Compassion Bloggers Uganda 2014 - Day Three

Hi Compassion Sponsor!

I just want you to know that you are doing something life changing.

Because that child you sponsor already fully believes you are their biggest fan.

You leave comments wanting us to tell your children that you love them and to give them a hug…

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Know that the Compassion staff tells them you care for them. Today in the most feared slum in Uganda, 256 children believe you believe in them. They know your name, save your letters and want to make you proud.

Compassion Bloggers Uganda 2014 - Day Three

It’s not just me who thinks so.

Today, someone spoke to them on your behalf. And not just any someone – Papa Wess.

Wess Stafford, President Emeritus of Compassion International is leading our trip. This afternoon he stood up in front of over 200 children registered in this project and spoke these words to the children:

(reading in an email? click here to watch a one minute video!)

These are words I want to live up to.

Compassion Bloggers Uganda 2014 - Day Three

The best part of coming on these trips is that to the children, you represent their Sponsor. They’ve thanked us a thousand times. And that thanks belongs to you.

They celebrated like crazy when we came.


Compassion Bloggers Uganda 2014 - Day Three

Compassion Bloggers Uganda 2014 - Day Three

Compassion Bloggers Uganda 2014 - Day Three

There was a parade, a marching band, preaching, musical numbers, matching dresses, hugs and applause.

Sponsor, we are a part of something so big. From your different homes all over the world, while you paint your walls and put the chicken in the oven and pickup carpool, that little one you sponsor is spending their every day differently because of your $38 gift.

Compassion Bloggers Uganda 2014 - Day Three

We accepted their gratitude in your honor and it makes riding on all those micro airplanes worth it.

But really, it belongs to you.

You’ve helped change your child’s entire world. And they will help change their community.

They know that.

Do you?

changed people


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