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We’ve talked before about choosing a song to help ground an event, and how when you put those songs together they make up the soundtrack of our lives. I like to choose an anthem and match music to big events, transitions in our life, or the spectacularly ordinary parts of our life, it’s a trick I use to instantly take me back to the feeling I had during that time.

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Before Uganda I purposely sought out a song that could represent the trip. It was easy knowing Shaun’s music and also the fact that he leads these trips, plus, one of his songs was my anthem for the last Compassion Blogger trip to Tanzania.

Weeks before we even got on the plane I started listening to All is Grace by Shaun Groves (inspired by Ann Voskamp). And now, even though we’ve been home for over a month, when I hear that song it takes me back. I cannot urge you enough to start choosing your anthems. This one act has helped set the mood in our home and trigger memories of meaningful moments in our life.

wood sign

During that same time, Tara from Between You & Me had offered to make me a sign for my home. Months passed and I couldn’t decide what I wanted on our sign. I thought about something from Napoleon Dynamite, or maybe Nacho Libre and even considered the song that Earnest T Bass serenaded Charlene Darling with, remember that one? My boys have that song/chant memorized and it is hilarious and kind of an inside joke for our family.

I’m really glad that All is Grace won out, Shaun totally wins in a competition with Napoleon, Nacho and Earnest T Bass. Although I’m pretty sure I could sell out tickets to that fight.

declare your athem

As much as I love to have this song playing at any and all times during our day, there is something about having the words to the song displayed in our house that takes it to a new level. You don’t just hear the words. You see the words. I didn’t realize the power of having words that mean so much, on our walls.

I hope you not only choose an anthem, but declare it and display it.

Once I knew I wanted to have the words from All is Grace in our home I asked Shaun for his permission and even had him approve Tara’s mock up of what it would look like. It’s important to get permission from artists when you are using their work.

wood sign

I love my wood sign so much that I asked Tara if she’d offer one to giveaway here at Nesting Place. I’m all about original art and meaningful beauty and it doesn’t get anymore meaningful than having a custom wood sign for your home.

between you & me signs

One winner can choose an existing sign listed in the Between You & Me shop or they can customize one for their home. With the custom sign, Tara can happily customize the words (but not sizing) for this giveaway–the winner can choose one of the sizes they offer in their shop. Open to US shipping addresses only.

Also anyone can use code NESTER10 for a 10% discount!

All Is Grace (With Ann Voskamp) from Shaun Groves on Vimeo.

Find out more about Shaun’s Latest CD : Third World Symphony (LOVE this so much!)

this giveaway is closed, winner announced here

tell us, do you have an anthem right now? what is it?