Summer Fireplace

summer fireplace

I was so excited about having a real wood burning fireplace for a few reasons. In the winter we can have that real fire smell and watch the fire. And in the summer, I’m not at the mercy of dusty pretend gas logs. I can make it look pretty!!!

Here I have some stumps in the fireplace, just for fun. Sadly they are tables that we need to use next to our sofa but we have so many stumps around here, I can always make more. Here’s more about stump tables.

fireplace before

Also, I still can’t show an “after” of this fireplace without showing the “before”. For the fireplace we just primed and painted the brick with regular semi-gloss paint. Our fire box is really deep and the brick doesn’t get hot at all. If your brick gets hot with a fire, you’ll need to check with your local paint specialist and use a specific kind of paint.


Last fall I gathered up a bunch of branches and piled them in the fireplace. We took the mantel down at first but it was back up by Christmas.


I even have some sticks that I painted white so I can mix them in if I want.

Here are a few other ideas I liked…

summer fireplace

the glitter guide

summer fireplace

breakfast at toast

art of doing stuff summer fireplace

art of doing stuff

Want to change up your fireplace for spring and summer?

Shop your house for large containers: baskets, wooden crates, big glass vases, and play around with the arrangement.

Shop your house for multiples of objects: old books, terracotta pots, plants, vintage suitcases, try anything, you can always remove it if it looks ridiculous.

Gather some logs and paint them colors to go with your home, or put glitter all over them, or stack them in an interesting way.

When we were first married I had a fern in a basket sitting on a a plant table directly in front of the fireplace in the summer. Have a plant convention in your fireplace and let them all hang out there for awhile. Don’t forget you can always cut down some leafy branches from your local trees and stick them in a bunch of different vases.

chakboard fireplace

Here’s my fireplace makeover from our rental house. I put up chalkboard contact paper on the surround.

Sometimes I striped it like in the photo above.

decorating around gas logsleft: gas logs in the summer looking boring                right: gas logs in the summer looking better with extra branches

And our renter’s fireplace with brick drawn on the chalkboard. Here we had gas logs. So in the summer I stacked real wood on top of the pretend logs. Just be SURE to remove them and sweep out the bark before you turn your fireplace on again in the fall!

I know you have a great summer fireplace idea, share it in the comments?

And for more ideas, visit my fireplace pinboard

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  1. Love how different your fireplace looks painted. Stunning and I love the painted log idea.

  2. Um, this is inspiring, but I have some questions. I have a brick fireplace in our family room that has an ugly glass and metal cover (doors?) on it. I’ve been wanted to take that cover down, but I was wondering 1) If I take the cover down, does it make our entire house smell like we live in a fireplace? 2) I wonder if it gets too cold in winter without a cover (we live in a winter wonderland.) I love the tree stomps in your fireplace. Painted logs are pretty too! Now I want to take the cover down and make ours pretty!

    • Well, I’m not a fireplace expert (so you should ask one) BUT, we’ve had lots of different fireplaces and they have all had a flue that you can open or close depending on if you are burning a fire. So we keep ours closed. I’m guessing your glass is to help control the heat settings in the winter from your fire or something but if it were me in my house, I’d ask around about it and then probably remove it and make sure I had a flue I could close.

      You want to be sure you are able to close something from the winter draft for sure, so if the glass is acting as that barrier that could be a problem, but I really have no idea how they work.

      At our rental there was an ugly sheet of glass in front of our gas logs, I reasearched online and then decided to take ours out based on the type of fireplace, and stored it until we moved out. To me, the asthetics are worth going to some trouble to find out more and even trouble to make some changes so I like it better. Good luck!

      Has anyone one out there removed their doors?

      Here’s a google search to start you off xo:

      • Thank you so much for your suggestions and the link! I did sort of white washed our brick fireplace last summer and it’s all pretty, EXCEPT the doors, and that bothers me. I think those ugly things need to come down. I believe we have a flue to close in our fireplace, but we might still get a draft through the flue in wintertime since we live in a cold climate. I’ll go check out the link you gave me. Thank you so much again for your advice, and I’d love to hear what other people think! Happy Friday ox

        • I have had squirrels get into my fireplace twice despite the flue being closed, and I was VERY happy for those glass doors! Just something to think about. =) (I did eventually have to open the doors and corral the squirrels out through a door, but I was very happy they weren’t able to roam freely in my house before I discovered them!)

    • I painted my ugly fireplace door with high heat black spray paint. It took about 2 weeks to cure (I painted in the summer) and I am very happy with how it looks. It’s held up too, to the heat of the fire.

  3. I still love the look of tons of candles in the fireplace. Different sizes, shapes, some in holders, some just sitting on the brick. It’s my favorite! Also, there is an awesome picture floating around for the fall of pumpkins filling the fireplace. Awesome.

    • Also, I wanted to tell you that i searched your blog high and low to figure out where you got those huge blue candle pillars, and found them!! At World Market!! My mom bought them for me for my birthday and I love them as much in my house as I do in yours. They are my favorite thing!! They are part of my summer mantel. Thanks for inspiring :)

  4. It’s beautiful! Love the idea of filling it with something for the summer months as well. I used pillar candles in varying heights one year.

  5. Seriously learning a lot from you! Love this idea. Thank you!

  6. I’ve got a big old white and red enamelware bread bin filled with eucalyptus tucked deep into that empty fire space.

    Makes me smile whenever I notice it …

  7. Wow! So, so beautiful.. I love coastal summer style and this is on point on every level. :)

  8. Oh, I so wish I had a fireplace. Have you ever lived in a house without one?

  9. What beautiful difference when you got rid of that ugly green paint and replaced it with white. I don’t like fireplace may be because I was raised in a different culture. I used to have one for years in my previous apartment and I hated it. It was always dirty and ugly looking on the fringes. I was always worried about the fire sparks from the fire inside jumping outside onto the flimsy wood that made the whole building up. The fact that all buildings here are built with flimsy compressed wood, fire place inside a wooden vent veneered by brick or other materials, doesn’t make me feel at peace with the fireplace. It gets me very nervous. This is why I don’t like to watch fire burning inside any American apartment. Whenever i knocked on the surrounding of a fireplace, it sounded very hallow and the material felt extremely thin…. May be I am paranoid. But the look of a charred hole in the middle of a wall all year long (unless I repaint it after every use may be) doesn’t appeal to me.

  10. thank you so much for sharing these. I am always trying to decide what to do with my fireplace in every season as we do not use it at all. I am going for the art/magazine look this summer.

  11. im sure you get asked this a lot, but what indoor plants do you use??? I can’t manage to find some that i can keep alive!!

    • I killed just about every indoor plant I bought until I got a snake plant. Those things seem pretty fail proof! I got mine at Home Depot and it’s actually done so well I was able to split it and now have two. I’m imagining myself in about 5 years living in a snake plant jungle here…

      • I have succulents and fiddle leaf figs–my old one died when we moved, you have to figure out the best spot in the house for them, so I got another one from Ikea and I’m moving him around to see where he’s happiest!

        I also have a ponytail plant and they seem to do well for me.

        • I have a pony tail plant from the grocery store that I can’t kill no matter how much I neglect it! It’s great. I’m actually managing to keep my indoor herbs alive for once too! And my amarylis, which did not bloom, is turning into a monster that wants to take over my house.

  12. I was so excited to finally have a fireplace in this rental, BUT it protrudes from the wall so much, that we had to put furniture in front of it. It doesn’t look bad, but I’m sad that my fireplace is somewhat covered. Oh well! I still put fun things on top!

  13. baileywife says

    Love all your inspiration!! And totally off subject, but I ALWAYS notice your cowhides….how many do you have around your home?? I currently own 2 and have got my eye on another…I’m glad I’m not the only one addicted:) ~ Kim

    • A million!!!!
      I’ve learned that as far as rugs go, cowhides hold up to 3 boys, a man who works outside and a dog. And I don’t know if it’s living in the country, mixed with the fact that we have a bunch of land now, but even though we all try to take our shoes off this floor is ALWAYS dirty. I also have a theory that not having carpet in a house gives the dirt no place to land so it just sits on the wood.

      ANY way, I have the big herringbone cowhide rug that is stitched together, then I have one HUGE cowhide that I got from Rugs USA (they have a big black friday sale every year–this was my best deal–it’s currently under our table) I have two silver and white cowhides–I got these for my office and don’t really like them in there–I’m not sure I’d reccommend them, they are very thin and don’t lay well, but I do like them in our family room.

      My son has an old one in his bedroom, and I have a three legged cowhide folded up waiting for the right place–that was the first one I ever bought, second hand at an antiques place.

  14. Pretty summer fireplace ideas! How about wood burning stove ideas for summer? Last year I had a blackbird get down my chimney and into the stove. First time ever.

  15. Hey Myquillyn,

    I love the painted logs, this is definitely what the summer mood is all about: colors, joy and serenity :) Your fireplace summer ideas are inspiring! We have recently posted our spring fireplace mantel ideas, but it worth getting some inspiration for the approaching summer as well.

    Thank you!

  16. Great thoughts, There are a lots of ideas , simple but brilliant. Thank you!

  17. Peggy Schomaker says

    It’s nice to get some new ideas to fill that black hole known as a fire place.

    I have a long skinny metal boot tray (Target), set up on 4 bricks, and filled with 10 flameless candles on timers. Fun to watch the candles come on one at a time, then go out the same way 5 hours later. They are surrounded by assorted pinecones, that I have washed in hot water and baked in the oven on a low setting. I’ve had the pinecones for at least 20 years. Every few years, I give them a soaking, and pop them in the oven again. Nice fall smell when you do it.
    The pinecone used to live in a large basket I picked up at a craft fair. In the summer, I would pop some faux ferns on top of the basket to disguise the pinecones.

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  19. Love this post! And, may I say, that every time I see what amazing things you are doing with your home that I feel like your house is smiling…I bet it is so happy to have some new blood living in it and a family that is loving it so much. :)

  20. Gorgeous fireplace! I’m stuck with dusty gas logs, and the fireplace itself is in a really dumb location. So mostly I just ignore it and browse the house listings online ;-) I do have my vintage books lined up along the also-weird mantle/shelf-thing to kind of balance it out. It works.

  21. Beautiful interior designing and interior furnishing! like the interior decoration too!

  22. Great idea, for a long time ago I also had some idea to change my fireplace style but now I have electric fireplace. An electric fireplace is great for people who want to add the warmth and style of a fireplace without building a permanent unit (whether wood-burning or gas).

  23. You can also buy an electric fireplace insert that fits into your existing space that doesn’t even emit heat – it can just provide a pleasing flame effect, all year long. Several models do this, available from Dimplex and other leading brands.

  24. Its been awesome to use a ventless electric fireplace. A electric fireplace is the perfect addition to any room. These devices produce no harmful odors. My wife like electric fireplace! I found this article about electric fireplace, which is awesome!

  25. This is a beautiful, complete transition! I love the concept of your blog, “love the home you’re with.” Awesome. Great job.

  26. Looks really great, for me, it’s dust and smell of gas. i have my fireplace at the wrong place. Anyway, I planning to use an electric fireplace instead.

  27. Really, Looks awesome. I would like to have a fireplace in my bed room. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Love your article and idea of summer fireplace. I think It is time to make your evening great again by having the best electric fireplace in your home.

  29. Really like how different your fireplace looks coloured. Amazing and I really like the coloured log idea.

  30. Where is the mantle from? Is it natural wood?

  31. Your all summer fireplace looks different and awesome.

  32. Well, that looks very stylish! Thanks for sharing. I especially like the one with painted logs. Since we have our fireplace sealed during the summer to prevent a/c loss, it’s blocked by a piece of plywood the shape of the front of our fireplace. I’ve decorated it with branches, so now it looks much better!

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