Ten years ago my sister stood outside our average dream home and snapped these pictures. My boys were little once too, even though I can’t prove on cute instagram photos much to my dismay. I’m one of those girls who always wanted to be a mom. I always knew I would be. However I always assumed I would have girls.

Having and enjoying being a boy mom is my biggest surprise of motherhood. This girly girl can’t imagine life without stinky hockey uniforms, dirty boots and loud bodily functions. The other surprise? How fast it’s flying by. We just took those pictures yesterday!

Today my friend Lisa Jo celebrates the release of her first book Surprised by Motherhood:: Everything I Never Expected About Being A Mother. And unlike me she never wished, dreamed or assumed that she’d be a mom one day. I’m already on chapter eight of this book and I adore it.

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Are you a mom? What has been your biggest surprise?