Pumpkins :: Uncomplified

fall mantel

real pumpkins

Every year I get asked how I paint my pumpkins. And what the exact color is that I use.

fall pumpkins in blues

Do they not know me? I’m entirely too lazy to paint a pumpkin especially when they already come in so many beautiful colors.

green pumpkin

blue green pumpkins

Our local side of the road stand sells so many beautiful shades of pumpkins and gourds and I think the quirkier (I especially love quirky stems) the better. If you can’t find the color pumpkin you want, by all means paint them but don’t underestimate you local market, you might save yourself the trouble!

Pumpkins: Uncomplified. No Painting Necessary.

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  1. I bought some crazy pumpkins yesterday. I just hate how much they cost! sheesh! but sooo much better than painting…no patience for that either :)

  2. I saw some beautiful light green gourds yesterday but didn’t get them because wouldn’t it be great if I had a cleared off surface to start with :). Maybe my fabric pumpkin will happen :)

  3. LindaSonia says

    uncomplified??? is that a word?

  4. Ooooh I had no idea they came in those colors, love!

  5. mmm … looks like the Creator’s already been busy at work with His out-of-the-box paintbrush …


  6. I haven’t seen any of the pretty colored pumpkins here yet, but I’m on the hunt :)

  7. When you mentioned painting pumpkins I felt like an idiot for a minute….I thought to myself, “Wait, those are PAINTED pumpkins?!? I thought they were naturally those colors….”

    Then, I kept reading! They look good and you are right, no paint necessary!

  8. I was at Trader Joe’s last night and they had a plethora of interesting and gorgeously colored pumpkins!

  9. I love it. I saw some of the blue pumpkins at the local grocery store. i hope to go looking for a selection to display outside my front door.

  10. This challenge has really pushed me. Thanks for this. And thanks for being so real.


  11. I about hit my head, when you mentioned people asking what paint you used. Humans are so far removed from nature, and it does not help that vintage and heritage seeds are becoming more and more rare.
    Thank you Monsanto for wrecking creation!

  12. Just wanted to tell you I picked up your latest magazine spread (b&h Christmas ideas). My 9yr old said, “mama, you stalk the Nester don’t you? Let me see her….oh, she’s beautiful!”
    Yep, inside and out. Gonna go read it now….thrilled for you, sweet friend!

  13. Those pumpkins are beautiful!!! I love October so much!

  14. There are a couple of farmer’s markets in the area selling beautiful pumpkins and gourds in every shade imaginable…stunning. I looked at some of them, but I wanted more than just 3 of them. At that point, my purchase price was already over $40.00! I decided that I could paint my pumpkins and give them a multitude of finishes and waxes with stuff I already had at home. On my way home, I drove past a grocer’s I had never shopped before, but they had mounds and mounds of all different sizes and shapes of regular orange pumpkins. Each pumpkin, no matter the size or shape was $2. The really small ones were $1. I scooped ’em up and went home to play.

  15. So simple and unexpected. I will check out my farmer’s market and our apple picking orchard this weekend (the apple orchard grows pumpkins too…I just realized saying I would get pumpkins at the apple place sounded weird.) Amy

  16. Saw these in your home last yr and I’m determined to find some here in so cal for my home this fall!! :-)

  17. I’m all about corky stems, bumps, and different colors. I don’t think those emailers are crazy for thinking you would paint pumpkins….didn’t you do a post about glitter painting feathers?

    • I don’t think they are crazy either! Yep, I did dip feathers in glue and then glitter–one of my favorite 30 second projects ever–good point!! xo

  18. Well i stand more chance of gargling darkness than getting some lovely pumpkins in any other colour than orange here in the uk. We are such a boring nation when it comes to decorating our exteriors. I love how over in your neck of the woods you make such an effort to make your homes and exteriors such a delight to look at! :)

  19. Those are some gorgeous pumpkins! Plus your home is beautiful. I’m feeling like fall :)

  20. I saw your blue pumpkins last year and resolved to find something fun this year. I found a yellow and blue one at my grocery store, then went to Central Market (sort of a snooty store) and found a gorgeous blue one! All with crazy stems. Me happy.

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