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popping in to share my one word for 2014.

I hope I don’t regret it. Also, I’m old. See you on Monday! Or maybe Saturday!

Until then, I’ll be hanging out on instagram.


PS, do you have a word for this year?


  1. My word is joy. I take myself and life way to seriously at times. This year I want to laugh more and find joy in the everyday moments of life. Thank you for sharing your word with us!

  2. i have two words…believe & inspire:: believe in myself and inspire other women to do the same. Happy New Year!

  3. Love my family.
    Commune with God.

  4. mary in idaho says


  5. my word is knowledgeability

  6. Grow – as a Mom, as a Wife, as a Friend, as a Yogi, as a Person overall….2014 is all about Growing into who I am. :-)

  7. I have never done a one word year but I am considering it. Being a lover of words this is no easy task…but maybe dwell or abide. I am late to get on this band wagon, I wonder what is really all about. Is there a past post you could refer me to so I can understand the concept of one word?

  8. Present. (In all forms.)

    It may even be a form of slowing.

  9. my manager is very into Jon Gordon and we have done one word for each of us. last year mine was bridge. For 2014, I have a few … joy (find it in all that I do, regardless of what it is), believe (in my abilities at work and in my entire life) and faith (that I will make good decisions and find my road back to what is important in life)

  10. haha! that’s a good one. mine is kindness :) i performed 31 random acts of kindness in 2013 and i can’t wait to do it again in 2014! :)

  11. monica thomas says

    joy-my husband has early onset alzheimer’s and we all know the end result but the daily stuff is really hard so i am determined, with god’s grace-to find joy everyday to make this journey less painful.

  12. Impact is my word for the year.

  13. This one word coming from someone other than myself made me happy…and normal. I was writing about slowness this morning and feeling guilty. Thank you. I’ve been pondering my one word. It’s still fuzzy, but. I know it will emerge. Slowness will help with that.

  14. Obey. I’ve been very challenged to obey God for fully in every area of my life, so this year will be the year of obedience and surrender to His will, not mine.

  15. My Word…Brave

  16. My word. . . STILL

  17. My word for the year is REDEEM.

    I wrote about it here….
    …and would love it if you’d all stop by and check it out! Thanks!

  18. grace.

  19. My one word for 2014 is PERSEVERANCE…I don’t want to give up but I must be willing to run the race with perseverance …(Hebrews 12:1) Also, Ephesians 6:18 says …”Praying always with all prayers and supplication in the Spirit, and watching with all perseverance and supplication for all saints.” So prayer is involved as well as perseverance in order to build up the Body of Christ, which is the Church.

  20. … abide…

  21. I love this. Second that.

  22. My word is “MOVE” both physically and mentally. I am not getting any younger and I’m tired of regretting what I didn’t do so I intend to MOVE into life. :)

  23. Purpose

  24. Selflessness.

  25. Slow was my word for 2013 and it was a great year. I learned so, so much about slowing down!

    This year, my word is SERVE.

  26. My word is Intentional

  27. Hope! Hope for a fabulous 2014.

  28. Diligent

  29. I do, and mine is “Perspective” – I wrote about it here:

  30. Wow I am so inspired by all of these words especially the word MOVE eek I need that in 2014 however my word is CONSISTENT. Over the years I have become a starter but I have neglected to follow through with my grand ideas and I know this has lead to a lot of missed opportunities. This year I am going to start claiming back my life by being consistent in my actions and in my character.

  31. My word for the year is SIMPLIFY.

  32. SLOW is my word this year, too! So far, it mostly makes me just feel better when I’m late for things, but I can tell it’s changing my thinking.

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