I’m Glad I Said Yes


Friday afternoon our first official house guests showed up. They were a family of five who were willing to sleep all over the house, use bathrooms with counters leaned up against pulled down walls for privacy and stay in a house without a kitchen. They stayed one night, helped us move a refrigerator, hang string lights, built a fire pit and they even brought their canoe.

Then Emily‘s husband and their kids came and spent a night and my parents and my uncle from Wisconsin came and stayed for the day. We walked the property, looked at trees, canoed, grilled out and had a big fire. We fished Sunday morning and then by the afternoon they packed up and we had a sweet little visit with friends, Ashely and Jamin from the Handmade Home blog who happened to be in town. Over the weekend we had 14 different people stay or stop by and it. was. glorious.

Hospitality waits for no woman.

No one seemed to care that the floors in the kitchen were half installed or they our pool had turned green again, whoops.







carve-your-nameI grabbed this graphic from my dad’s blog–this is from our big fire Saturday night

Invite someone over.

Say yes.

Don’t wait for perfect because it never happens.

That’s hospitality, uncomplified.

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  1. When we first moved I loved having people over! You have the best excuse of all for not having things perfect. I know that’s not the theme…we are supposed to learn that perfect isn’t required and you really have reminded me of that. But still…when you move especially into a house that’s under renovation you can just go with the flow.

  2. Brittany Rae says

    Best post yet.

  3. Great post! I said yes to a sleepover this weekend, and I’m so glad I did. It helped to cement a new friendship in our new neighborhood, and most importantly, the boys had a great time. In the process, I met another neighborhood mom who was super sweet. Twice blessed!

  4. I’m so happy for you that you said yes, also! These are the weekends that warm our hearts and make memories to take out on a cold night!!

  5. For sure … these are the best get-togethers, the ones cobbled together with love and activity and being just who we are, where we are.

    Who needs fancy centerpieces or matching linens or any of that when you have overflowing love?


  6. Thanks for this post. This is something I soooo wish I could learn.

  7. Love this post. What a fun visit. I’ve learned that no one cares about the silly things that keep me from inviting people over nearly as much as I do.

  8. I have the fondest memories of gatherings that were spontaneous, & somewhat unorganized. I think it forces us to keep things simple when we do life like this. Makes us focus on the relationships themselves, and not on all the periphery stuff that can go into planning “a big event.”

  9. I love your dad’s quote. We have a saying in Judaism for mourners when someone dies: “May their memory be a blessing.” It doesn’t say memories of “perfect” days-it means all kinds of memories. When my best friend moved houses, I happened to visiting from across the country for the first time in years. I spent my day with her unpacking boxes and helping set up their kitchen and family room. That memory resonates with me-just as much (or maybe more) as if we’d spent the day off doing lunch/shopping.

  10. Well, this is just the loveliest thing I’ve read so far today. I need to hear this. On repeat!

  11. Sounds like the ‘gift’ of hospitality to me!

  12. I love having people over. I’m learning that the house doesn’t have to be super spick and span before they get here either. Work in progress.

  13. Thank you – you wise Nester you! Much needed and oh so true!!

  14. Yes and yes! Just what I needed to hear as we look forward to welcoming guests this weekend. Thanks for the reminder that hospitality is more than guest soaps, pretty flower arrangements and artfully designed bed pillows. xo

  15. You nailed it Nester. Wonderful post, thank you for speaking truth. God uses you in such a beautiful, encouraging way. Glad you say “yes” to Him when He asks you to write the words that you do.

  16. I love new music, too. Would love to win :)

  17. By uncomplifiying and saying yes to company, looks like you were making some good memories with the great company. And, you got things done!

  18. I LOVE this! It’s stories like these (and my own similar experiences) that help me remember what hospitality is all about–and stop waiting for perfection to invite people in.
    What a fun weekend. :)

  19. Thats really cool that those who came and stayed also pitched in and helped you out. I guess I need to have people over more often then I do.

  20. i’m going to be super honest… i love that you moved. we moved into a home 2 years ago that needs a lot of work. work we will do bit by bit, when there is time, and when there is $. because this house is far from perfect, i”ve withheld from sharing it online. in the meantime, as i’ve visited blogs showcasing lovely homes and pinterest, i’ve become a bit aggravated by the SLOW transformation of our home,- “comparison is the thief of joy.” all that to say, it’s refreshing to see your undone, the beauty in the midst of it, the waiting for this or that until the funds are there. it encourages me to not rush the transformation process, and to delight in the beauty that is.
    thanks. :)

    • your comment is so encouraging to me, denise! Thank you!! Just yesterday someone stopped by and kept repeating how much work we had to do to this house and property. It’s true, there is but I had to immediately jump in saying that we were in no rush and had the rest of our lives to get to work on this place. My comment was purely for me and my husband as a reminder because it’s so easy to just see the ugly and feel overwhelmed.

      I cannot be one of those people who only enjoy something once it gets perfect.

      Because we’d wait forever.

  21. I am so excited for you with this new home. Every time I see that you are having some new experience there I am so happy for you and your family. It looks like you had a wonderfully busy weekend. I am glad you said “yes”

  22. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I find it so hard to say yes to things like that – but I know my heart need to.

  23. i hope you know how special you are.
    this post resonates with me…

    i’ve been guilty of waiting to host people until things were “just so.”
    NOT anymore. what freedom it is to have people into your home and not make disclaimers.
    I need to get better and better at this, but I have seen growth in the past few years…thanks to women like you, who share before things are “just so.”

  24. Sounds like an enjoyable weekend! Such an inspiring perspective!

  25. I used to entertain more often, live life more uncomplified but somewhere along the line I drifted toward wanting perfect. The last line stung just a bit because I need to get back to letting go of the image of perfection that never comes. I needed to be reminded. Thanks girl : )

  26. we move into our “new” house next week! It will to be a big mess for quite some time…thanks for the inspiration to still have people over!!! Don’t miss out on great moments just b/c it’s not perfect….because it never really will be. Perfection is what happens in the home, not what it looks like!!

  27. Thanks for this reminder! I keep thinking I should wait until everything is decorated better, more organized, etc. but with 4 kiddos and homeschooling that might be years down the road!

  28. I’m glad you said yes too! Which sounds weird because I was not one of the 14 people you had over. I just mean that it’s a great reminder. With 5 littles, something is (most things are) always dirty/messy/bedraggled, and I need to remember that hospitality waits for no woman who is renovating and no woman who has small children either (because we’re too busy trying to renovate little hearts to worry about the grime in the bathtub).

    P.S. It was fun to get to meet you briefly at Allume this weekend. I’m the one with the weird curly hair that used to be 5 days…5 ways and then recently changed to M is for Mama and gave you a hug for featuring my stuff even though that look on your face right before I did it clearly said, “Please don’t!” :) (Sucks air in…that was quite a run-on).

    Anyhoo, I loved seeing/hearing yours and your husband’s perspectives on blogging and marriage and getting the chance to finally say thanks in person for being supportive and awesome (even if you never had clue you were doing it for me specifically).

  29. Thanks for the reminder Nester. We live in an old house that we have (over the course of 17 years) been improving. When we bought it, we forgot that our kids would soon be out of high school, going to college, going to law school, daughter might get married right after college, you know the drill. Consequently, our rehab funds kind of trickled in. I still am very uncomfortable asking people over. The paint in the main floor bathroom is peeling, our kitchen walls still have about 4 different colors of large rectangles all over them from trying to decide on a paint color and our master bedroom is still begging for mercy. Of course, the 3 children’s bedrooms got finished right away (we always put them first and that’s not always a good idea). The living and dining room are finished and the den is finished. Still, I get embarrassed. When I go to friend’s and families’ homes, I couldn’t come away and tell you WHAT may have or not have looked good or finished, I’m there to enjoy them. I wish I could let go and understand the same or myself.

  30. oops! One very important thing. I did not know that your Dad had a blog! I spent quite a bit of time there and was so inspired! My husband spent some time there and subscribed right away. I sent the link to my Dad and he was equally drawn in and subscribed. Between you, Emily and your Dad, you all are quite a spiritual and creative group! Are there any other family members I may be missing out on? Of course, I have to recognize your wonderful Mother for raising such a terrific family and loving a man who has realized his God given gifts!

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