Hope for the Weary Home


Hope isn’t about knowing how things will come about.

Hope is about envisioning the future and choosing to enjoy that now. Hope is really about rest. Resting in the imperfections of today because you believe that tomorrow there is possibility.

Sometimes the hope isn’t for the change as much is it is for the change in me.

I have great hope for this property that we purchased this summer. We bought it because we have a dream for our future.

Because it has great potential.

Because it is a fantastic mess.

And I like to torture myself by adopting messes and trying to bring out their beauty. It’s my favorite and simultaneously, it’s the worst…



kitchen remodel



Ten years ago, when we bought our last house I had one condition: NO SPRAYED ON CEILINGS.

Of course the house that I fell in love with had sprayed on ceilings. I all but guaranteed it by announcing my dislike of them.

This time around I had one main condition as we were looking for land. ABSOLUTELY NO POWER LINES. NEVER. NO WAY.

When will I ever learn? Here’s where that declaration got me…



I tried to make them look magical in this picture. Don’t you want phone lines too? I admit, they almost look pretty here.

wires But not here.

This is what you see when you stand on our little side porch that leads from the laundry room to our driveway. Yes, when our guests arrive our power lines are right there ready to meet them! This pole is my nemesis currently. It depressed me for weeks (months?) but I’m starting to get over it. Maybe? Of course it’s perfectly positioned to be the main thing you see as you pull up our driveway. Why? Even the dog is confused. Usually when I snap photos I just leave the power lines out.


The wires carry themselves proudly on down to the pole down by our pond…


That one is showing off with two huge buckety things at the top. “Look at MEEE everyone!”

power line city

You wouldn’t believe me if I didn’t show you a photo but it’s almost like someone LOVED wires so much that they wrapped them around 3/4 of our house. They come from the street and instead of going straight back to the pond they actually come around the FAR side of our house THEN go back to the pond. Our house is surrounded by wires.


It pains me to show you this one. However, no one ever sees our house from this area unless they walk deep into our front yard, the driveway is way over to the right… By the phone pole.


porch view

Here’s the view from our front porch. Really the only time you see the power lines is when you first get out of your car and come into our house, or when you walk outside the house. We have 12 full acres that are mostly power line free, we have a huge side porch with a view to the pond that is power line-less and lots of pretty tress to look at.

Do I have hope that one day the power lines will be gone? A little. Maybe we can have them buried? But mostly my hope is that one day the beauty of the property will be so great, that the wires will fade away and I won’t notice them as much. Beauty comes two ways, remember how we talked about arrows?

“Decorating is like placing arrows around. “Look here. And now here.” And anything you don’t want to see you either don’t put an arrow pointing to it, or you simply put an arrow in front of it. And anything you want to accentuate, you make sure it has a big arrow.”

*from the post Good Enough Christmas Decorating for When Life isn’t Perfect Because isn’t that Always?

Sometimes sweet little closeups on instagram and online can make it seem like our little place is pure charm I want to make sure you see what I try to choose to over look on a daily basis.

Daily I tell you.

Here’s our land and home in all of it’s imperfect glory. If this place would have been perfect it would have been out of our price range. Thank God for imperfections, right?!

So here’s what we are working with over the next few years to create a place for you to come to… Can you see the possibilities?





At times it’s debilitating.

We bought a house on 12 acres that happened to be an old sawmill. There are piles of metal and plastic trash that we keep finding. There are 10ish falling apart wood buildings. Tractor tires, broken things, power lines we won’t need. We need an army.


But there are also beautiful trees, cleared pastures and lots and LOTS of cut wood to use however we want. So this year my word is SLOW.

Because it’s the exact opposite of how I’ve felt. Normally in our circle of friends and in our family our house has always been the one where people gather. And with it now being the fixer-uppper I’ve had to learn that yes, I can still have people over, but large gatherings are still difficult.

It’s awkward to use a bathroom with cardboard walls and we still have outlets without covers and such, a toddler’s worst nightmare. I had a dream of already having gatherings and a big sale and fun stuff on our land and I’ve had to accept the fact that things are moving slower.


We are paying cash for updates as we go and naturally every project takes longer than you hope. So mostly here when I show you our monthly progress, I naturally focus on the positive changes we’ve made. But this time I wanted you to see the extent of work that is here because y’all it can be overwhelming if I let it. Inside, outside, pool, buildings, wires...so I show all the pretty on instagram and usually here because it encourages me.

pretty wires

I hope as you sit in your imperfect house and can’t help but notice the imperfections that at times seem hopeless, that you can still have hope. Maybe not that everything will change. But maybe that enough will change that you’ll forget about those things that seem daunting today.

smithus & the pole

Also, if you or your husband our your best friend happens to be a power line worker whose job is moving power lines in the greater Charlotte NC area, feel free to contact me so we can be BFFs.

hope. on a wire


  1. This was such a great read! We downsized to the perfect little fixer upper in the woods and even though it has so much potential it’s still had to deal with the pre-potential achievement grosseness some days. Every project we tackle seems to have so many layers of surprises. Since we’re doing it all ourselves on a tight budget it can be hard to not have it all done RIGHT NOW. But then there are days like today where we’re all worn out from hauling bricks and loading up trash to take to the dump and the stars look just right and it’s all worth it.

    I grew up in Charlotte and live in the Triangle now. I look forward to reading your blog.


  2. Once I asked a guy who cane out for something I needed to change the way a line was running so that it wouldn’t be over our above ground pool, and he and his crew did it right then. Guess he saw the need as we had four young children at the time.

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  4. what a great read! love the country yard, old house… we have one as well and our house is a 100-year-old fixer uper. we’re been there for 9 years this summer… and our word would be SLOW as well. paying cash for renos, doing much ourselves, while raising two kids and husband working 2 jobs… means it goes SLOWLY.

    found your blog through the IF:gathering page… which struck a chord with me, and especially this post: https://thenester.com/2014/02/why-youve-got-to-have-guests-when-your-house-isnt-perfect.html. wow. God MAJORLY challenged me with that. i am the “Inhospitable Introvert” and make excuses that my house is a disaster, or embarrassed over the unfinished renos. God doesn’t care. He just simply wants me to love people and to welcome and serve them. 2014 sounds like it will be another stretching year! :) God bless.

  5. I just found your blog. I never comment on blogs, but I feel so inspired! Can’t wait to hear more about your journey!

  6. So so great! I too work to mentally banish from my notice several things in our rental that are just not what they should be and cannot be covered with a doily or something. We are currently looking for a house to buy and the price rage we can afford means a glowing recommendation of a property is “it has so much potential” and “it needs updating but its livable.”
    Thank you for the perspective and the laugh!

  7. This does give me hope. Thank you. I live in a house that has so much potential. I work 40+ hours a week so it doesn’t leave much time for DIY. I tend to do little decorating things to raise my spirits and make it more homey but I really think that paint will make a big difference in most of the spaces. The kitchen has a hole in the ceiling and in the floor that require lots of work before we can even think of fixing them. Ditto in one of the bathrooms. We have rust water which keeps everything looking sad and dirty no matter how much scouring powder I use. Sometimes I feel too overwhelmed with it all. But seeing your accomplishments really does help. Thank you!

  8. Oh yes, girlfriend, I am right there with you. We listed our home for sale about a year ago. I thought we lived in a pretty house, a great house. But after all the prospective buyers’ comments, I felt like trailer trash. Even though we ultimately took it off the market, I’m still having a tough time shaking all the imperfections seen through the eyes of others. And to be honest, many days I don’t choose joy. I want to, but I don’t always do it. So, thanks for the pole story. And thanks for talking about the struggle. I’ll try again!

  9. Thank you for sharing the pole photos! I have some too! Haha. And my mom usually points it out when she visits that maybe we could do something about it. Like it’s more important than our fixer house projects. At least we both have north and south poles for the holidays :)

  10. We have a big power line that drapes right across the front of our beautiful 100-year-old farmhouse. I HATE the power line but truthfully, I don’t even see it anymore because I notice the flowers and plants we lovingly tend, and the friendly dog running through the yard, and the arbor my dad made for me, and the welcoming lights shining in the windows….

    Whenever I want to grouse about the ugly, imperfect things about our house or garden, I tell myself that nothing here on earth will ever be perfect. It’s God’s way of reminding us that this is only our temporary home…the perfect stuff is yet to come.

    Great blog!

  11. I just found, and joined, your blog. Late bloomer, but its all good. And I wanted to say this post is THE BEST. Actually, I have enjoyed reading many of your posts, but as a hobby decorator, and soon to be home decor creator and business owner, I am searching for people who are real in their love of — and honesty of — home decorating, budget, and creativity. P.S. God bless Chip and Joanna Gaines yes? Anyway. Kudos to you for allowing the world to see that we all have power lines somewhere. Its the bravery to photograph them, laugh at them, and to not be pushed around by them that builds our character and pushes our creativity. Thank you for the inspiration.

  12. Hannah Beth Reid says

    Today I thought of your distaste for power lines while watching an animated show with my children…it had power lines where the talking helicopter was trying to fly (and decorate a Christmas tree)…why are the artists on that show trying to make it harder for the poor helicopter to do his job? ;)

  13. I have just recently found your website, and so far am loving what I see. Your honesty and down-to-earthness are inspiring. Thank you for being real! Oh, and by the way, I just love the photo at the end of this post. The way the power lines and the angle of your roof work together to frame the word HOPE really is perfect!

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  15. I’ve done over a few houses and the surprise’s but our poles are across the street and we had to open the street to put in lines. Like for cable,upgrade electric and there is an extra empty one in case. Hoping to never need in case. Now I am decluttering and then moving furniture around.

  16. I am coming late to the show but did you ever learn to just embrace the poles? Lol

  17. Hello! I love your property! What fun it will be finding treasures. My property in also in the greater Charlotte area in Lincoln County. I do hope you are near me. I will start building in May. Can’t wait to share

  18. Dolores Segraves says

    This is my first time writing you.Your home isprecious.
    Even though I am seventy two and no longer have a home
    of my own,it is wonderful for to share your home with us.I am reminded of our home. My husband,who passed away
    several years ago,had a natural gift of making our home
    a cozy, beautiful place where our friends loved to come over and enjoy,what many said was there second home.
    After my husband died we unfotunately lost everything
    In a horrible tornado..
    So I just want to tell you what you are sharing with this group is more than your home and your talent.
    I saw your heart.
    Than you and I pray that God will continue to bless your
    home and your busines.
    God bless you. Dolores Segraves

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