Why Do We Really Dread the Drop-In?



A month or so ago I wrote a post called The Almost Extinction of the Drop-In at the (in)courage blog. If you didn’t read it, you might want to read it first to catch up. I was surprised at the response to the post. The comments fell into a few groups:

1. people who LOVE drop-ins

2. people who don’t mind them but want a warning

3. people who don’t like drop-ins

My main and most surprising observation was that….

(read the rest at (in)courage & join the conversation there today?)


  1. I loved your article! Such helpful, practical tips. I love the broom-and-bra thing…that would solve a lot of the drop-in anxiety! :)

    (Totally off topic… Are you hosting the Christmas Tour of Homes this year? No pressure. I’d just like to be prepared for all my cyber drop-ins.)

  2. Hey! I got a new Christmas magazine and opened it up (Better Homes & Gardens, I think). There was a picture in the table of contents. My first thought was, “That sure does look like Nester’s place.” And lo and behold it was! Such a great article! Very fun!

    • oh WOW! you are good, I had that magazine for a week before I realized they even put our tree in the table of contents!! I’ll be doing a post in the next few weeks about the gift wrap and super EASY super inexpensive decor I used for the shoot! xoxo

  3. I just love the “Have a fantastic day” tote bag you have in your picture! Please tell me where you got it!

  4. Nice article. I don’t like drop ins even though I am Southern and it was/is a way of life. Thank goodness it is rare here in the PNW. The two best things about living here… no drops ins and no venomous snakes.

  5. My grandparents used to have drop ins all the time and I loved it! It’s something that I aspire to. Somehow my grandmother always had made enough food to share and if the house was a little messy folks just sat on the porch.

  6. love DaySoring and Lisa Leonard….gifts for others (or yourself!) from the heart with meaning are the best!

  7. must be excited about the DaySpring deal as I forgot my personal info on the Anonymous post above! Have a great day all!

  8. Perfect post to start the season. Every year I vow to not let two holidays cause so much havoc and actually slow down and enjoy them. Maybe this will be the year I listen to myself. Can’t wait to see the kitchen!!!

  9. Hi there, just wanted to tell you, I loved this blog post.
    It was inspiring. Keep on posting!

  10. Beautiful post! I have to be honest, I used to LOVE drop-ins but now I really can’t stand them. If someone calls and wants to make plans to stop by on such and such a date that’s fine but to just show up unannounced drives me batty, I have been known to not answer the door when that happens. I don’t know why I changed since I used to really love drop-ins. I think part of it was at my old house (when I lived closer to family) I loved it when my nieces or siblings would pop over anytime, but where I live now (not near family) it was friends that I am not even that close to who would drop by whenever, these were the same people I wouldn’t answer the door and pretend I wasn’t home. So for me I guess it depends on who is just dropping by weather I can stand it or not. With my family at least if I was busy I felt like I could continue working on whatever it was while chatting with them, more often then not they would volunteer to help me with whatever I was doing, with others I feel obligated to stop working on what I’m doing to “entertain” them.

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