final invite

Calling all Imperfectionists.

All recovering perfectionists.

All of us who’ve always secretly hoped that perfect wasn’t the goal.

We’re gonna gather up in one of the prettiest places you’ve ever been in: Bebe Gallini’s one of my very favorite shops. Get ready to get inspired. We’ll hear music by the talented Reeve Coobs, we’ll chat and hug and pit out our shirts (at least I will) we’ll sip mimosas and I’ll sign your book if you want.

This book gives us a great excuse to gather together!

It’s like an Imperfectionists Convention! No perfect people will be admitted to this party.

bebe gallini's

The beautiful Bebe Gallini’s shop is located in Cornelius, North Carolina just north of Charloote off I77 exit 28, more info here.


If you’d like to join, just RSVP on this facebook page so we know you are coming, THIS is your invitation right here! It’s a great event to bring your mom to (I’m bringing mine and my sister and my entire family!) right in time for Mother’s Day. If you want to bring someone who isn’t on facebook just leave a little message or comment on the page so we can get an estimate so we’ll have enough mimosas, I mean refreshments!

the nesting place book

For those of you who aren’t local, I’m planning a few giveaways to thank you for your support. Nothing fancy, no trips to the moon or white kittens dipped in chocolate delivered in money bags, but a few meaningful beautiful items that I love from my place to yours. I wish I could give you all a pouf because that would be really fun! I wish I could fly you all here so we could all learn an imperfect flash mob together.

world's worst barn

And this won’t be the last of this kind of gathering, but just the beginning.

Remember The World’s Worst Barn? Finally, there’s hope for it in flesh and blood. Actually wood and nails. Those big wood things in the back are window frames!! Our family is working on getting this barn all ready for fall so you can come hang out with us. Once we bought this property I really hoped to have this book party here, but it was just impossible, and I’m so grateful for Carole for offering her beautiful shop. But this fall? We are having another celebration here at the barn, under the powerlines!

We are just beginning to dream. We want to have Hope*ologie gatherings, Imperfectionists Conventions, swap meets, craft days, and Emily’s already got something on the calendar! I hope one day, you can come here to our place!

PS, look where this little imperfect book is right now