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We have our first overnight guests this weekend. A family of five, dear friends. And this little kitchen-less house feels nekked and there are wires and no walls and no appliances and not enough seats to sit in.  And I was going to work on my own post for today. But then I read this post On Keeping Company. And suddenly I’m inspired to freshen up the sheets and remember that you can still eat well without a kitchen sink and you can still feel loved if you sit on the floor.


  1. LOVE this!! Keeping company is about how you make your guests feel…plain and simple. Being mindful of the comfort of your guests is paramount. People don’t really need much when they truly feel “welcomed.”

  2. Great post! And honestly, when I go to someone else’s home and everything is perfect, and there’s nothing out of place I feel uncomfortable and intimidated (probably my own issues that I need to work on-but still.) What makes you have a great time is the laughter and rapport with other people-not that everything matches and the food is gourmet.

  3. Little House books inspired me over 50 years ago to make the most of what you have. Those images still remain hard-wired in my brain. Hospitality is a gift of the heart, not a gift of your house.

  4. I love this…I love what Carmella wrote…and I love that you shared her inspiration with us! ~Sonya

  5. I had to learn this lesson many years ago as a yound wife and mom. Thanks for reminding me to make the most with what you have.

  6. Thanks for this. We’re hosting our first guests since we moved in August, and I’m battling that martha-anxiety. I feel much, much better.

  7. So true. When I first bought this house I got possession of it two weeks before I could actually move in. It also happened to be my birthday then. My children invited a bunch of friends who brought their own pillows and some garden chairs and we had the best party in this beautiful, empty house. The best party in the world. Who needs kitchens or furniture! :)

  8. Love this! People just want to feel loved, whether it be opening up your home for a visit or a meal. It’s about connection, not perfection.

  9. Those are wise words…

  10. Oh, I just know you will have such fun with your guests this weekend, making the most of what you have! A part of the story that I had to edit for space told about a time that we went to stay with friends and all they could offer us was a SHED to sleep in. An unfinished shed, no less. My friend had “shingled” the interior walls with the plain side of brown paper bags to cover the studs and insulation. So, think quaint New England shingle-sided house sort of look – on the inside of a shed, done with brown paper bags. Brilliant. There was an air mattress on the swept-clean plywood floor, made up with fresh bedding. One wooden chair stood against the wall, and a low table holding a clear glass bowl full of freshly cut fern fronds sat in the corner. I’ll never forget it. Enjoy your guests!!

  11. I always think of your post here https://thenester.com/2012/05/well-i-didnt-expect-to-meet-her-in-tanzania.html when I am stressed about hosting an event in my home. Those fake flowers and plastic tablecloth still move me to tears. I swear I am going to frame that picture in my house one of these days. I hope you have a wonderful weekend full of great memories!

  12. Love this! Thanks for sharing.

  13. It was never supposed to be about what you had, but who you are.

    I am now going to trademark that LOL.

    Seriously, anyone watch duck dynasty? I would pay to sit at their table to experience the love and laughter.

  14. Thanks for sharing.

  15. You are SOOO right- It is not WHAT we have that defines WHO we are! Love is sharing OURSELVES and NOT our houses. I know you had lots of fun even without a kitchen or enough seating! xo Diana

  16. After listening to your podcast on Simple Mom and hearing about what was floating in your pool, I am a little concerned about that pillow.

  17. I had to laugh when I realized that the subject of your post was GUESTS. “Keeping company” is an old fashioned term my grandmother (and people of her generation) that meant a couple was courting!

  18. Thank you for sharing this! My sister-in-law and 18mo nice are flying in from Brasil tomorrow morning. I’ve been an anxious mess about it for at least a month, wondering how we are all going to fit, sleep, move, eat in our little space for 10 days. Reading this helped me calm down and I keep referring to this post when I get anxious again. So, thanks to you and Carmella! Enjoy your guests this weekend! xoxo

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