Two Months at The Farm


It’s been two month since we bought our little house on 12 acres. Here’s where we are today with entirely too many pictures. (click here to see last months recap) I think one of the most helpful things when you are involved in a long, ongoing project is to constantly remind yourself how far you’ve come. It’s what helped us through when we were paying off our six figures worth of debt and it is encouraging to me simply to write this post. It’s an uncomplified way to motivate yourself!


Let’s start with the kitchen. I’m planning on some real kitchen posts in the future, right now, there just isn’t anything all that exciting to talk about.

And this is the part where I talk for 300 words just about the kitchen…


Wes Priddy, Contractor and his team have been working on all of those things that you never see once the kitchen is done. (Local and need a contractor, email me and I’m happy to share our experience.) We (meaning I decided and then took a picture and posted it on instagram and they did all the days and days of work) moved the sink, refrigerator, stove and dishwasher and electrical stuff for two walls. Plus, I’m getting a big huge Thermador Hood (used!) which requires a lot of new duct work, add to that new plumbing, water lines for the fridge and lighting–there was a lot of boring (compared to picking out fabric) work to be done. At this point, the kitchen is about ready to be inspected so we can move on to phase two.


Floors!  My boots are standing on what used to be a closet. With a wall to the right and a pantry where the linoleum is.


Chad and my dad took down a few walls worth of wood from our mudroom (the same stuff that’s on our floors–pine from our property made into floors here at the sawmill they use to run on our property.


wood floors

Here’s some of the wood from the walls sitting on the floor just so we can look at it. It’s going to be a little crazy, there are 2 or 3 different widths of wood and not a whole lot to choose from plus, we are filling in just the kitchen floor–there is already wood on both sides of it. Lucky for me I’m not a perfectionist.

before kitchen

Here’s the back wall of the kitchen before….

torn out kitchen

Back kitchen wall last month…


And now. Double ductwork for the hood on the back wall that I’ll probably forget to ever turn on. The craigslist Viking range will go under the hood obviously. And look, plumbing for my sink!  We bought the double farmhouse sink from Ikea. I taped off the size on the pretend counter so I could get a feel for it. And right now we just have some white wood sitting for the counter, the counter will be about 12 inches deeper (wider?) than the back of the island. It’ll all make sense later. And? I picked white quartz. I’ve always loved quartz. And I’ve yet to regret anything white. And I did a lot of research. Do you have pure white quartz? Do you hate it? Love it? Don’t tell me. Yes, PLEASE TELL ME! Only if it’s good. No really, I want to know….


We got a new pair of leather chairs (I got my husband an ottoman so he can put his feet up). And finished painting the fireplace and actually hung something on the wall!

family room

I shall never let you forget this before picture.

family room

I made an inspiration board thing whatever they call it for our family room.

black window frames

I painted the window frames black. Super easy. Even more rewarding.

ikea drapes

I bought one light grey pair of drapes from Ikea and liked it.

ikea drapes

So then I bought another one. Y’all, our tiny family room is packed FULL with this kitchen reno. Don’t you love the dueling dressers? I should get another white dresser for the left side of the room.

upstairs bath

I also finished priming the upstairs bathroom.


Here’s the before.


We finally moved everything out of the rental. October 5th was our last day with it. Don’t worry, we took that chandy down and put back the boob light.


Chad pressure washed the porch. Actually still only half. The pressure washer is now in the shop. Fun times.

home front

Our oldest son took the shutters off the house. Anyone want my knockout roses? I think we have 8-10, you can have them if you’ll come pull them out!


Also, our dumpster got all filled up and is now gone! I’m kind of sad to see it go.

mom and dad on the tractor

We went in with mom and dad and rented a tractor because we are still city folk and don’t have a tractor. Also, tractors are expensive. And we have acres of field that has been neglected for over a year and needed to be cut.

bush hog


Whoops, at least we found the drain for the pond. That was exciting.



We also had a little event. Let’s just say it involved mud, water from the pond, water from a spring we didn’t know about, Mr. Kent and Jake and Mr. Tom and his huge tractor (he used to own this property two owners ago). Oh and it also involved six hours. We are so grateful for Kent and Jake who stopped working on our kitchen to drive a tractor and stand in mud for hours to help rescue a little green rental tractor. And of course for Mr. Tom who saved the day with his big huge tractor.


Soon he was at it again.


And here’s the after.

saw mill sign

Chad unearthed this. How fun is that?! And here’s a tiny fast little video of the saw mill from the back of a 4 wheeler if you want to watch it on our instagram. And yes, we are talking about Atz Lee. If you know who that is, then enough said, if you don’t you won’t understand.


Also, I got internet. And the biggest, tallest, ugliest dish right outside my back door. I can’t stream Pandora or watch Netflix, but I can get online!!!









  1. Phew! You all have a LOT going on. I’m tired just reading your post! But I bet it’s a good kind of tired. We are finally getting our mudroom tricked out the way I envisioned it 8 years ago. I agree with you, it’s good to remember what you HAVE done. I have a neglected house blog where I posted about that. I feel so good every time I read that post!


  2. wow! Progress being made all over the place! You have such beautiful ideas…can’t
    wait to see the finished product. Don’t you love it when kids can spend so much time

  3. Oh my goodness, you have done so much work so far, and it looks awesome!!! Your boys look so happy to be there, which is better than the house remodeling :)

  4. I hope you are having fun. As much as the whole process is a lot to take at one time, it is fun to be involved in so much of making this house your dream home. My boys would be in heaven with that huge pond and it looks like your boys are enjoying it too. If you can, get a tractor, they are worth their weight in gold for all they can do and they hold their value more than any car or truck will. They are great for moving mountains in landscaping. Alaina

  5. WOW! What a big difference two months make. You and the guys have been working hard and it shows. I had the same IKEA cabinets and loved them…until we moved. Have fun with this adventures, even though I am sure it is overwhelming!

  6. Lots of progress! We just bought a new house and we are starting the kitchen this week…EEKS and YAY! We did the kitchen in our last house and had pure white quartz countertops. Zodiaq Snow White. NO REGRETS! It looked great and was super low maintenance. The only issue we had is getting the yellow marker off of it from where the fabricator had marked it up. Called dupont and they said to use Grease Lightening cleaner. It took the marker right off and they now live happily ever after with a new family. Anyway, I MIGHT try a honed marble this time, but if I can’t find anything I love, white quartz it is.

  7. so love seeing the progress.
    tractors are expensive.
    i’ve made my dad promise to leave us one of his.

    your boys look like they are enjoying every single second of living on the land. awesome.
    gorgeous picture of you and chad!

  8. I am loving this process from afar! What fun. I mean, I’m sure it has its hard bits, too, but it’s great to see the progress.
    And the antlers on the fireplace–!! I never thought I’d want antlers so much :).

  9. Living the dream! Y’all must be so tired from working so hard. So happy for you.

  10. So excited to see the transformations. I always keep pictures also so I remember where I started.I have been praying for God to guide us to the perfect house so we don’t have two any longer and we found it finally. Granted it is a house PLAN but building is my favorite thing and we know people in the construction wolrd with a framing table so the walls should go up quickly. As long as we have running water and working heat/ electric I am okay living in a construction zone.
    So so cool to see your transformation!

  11. Well, I love it and want to come for a visit! I’m not one to talk about this because he have numerous ceiling fans, but are you leaving the fan in the living room? We have boob lights. I never thought of them like that til you mentioned it eons ago.

  12. Boob lights! Ha! That’s what my mom calls them. When her old lighting fixtures broke,, she refused to get the “boob lights” because she didn’t want my dad looking at them. So she went with new fixtures that looked almost identical to her old fixtures from 1967!

  13. Love your blog and the appreciation for the simple things. What software do you use to make your Inspiration Boards?

  14. Wow it’s just gorgeous!!! Awesome work!

  15. I love reading these updates. You have really accomplished a lot in two months. I’ll be interested to hear what you end up doing for your kitchen counters. I am thinking about white quartz for ours too.

  16. Wow. What a massive undertaking! But so incredibly fulfilling! Will enjoy the updates!

    Have to say, I think I would die without Netflix. My sympathies!

  17. So fun to see you folks doing what you are doing. In 1976 we moved ourselves and our two daughters to an acreage, sold our 1969 Mustang Convertible and bought a tractor (Yes!) and lived on 20 acres. It was so much fun. We raised Pygmy goats, chickens, geese, ducks, taught our kids responsibility with chores, and killed a poisonous snake or two. We had raccoons eat from our dog feeder and we watched from inside the house as a momma brought her 5 kits to the dog feeder all through one spring. We didn’t do major renovations as you did, but I’d do it all over again in a minute! I’m having fun just watching you!

  18. What a great update! You guys have been busy! If anyone ever asks you why you chose this wonderful place, just show them the photos at the end of your post-the kids, the scenery, the happy photo of you and your husband. They will have their answer!

  19. LOVE that you re-discovered that sawmill sign!

    And really love that B & W of you and your man!


  20. I have been waiting for this day to see where you are! You have done so much but most of all it is clear it will be a home that those boys will make wonderful memories together and will always want to come back to. What more could a mom want? Actually we are all going to want to come there when it is finished. You have amazing talent for creating a real home ( and with elegant beauty).

  21. What a great property for your boys! I am loving seeing all the renovations!

  22. Just a comment…I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!!! Yay! These pics are inspiring and filled with hope that God does amazing things- everything from paying off debt, to encouraging others on your blog, creating a fun and beautiful (but not perfect :) ) home for you and your family, and now you are able to live this dream of redoing your sweet farmhouse in the country. I have read your blog pretty much from the beginning (2008 maybe?) after my friend told me about it and it is so amazing what God can do in that time. He is so GOOD! Okay, I need to stop writing now… :)

  23. Well I didn’t expect to spend so much time reading a blog post, but I couldn’t stop with this one. You are doing magical things with that house. Especially the purple bathroom, can’t wait to see that when it’s done. Boob light cracked me up…I had a light with the same name in my old house too. My dream is to have a small house on a large piece of property with a pond, so we are on the same wave length girl! Looking forward to more updates.

  24. Seriously maybe my favorite post of yours EVER (and I always love your posts, so that’s saying a lot). How cozy and homey and fall-y and adventure-y and fun. And the saw blade sign?? AWESOME! What an amazing life you are living…am enjoying living it with you through your posts!

  25. All I can think is forget the house and it’s amazon progress but what a LITERAL PARADISE FOR BOYS!! Oh my jealous mama’s heart!

  26. I don’t even know where to start, I enjoy this so. Thank goodness you got the internet and have helmets on the boys. You make me want to take my little boys to a house in the country with lots of land for them to run free. Thanks for taking us along on the ride. And the mud, lol.

  27. Love this update!! You are living a dream. What a fabulous place for your family especially your boys!! :)

  28. We just had caesarstone quarts in eggshell installed about a month ago! I love them. They have a subble speckle to hide dust and crumbs. I’d suggest getting something with a litle “texture”. I think I’d go nuts obsessively cleaning something that is completely monochromatic.

  29. Looks like so much fun. We’ve gotten tractors stuck many, many times on our farm. Lucky you got it out. Also, the number one safety rule (one of many rules – farming is a dangerous profession) is to never, never ride on the fender of a moving tractor, like your mom is doing in your picture. One slip, and you go right under the wheel and the mower you’re towing! Even little tractors are very heavy and those wheels are filled with water for weight which makes it even more heavy, as in it could kill you heavy. Sorry to be such a scold, but I’ve seen experienced operators die this way. Being mowed up is not a pretty way to go.

  30. p.s. what is the style and color of your ikea drapes? I’m trying to find them online! :)

  31. I love how happy your boys look–fishing, hiking, nature, all in your own backyard. What an amazing adventure for your family!

  32. can you believe your life?? so excited for your family!

  33. LOVE that you guys found the saw mill sign – so cool! I also love that with all of this hard work, all of the ups and downs and surprises, your family has such happy faces :-) A sign for sure that you were meant to be there.

    Can’t wait to see what the next month brings!

  34. Nothing better than to be FULL of life in your home- whatever it is!

    P.S. I like those chairs!!

  35. Love the progress!!! Everything is already looking great! Can’t wait to see your kitchen when its done! Its going to be beautiful!

  36. I have been reading your blog for about a year now and have enjoyed reading your posts about your life journey and viewing pictures of your house(s). Your dream house journey has also been fun to view as I have four boys and a little girl and also dream of owning a lot of property for our kids to roam- room to grow. And thank you for sharing the transformations of the farm house. It is a beautiful house- it reminds me of the Green Gable house on the movie Anne of Green Gables. Congratulations on the success of owning your dream house.

  37. It looks so great and I am sure it will look absolutely amazing when done (well I guess we are never “done” :), but when these projects are finished ). You look so happy and you deserve it. It may be a labor of love, but still lots of labor. Enjoy your well deserved results!

  38. We’re going into month two at our new house as well and we are also in the middle of an extensive kitchen renovation. We’re just starting to turn the corner where we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It always makes me feel better to look at the before pictures too! P.S. We picked out the same kitchen cabinets :)

  39. Oh wow! It is coming along…I think the chaos would drive me crazy, but what a beautiful place to live. I like the idea of the black window frames.

  40. This has literally been my favorite blog for going on 10+ years or something insane like that. Post like this make me so happy. It has just been amazing to go on this ride with you and your family. Thanks Nester! <3

  41. It’s funny, although we don’t actually know eachother, you know nothing of me, I know alot about you from your blog, I’m just so ecstactic & happy for you and your family! What an amazing blessing from God! That home & property is just amazing! You and your family are just adorable! God Bless you Myquillyn! Sorry for all the !’s haha
    p.s. I just bought the BHG Christmas mag yesterday and I love everything about your home and style! You’re my favorite blogger/home decorator hands down!

  42. Really impressed!

  43. Oh my, so much progress and such adventures. Love it all. Hugs, marty

  44. This is amazing. I am just praising God for His goodness! Those pictures of your boys, having a blast. . . just the most beautiful gift.

  45. Wow you guys have done a lot and its all coming together pretty quick. Can’t wait to see more but Those are some great photos.

  46. It’s coming along and looking great! I love how your dog pops up in photos. We have a chocolate lab too, they love to be with their people!

  47. Those wide plank floors are gorgeous – are they original to the house – I would think yes. Looking fab.

    Take care

  48. Seeing your family’s new home makes me sooo happy!!! We live in the country as well and LOVE it and we are city folk as well!! From the big city to the boondocks and thrilled!! Your style always makes me happy. ( we’ve oogled your house many a time when trying to make our house a home) So happy for you and your new adventure!

  49. Heavenly. That is all (I even umcomplified my comment for you :)

  50. Wow! You’re rockin’ along! I really enjoyed reading all the new changes and challenges and getting a peek through your pics! Love, love, love how you took down your mudroom wall planks to use for your kitchen floor. Love the painted fireplace. The sawmill sign was an awesome discovery! It’s so fun to see the great pics of your family enjoying your new farm. The bucolic life suits you!

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