, not joan. and so many teachers called my Johnny. ugh. I went through entire semesters called Johnny because I was too introverted to tell them my real name. At least now, I am Joni Webb and it doesn’t almost rrhymne anymore. God, I love you! I wish I knew you IRL!!! We could be together and not talk. Blish. I know you won’t read this because it’s a comment. But….thanks for the perfect morning.

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