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One fall pumpkin on the table instantly fall-i-tizes a space. Via Flowerpatch Farmgirl

apple cider

Simplicity at it’s finest. Maria from Dreamy Whites bought one of those jugs of apple cider and hid the label with a linen cloth, twin and a few leaves.


I’m done with rubbermaid bins full of fake, plastic fall.

It’s not because I’m morally opposed or think it’s wrong, it’s mostly because of selective laziness–I don’t want to have to store them and move them and find them and pack and unpack them. And fall is about what’s going on outside. Why did I spend money on pretend things when the real thing is right in my backyard? I still want to be able to walk into my home and know what season that is, but I don’t need to rely on a bunch of items made in China.

fall mantelfall at our house last year

I’m learning to bring the outside in, take advantage of layering pillows and throws, enjoy making some handmade decor and giving myself permission to spend a little money and buy a few interesting pumpkins and gourds every year.


This thinking has leaked into all of my seasonal decorating.

Have you seen the new issue of Better Homes & Garden’s Christmas Ideas?

bhg Christmas Ideas

bhg christmas

Our last home has a six room feature–the rental house we just moved out of last month! As soon as you and I can deal with reading about Christmas decorations, I’ll tell you all about the worlds least expensive decor (all featured in the BHG Christmas Ideas available now) and how I’m done storing excess amounts of Christmas stuff.

Holidays. Uncomplified. But still beautiful.

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  1. Yes! I went into the brand spanking new Hobby Lobby in my town and was overwhelmed. Give me one honest pumpkin please.

  2. And you just gave me an idea about what I will write about for today on Doll Making.

  3. Oh Nester! “Bringing the outside in” – I have an interesting branch I brought home from the woods sitting on top of my washing machine right now beacause I’m aftraid to put it elsewhere (I’m pretty sure there are tiny bugs and whatnot in there). Why, because I saw the velvet pumpkins here and I want to try and make one working with what I have (no pumpkin stems but “interesting” branches from the woods instead). :)

  4. How exciting to be featured in BHG! Congrats! Your home was just beautiful, can’t wait to see what you do with the new place! As for storing and moving decorations, I agree that natural and disposable is the way to go!

  5. That is my mission for today!!! Just last night we were talking about what to do about the super scary Halloween decorations my neighbor has. (Besides literally covering my kids van windows with fabric so they can’t see it… We have a preschooler, a toddler, and a baby due this month. That creepy grim reaper exactly across the street is a nightmare inducing figure for sure. My mom suggested I actually attempt to decorate the inside of our house for Fall that way our kids will be excited about our own decorations. I was JUST thinking about how I didn’t want styrofoam pumpkins littered around the house. Now, we are going to go to the nearby park to get real acorns, pinecones, and leaves and then buy a few real “punkins” :-D Thanks for the awesome idea!!! <3

  6. I have always decorated that way…I love nature, so it just felt weird putting out a plastic pumpkin, ya know!? That urn with the leaves in that last fall picture is amazing!! Also, you are sheer awesomesauce for the mag feature…especially in a rental!! Wow so awesome!

  7. I look forward to my BHG & Southern Living magazines coming in my mailbox every month! How exciting to be featured in the Christmas Ideas issue. I can see why you would be featured in such a publication. I LOVE your style and how you make it all work. I, too, love bringing the outdoors to the inside.

  8. Rubbermaid bins full of fake fall – yes, I think I might be over it too. Loving your series :)

  9. congrats on the feature- that’s awesome!!
    One day, when I don’t have cats, I’m going to be all about bringing out outdoors in. I so wish I could do it right now. Unfortunately, I’m stuck making sure the cats don’t eat the fake spiderwebs I hung in the bay window!! lol

  10. I still want to be able to walk into my home and know what season that is – Interesting, very interesting. Well said.

  11. Ha-this is so apropos as I dragged out THREE ginormous bins from our storage yesterday of Halloween stuff. Not all of it is plastic junk-I have a lot of cute stuff too (and with an October birthday my parents always give me seasonal decorations for gifts :/). And because I live in San Diego, there’s not a whole lot of “fall” happening naturally around me. However, I think I am going to look over my stuff today as I’m unpacking it with a keener eye: do I really like it? or am I just hanging onto it because I’ve had it forever?

    • yep, it certainly makes a difference where you live! I’m lucky to be surrounded by leaves on the verge of changing and acorns and pecans!!

  12. I love fall. But, it doesn’t visit Central Florida. So if I want it to look like Fall in my house, I must rely on the fake version. Which, though plastic, helps me think of the bittersweet and cider days of my home town in Southern Indiana.

    And I’m grateful for even the fake stuff!

  13. Well done, Nester. I’ve always been a fan of the real and simple brought inside. That’s the same with Halloween around our home. I can’t wait to decorate for that special day. :)

  14. I love my fake Fall and am proud of it. Done right, it makes for a cozy feeling. Especially when there is no “nature” to bring in.

  15. Hey Nester … A great big CONGRATS on the BHG spread! Don’t worry, you’ll never forget your last home … I have a feeling it will be showingi up here and there for years to come!


  16. I agree – sometimes I am tempted to buy the dollar store or Made in China stuff because it is so easy… but for our economy’s sake I have decided to forego what is easy (and cheap) and pick up something uniquely made by American hands at craft fairs, or made by Him in my backyard!! Thanks! Watch out Salvation Army for my load of plastic-y Christmas decorations coming your way!

  17. I want uncomplified holidays, too. So beautiful & real.

  18. I love how the green and gold in your furniture coordinates so well with the green and gold in your tree. Beautiful!

  19. I’ve so enjoyed bringing the outside in. I love the look of flowers during every season of the year. It is amazing what a few pumpkins will do to a bookcase, shelf, or other arrangement. Instant fall decor for sure.

  20. I love all the inspiration. And also, I’ve been looking for a cow print like the one in the first photo for AGES. :)

  21. But some of that stuff from China has sentimental value! *wink* I am with you on actually enjoying the real thing. I loved looking out and seeing my yard covered in colorful leaves this morning.

  22. I Love your living room!!!! PLEASE share the paint color in that room!!!! Love it!

  23. oops, I meant to comment on this post, but left it on yesteday’s post. It seems like moving frequently brought you to wanting nature in your seasonal decor, rather than packing and storing it from year to year.

    Looking back now from your own home, are there any other ways frequent moves uncomplified your heart?

  24. It’s so refreshing to hear someone speak honestly about junk from China. Well said!

    I’ve GOT to get may hands on that BHG Christmas issue. I’m sure your old house to gorgeous in its Christmas mode. Congrats.

  25. What a LOVELY post:) your blog Is SO inspiring and I always leave here with a smile.

    Check out my blog….with lots of cute Swedish decor inspiration:)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis – inredning it’s, Swedish for decor :)

  26. Congrats on being featured in BHG!! Very cool!!

    Happy Fall, Nester!

  27. Love your style , and love everything about your fall decor photo!

  28. Amen! I have only one big orange “fall” bin and 90% of it is old Halloween costumes. I actually just blogged about this idea myself. Much of my decor comes from the produce department at the grocery store. Acorn squash and others are so pretty…and delicious. My mantle and tablescapes are ever changing based on what’s cooking for dinner.

  29. how did you hang the plates and platters? it is a striking display. beautiful.

  30. i have no idea if i am the only one having trouble reading your blog but it seems to be stuck on this post. If i google your site i can read an updated post title, but can’t get anything to update at all. i miss reading your blog and seeing all of your projects!

    • Hi Carmen, yes, there are a few of you that for some reason the blog isn’t updating, I’m still getting comments on the new posts but there’s some sort of glitch we are trying to work out, hopefully all will be well in the next few days, I’m SO SORRY! thank you for letting me know, I wouldn’t have even known if a few of you hadn’t said something!! xoxoxo

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