Because I’m a Hermit, I Shop Online

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There’s a new little site that might make your online shopping and organizing of gifts a little more uncomplified.

What if Pinterest and online shopping had a baby? They kind of did and it’s Luvocracy. So many times I’ve used Pinterest to pin potential gift ideas (or maybe even something for myself) and finally, one day when I go and click the pin so I can buy it, I figure out that finding the item requires me to become a part time private detective (cue Gene Parmesan joke) and by the time I find the source I forget what I’m looking for.


I’m just learning how to use Luvocracy (they have an app too for your phone which was featured as the #1 Best New Lifestyle app a few weeks ago) but I can see how it could be beneficial for shopping either for specific things you want recommendations on or while browsing for gift ideas since everything you see is actually for sale. And, apparently, they have magic fairies of some sort who scour the interwebs looking for the best deal.

I did some quick research and randomly chose something on Luvocracy that I already have– Chris Guillebeau’s $100 Startup (love this book–I have it in hardback of course) and was pleasantly surprised to find that Luvocracy had the hardback price of $12.99. Let’s just say I paid more than that at a different online shop. I might use Luvocracy just as an organizer of future purchases that will automatically find me the best price.

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So far I’m using Luvocracy to organize a few collections (kind of like boards) for gifts, packaging, stuff I have in my home, lighting, books and stuff my boys would love.

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For example on my “In My Home Collection” I have a 24 inch disco ball, my tufted bed (hands down the number one thing I get asked about where we got it) the ceramic boots, and other stuff you can see here. That way when people ask me about specific items and I send them right to that collection and they can see it. Check out my collections here, you can create your own collections in any category.

Plus is a social network so you can hook up with your friends “trust” their recommendations and connect your great finds.

Online shopping:: Uncomplified.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the $100 Startup book! I just found out I may be losing my job and I’m looking for new job opportunities. Love your blog!
    P.S. Introverts Unite! :)

  2. Gene Parmesan! I love it!! Agghhhhh! Luvacracy sounds great!

  3. I just added all those books to my goodreads list. I’m actually inspired now to stop reading my kids’ YA fantasy novels and actually read a grown-up book….(as soon as I finish Inkheart…)

  4. Thanks for the new website, I checked it out and I think I’ll be using it for comparison shopping as well!

  5. Hi Nester,
    I didn’t receive my 31 days daily post today in the in-box…so I went directly to your website. Just wanted you to know. Have any others commenting that they didn’t receive the post?
    Thanks for all you do…

  6. Thanks for introducing us to this new site! I’ll have to check it out.

  7. Your name is so pretty and looks even prettier when written out! Thanks so much for letting me know about this new site! It is quite cool and will be very helpful.

  8. Ooo…thanks for sharing. I was not in the know! :)

  9. Thanks for the info. Luvacracy is something I will promote both on my site and FB.

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