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5 minutes to decorate a bedroom for Christmas

I caved and put a few Christmasy things in our room. This room has been neglected since we moved in this summer. It’s in working order so therefore I haven’t paid it any attention after just moving our furniture in. I’m in the market for black drapes and just ordered a new light to replace the huge dark ceiling fan. Until then a wreath, evergreen cut from our trees in the backyard and some garland helped our room not to feel jealous of the rest of the house.

natural Christmas decor in 5 minutes

five minute Christmas bedroom!

Christmas bedroom in 5 minutes!

2013 christmas tour of homes

You are invited to join in tomorrow for the 5th Annual Christmas Tour of Homes! I’ll put a linky up by 9am EST. Here’s last year’s so you can get a feel. I’ll do it the same way, no words, just photos so you can pull us in with your beautiful decor. No perfection required. If you don’t have a blog but want to link up you can post on instagram with the hashtag:


Which is ridiculously long, hence my love for it. If you are new here it stands for It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful Christmas.

Please only link up once. Link directly to the post with your Christmas home tour, not simply your home page. This is for Christmas tours only, not your cute stuff that you are selling. Thanks so much, can’t wait to see your pretty places! xo

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  1. So fresh and pretty and inviting! I am gonna hustle to get some photos up for a blog post to join the fun.
    Question: do you have guinea fowl at your farm?? I love the gray and white dotted feathers in your wreath. I stick those EVERYWHERE. I don’t own a single potted plant that doesn’t have a spray of guinea feathers stuck in it. LOL
    Merry Christmas from Oklahoma!

    • Nope, I bought the feathers last year from a girl on etsy who has them on their farm :) but the other feathers we picked up off the ground here

      • Oh how fun. Our guineas and geese shed them like crazy. Chickens and parrot too, if you’re ever interested. I’d be so happy to share! He parrot feathers are bright, shiny cobalt blue. Not exactly neutral though. ; ))

  2. I love the big pom garland. Did you make that? or where did you buy it?

  3. I love that you are planning on putting black drapes in your bedroom. Can you please tell me where to find them? I’ve been looking too and haven’t found any yet.

  4. I would hardly call your bedroom neglected–it looks fabulous–so I’m really excited to see it when you really go at it in there. :)

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