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I was the teenager who instead of sneaking out was in my room with the door closed peeling the ugly labels off of my makeup and shampoo bottles.

So much ugly for no reason. I remember wondering something that still baffles me, if we are creating something that we look at and use every day and we can choose to make it mediocre, ugly or beautiful, why WHY wouldn’t we always choose beautiful?

Funny how we work hard to put the sofa in the best place, find the perfect lamp and toil over the right shade of tan for the walls but we don’t take the time to change all the little things that we use every day that are down right ugly.

–Make Mine Pretty

make mine beautiful

I decided years ago to choose the pretty one. Especially when it came to things that would be sitting out in our home. So I get the pretty soap bottle, cutting board, and toaster. I get the tissue box that goes with my house and I avoid big flashing labels. Surround yourself with beauty just by being mindful. Choose the pretty one. You know, since it’s going to be setting out anyway.

Usually it’s not a matter of money, just a matter of paying attention.



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  1. Hi Myquillin,
    The “one question survey” link is taking me to a United Way ad. Is it supposed to be doing that?
    Love from Richmond,

  2. Love Kleenex – the only brand I’ll buy. And I love that all the info is on the bottom of the box, so it doesn’t interfere with my décor! When I find a design I like, I stock up on several boxes in case I can’t find it again. I even used to take my own Kleenex to work because I liked it better than the brand they supplied. I may be a little bit obsessed with Kleenex. :)

  3. This is too funny…because I literally just came home from Target and wondered why tissue boxes couldn’t be prettier!? I mean, it can’t be that difficult! In my house, I find myself having boxes everywhere for my husband, and I NEED these things to at least match the room.

    But my one question…is where can I actually buy/order the pretty boxes?? Their “shop” link on the site, just takes you to the standard ugly designs I can find at Target! I was so bummed!

  4. I agree – the everyday things aught to be pretty too!

  5. Nester–this is the third blogad I’ve seen for Kleenex today–and the first one I read. You had me at you first photo–and “teenager.” You deserve every penny you get from this site and I wish you every success.

  6. I’ve read your blog for a few months now and have gotten some useful ideas for our home (thank you!) Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of sponsored posts–I think it makes your blog less trustworthy. I’m not sure I’ll be reading it anymore. :(

    • so sorry Heather. I appreciate your thoughts. I’ve done sponsored posts every few months for five years, I’m really picky about who I partner with but, it’s part of the job as blogger. This blog is our main source of income and my goal is to one day be able to make an income purely from my writing and selling books and ebooks (which people complain about saying I should not sell any of my content, it’s a lose/lose sometimes :) and having events at our property.

      I’m happy to partner with a sponsor when it’s a good fit though, especially when it’s a company who’s products I already use and they are offering something to this online community–like the giveaway.

      It saddens me that having a sponsored post makes me seem untrustworthy. I have never even considered that. I like to think the trust I’ve built in the last 6.5 years online isn’t lost just because I have sponsored posts.

      It’s my job to make all the posts worth your time, encouraging you in your home–even the occasional sponsored post–so that you’ll come back! I take that very seriously and I want to do it well! xoxo

      Thanks so much for reading!

      FYI here’s my purpose statement for Nesting Place: https://thenester.com/purpose

      • Melissa McIntyre says

        What a beautiful response! I understand people being leery of sponsored posts, BUT all one has to do is read your blog for a short bit and you will come to the conclusion that Nester is a trustworthy woman! Nothing wrong with sponsored posts. Especially when you USE the products and that the posts are few and far between. Not that I would complain if you did more! I also plan to buy your book that I’ve been looking forward to since last March and if you write more, I’ll likely buy those too! I read every post you write yet I will absolutely buy any book you write as well! Why would I NOT? When you like an author you read what they write even if you have to pay for it :-) I suppose some people just want to take, take, take and get something for nothing. This is not directed at Heather as I have no idea what she thinks, but I have heard people complain about the things you mentioned and it is ridiculous to me. Naysayers tend to complain very loudly on the internet because it is “safe” From someone who has read your blog for nearly 2 years I can assure you that you have NEVER come across untrustworthy or shady. NOT ONCE.

  7. We go through so much Kleenex it is ridiculous and I get very picky about the boxes and which rooms the different designs go in. My husband should take out shares he loves them so much!

  8. You know, Nester — you have sponsored posts once in a blue moon. There are other blogs that I’ve stopped reading because they became nothing BUT sponsored posts, but yours? Not at all. Your readers are very fortunate to have access to your blog for FREE. Heaven forbid you make anything off all your efforts, right? And how would this make you less trustworthy when you’re ANNOUNCING this is a sponsored post? I think some people are just looking to be unhappy, and I hope you will take their comments with a grain of salt!

    That said —
    a) I need to go find some new Kleenex boxes because these are cute;
    b) When, oh when, will paper plates follow suit?!

  9. Ugh, just in case Kleenex is reading, I tried to enter the Sweepstakes and, after a long and involved process of just trying to get them to recognise my email address and finally log in to enter, I just got a ‘you don’t qualify to enter’ sign. What??? The only thing I can think of is that my email address has followed me all around the world and I must have registered for some other contest long ago and it thinks I am in another country but, once you are logged in, there is no option to log out and use a different email address or anything. Very frustrating. Bummer because I use Kleenex all the time and was really excited to enter this competition! Anyway, just wanted to let you know and maybe you can pass on the comment to them if they ask for feedback. :)

  10. I think you did well, writing an entertaining piece about tissue! :D

    BTW, I love the Trader Joe’s tissue boxes … so funny. “I’m there for you when you’re sick,” or “I’m there for you when you run out of toilet paper.”

  11. I’m entering. Thanks! And that statue is killing me. He looks like he is sporting a top knot!

  12. Totally true, you can get a 100 small jolts of happiness every day from looking at something you think is pretty. I really like these pictures.

  13. your post reminded me of the Shakers. They probably wouldn’t have a disco ball (!), but there is an incredible beauty in their barns, baskets, etc.

    “Don’t make something unless it is both made necessary and useful;
    but if it is both necessary and useful,
    don’t hesitate to make it beautiful.” — Shaker dictum

  14. i agree – it’s totally worth the extra cents/$ to get the pretty kleenex box! also, the apple tv remote is getting up there in stylish remotes.. hopefully it’s the wave of the future :)

  15. I recently found your blog, and I’m so glad I did. I spend most of my time in a small workroom in our home, and it’s just been a hit and miss, patch it up sort of place. I’ve wanted to change it, but there’s so much stuff in here I just haven’t known where to start. Your blog has given me just the inspiration I’ve needed to make this place pretty, a work of art, and it’s working!

    We use alot of tissues, too. When I find a box I like and am afraid they might get discontinued, I reuse the box when it’s empty. I just open the side flaps, slide in the tissues from a box I don’t like (that I opened the side flaps to get them out of) and then reglue or tape (with clear packing tape) the flaps. If the box doesn’t get tossed around or sat on, it can last quite a few recycles.

    I did the one question survey and it did work.

  16. I just love, love, love the Owl tissue box. I have to have that one. That box has decided for me the colors I want on my outdoor porch. I had been struggling with ideas for color that would be happy and fun without being something I am so totally not used to. I am generally a black, white, creamy browns and sometime for a real punch of color – RED – kind of girl. So thank you so much for showing such a cute little box with so much inspiration to come from it. Also love your site.

  17. Hi Nester — I can’t get the one question survey to work either. It takes me to a UW page. I love Kleenex and I so appreciate their pretty patterns. Since I’ve got a butt-ugly box in royal blue/yellow/white on my desk (courtesy of my work) this post really resonates for me.

  18. Nester, you’re awesome and so is your blog. Keep doing what you do and forget the naysayers. The rest of us love you!

  19. Interesting, I went to the kleenex site and took the little quiz but it said I didn’t meet the user agreement and to see the terms of use…I read the terms of use and cannot get why/how I would not meet them. So, I guess I won’t be going to New York : (. Sometimes, the legal-ese boggles me. BTW, I don’t mind your sponsored post. I totally get that your blog is a business. On top of that, your posts are useful. Best to you today.

  20. try to enter. how do you register so you can sign it??

  21. So I’ll ask the question that everyone else seems to be skirting around… Where in the world did you find that footed tray stand thingy?!?! I love it! (and the owl tissue box, btdubbs..;) Love you, beautiful Nester!

  22. Debi in Cali says

    I love Kleenex just opened my 2nd box today. I have a bad cold. I have even started keeping the empty boxes and using them for crafts. ex: open one up and used it as a mat for a picture frame. Used it to cover my daughters pencil box to match her room décor. Lots of fun uses too many to mention. Would so love to win!!!!

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