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weary world rejoices

The alternate title for this post is : World’s Worst Blogger Doesn’t Have Her Tree Yet. It’s December 2nd and I’ve only put ONE thing out for Christmas which would be fine if I were a normal person but, supposedly I’m a home blogger. Apparently we are supposed to be inspiring with our Christmas decor BEFORE everyone else puts their tree up. Not after.

weary world rejoicesThe Weary World Rejoices

The only Christmas item in my home right now is this beautiful canvas from Lindsay Letters. It’s my new favorite Christmas decoration and I keep moving it around to cover my naked walls.

I had the pleasure of collaborating on this beautiful canvas with the amazingly talented hand lettering queen. Collaborating with Lindsay basically meant that she had the idea to do a Christmas print together, I told her the phrase I wanted, she did all the work, I fell in love and asked her to marry me, and then she sent me this beautiful framed canvas to put on my wall.

It’s the first and only sign of Christmas at my house this year.


In this picture you can see the emptiness that is still our house. The dots (also seen in this post (in silver) and this post) are thrown up just to have SOMETHING on my walls, but if you looked close you’d see drywall screws and mud that needs to be sanded. Also the lovely middle-of-the-wall thermostat is going to be moved around the corner to the left wall above the return, see the wire for it?


I went ahead and erased the thermostat in this picture so we could enjoy the simple, pretty wall art.

nesting place gallery wall

I used Lindsay’s Deer Canvas in the bonus room at our old house.

better homes & gardens christmas ideas

Lindsay and I were both featured in Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Ideas this year, you can order it here. You can download it immediatly here, all of our local stores sold out way back in October.

better homes and gardens Christmas Ideas

Our rental house (that we moved out of this summer) has a 10 page spread in this year’s issue. I’ll tell you more about it later this week including the world’s least expensive Christmas decor ever to be featured in a magazine and all my simple gift wrapping ideas.

lindsay letters

Here’s Nicole, one of the editors tweaking the shot.



the nesting place

Lindsay even hand-lettered the title of my book! It doesn’t come out until April so we’ll talk more about it later. But, y’all, I LOVE it!

Linsday’s having a big store wide sale today, Cyber Monday with 20% off your order, her work is the NUMBER one question I’m emailed about– whenever one of her canvases happens to be in the background of the blog in photos I get emails. So here’s your chance to save! The canvases I have in my house are:

Come thou fount

Weary world

Deer Canvas


tour of homes

Don’t forget, two weeks from today is our FIFTH annual Christmas tour of homes! Here’s last years!

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  1. Favorite Things again this year? Pleeeeaaaasssee?

  2. Thank you for not having decorated yet! At our house, the stuff is out, I’m teaching the kids, there is so much furniture in the front hall that you can’t move, and my pre-lit tree only lights up 1/5 of the way. I needed to feel like I am not alone in undecorated land. I just posted the words to that verse of “O Holy Night” on Facebook last night, and it’s the second time I’ve seen them on a blog today, so I must need to order that canvas! Off I go to check it out!

  3. This is one of the reasons that I love your blog. I feel “Human” that my house isn’t perfect and my holiday decorations aren’t all up :)
    Your home always makes me feel warm, cozy and welcoming. Now when I decorate I keep thinking “just keep it simple”.

  4. Christmas lasts from Christmas Day to Epiphany (the day the three wise man came to visit the baby Jesus, January 6th, Giving us the 12 Days of Christmas.) If you put your stuff up too early you will be tired of it before Christmas is actually over. I am so excited about your book and if I can judge a book by its cover it looks awesome. I can’t wait for it to come out so I can see the inside.

  5. This post reminds me of the beauty of simplicity. Linsday’s canvas artwork is absolutely gorgeous in black + white in the gold frame, and the dots really make the room shine! So beautiful! I’ll be thinking where to put the dots in my house the rest of the day :)

    By the way, I just started my blog yesterday, and it’s called “northfield gate.” Would you may be perhaps stop by some time when you get a chance?? I’d love to hear what you think!
    ox Yuko Jones

  6. Such a fun piece! I love that it isn’t over the top Christmasy. The book cover looks great! Just wanted to let you know I’m offering 40% off all wall art and floral flea market totes today- Happy Cyber Monday :)

  7. I just saw something that you can do if you don’t want to look at your thermostat, put hinges on a painting! Then you can open it and get to your thermostat.

  8. I have the magazine…and am so happy! Love everything you have done. Your tree snowflakes are awesome!

  9. Oh, nester sweetie, you are more than simply a home decor blog! Don’t you know God uses your blog to prevent us from feeling “less”? All those gals in rental homes…less. All those moms shaky about home schooling…less. All those supportive wives who have walked with their man through troubling financial difficulties…less. All those creatives nervous about their unorthodox ideas…less. Weary women unsure of ____. We all have been hoodwinked into feeling less than who we are by the father of lies. A world of weary women rejoice with you today that we have been busy with differing assignments from OUR Father and that has kept us from being busy with the decorating. (Others have been assigned to be busy about that this year and we’re glad…maybe next year it will us!)

  10. The space looks so inviting! I am taking a more relaxed approach to decorating for the season this year and this room captures the spirit of the season. LOVE your fur throw it looks so luxurious! Any chance you could share your source?

  11. I totally feel you! Everyone is posting these gorgeous perfectly decorated homes, and I am still cleaning up from Thanksgiving and picking paint chips out of my hair…to be fair we did just paint 800 or so square feet, but it is not looking very merry & bright at our house…yet!!!

  12. I can see that Lindsay is the talent, but I really love your selection of a phrase. I’m going to have that lifting my heart all day.

    (Also, I get that bloggers are supposed to be inspiration for the rest of us and all, but if you’re supposed to be a good example, well, getting your tree at the beginning of December is still WRONG. The “twelve days of Christmas” actually START on 12/25 and last till the Feast of the Epiphany! I can’t help myself getting over-excited about Christmas, but I try to remember to celebrate one thing at a time – give everything its room to breathe. So yesterday, I may have switched out a dish display to red, white, and green. And put some wreaths on the gate. And set up the Nativity (minus the Christ child). And put out the Advent wreath. But I have promised myself I can’t add anything else but wreaths before St. Nicholas Day (12/6) – that’s like restraint, right??)

    What if you had a fake tree in, I don’t know, the barn or something, to photograph for your blog, and a disclaimer that it was “FOR INSPIRATION PURPOSES ONLY,” and then got your real tree later? Am I taking this too far?

    • M, I think I was upset by the start of you post all day yesterday. It was even dinner convo with my husband last night. You are a “good example” by not having Christmas up the very second Thanksgiving is over. I’ve always loved Madeleine L’Engle’s approach, that Advent is a season to be taken one step at a time and savored through preparation for Christmas. We readers can be inspired by your process and staying in rhythm with your family. The beauty of your blog is that you have archives. So we can be inspired by you, copy you, and create our Christmas nests next year by reading what you do this year in October and November. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself on our accounts!

      • Oh Daisy, thank you for your wise words.

        I also want to be careful to, by default, assume that those brilliant, talented home decor girls with their trees up are somehow doing it wrong. For them, and really for me, decorating for Christmas is part of the job–a job we LOVE. It’s a weird balance!

  13. Can I just say yay to not being the only one without a tree!!! We did bring home a tiny cedar yesterday, which kinda feels like a bit of christmas. Also managed hang a single strand of lights on our headboard. I’m fighting to keep it simple. My goal is to add a bit each day, and savor each piece. Now thats what I say today…haha..by the way, congrats again!! Can April get here fast enough?!!

  14. Love your blog and so thankful for this post, love the Weary World canvas art and just ordered one framed. Now to have the patience for it to get to me! ;)

  15. Thank you! I felt such relief when I opened your e-mail and saw that you haven’t decorated! In so many ways, you make me realize I’m not alone. Your posts are always soothing to my soul. Thank you!

  16. Thanks for keeping it imperfect and real : ) I love your phrase choice “The weary world rejoices” so much… I really love hymns, and that phrase just captures the heart of the Gospel and of Christmas…we are worn down and broken and God sent in great Light and Hope. I am glad that you seem to be past your renovation blues you wrote about this fall. I have been praying renewed strength for you… I know that your new home, like your rental, will become (and is becoming) a gem of great beauty and creativity and bastion of southern hospitality : ) You and your sister are both so so gifted and an inspiration to others to bloom and to shine. Hopefully in a couple of years when your home is in full and gorgeous bloom, you will look back on these early renovation days of tools and dust and smile…kind of like remembering the sweeter moments of sleepless newborn baby “boot camp” colicky nights.

  17. I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I traveled out of state for Thanksgiving and ran a conference the week before. I’ll get in late tomorrow night and hit the ground running Wednesday morning. Maybe I’ll have time this weekend? I hope. If not, at least I feel some grace in this post.

  18. I love your tree-less decor ~ refreshingly simple and to the point with your beautiful canvas!

  19. I know what it is like to have to decorate even though the room is not done. We need a little bit of pretty to get us through the chaos. Even though the trim is not all put up, I moved us into our new bedroom, even put the Christmas tree in. It makes it easier to do one project each week to get it closer to being done. I am enjoying your home remodel. Have a wonderful Christmas. Alaina

  20. Kate Mallory says

    I am coveting the gray console table you have under the peach graphic print in these photos. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of to try to find it, but to no avail. Can you please tell me where it came from? Thanks!

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